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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 289 - Robert’s inner relationship to the Habsburg emperors. Hereditary and elected thrones. Peter on politics

1. Says Robert: “That is wisely provided for by the Lord; for if there were nothing further to ask, then the spirits’ existence would become unbearable. This way however one is exceedingly restricted in knowledge even as a perfected spirit in the house of the Lord, even where one miracle follows another. One does indeed not grasp what sits - so to say - on one’s nose, and commendably so, keeping heart and spirit in constant action.

2. I have for instance several times pondered what I actually have to do with Roman German and Austrian emperors; how did I get into their company, and they into mine? As suitable for my association I can indeed understand to be those spirits who fall into my life period upon Earth, and who manifest my kind of attitude and who passed away from Austrian regions at a similar period to when I was despatched to this here world from Vienna. But how the regents of Austria, with Whom I never had any relationship, come into my association, since most of them had reigned upon Earth long before me and that together with quite a few Roman bishops, that puzzles me! It would make sense if they took me up into their own associations. But that I should receive them into my association, and that they, as it were, come to me, let that understand who will! So you perhaps understand this, my dear friend and brother?”

3. Says Peter: “The reason is simple: you were from the roots up always hostile towards the Habsburg dynasty; to it alone you ascribed all of Europe’s troubles. With such rage you could not ever have become an inhabitant of this kingdom of purest love. Hence the Lord created an opportunity for you to be reconciled with your ‘counter beggars’, acknowledge their worthiness and accept them into your heart as real brethren, the reason also for their coming into your house.

4. Says Robert: “I see - that makes sense! The image of imperial honour set up by Rudolf always was to me an abomination of human rights. Because with an inherited honour of regional other spirits are eclipsed even if a thousand times wiser than the throne’s occupant. The kingdom’s wisest man is gagged and abilities not recognised and employed for the public will, by a regent who regards himself as a Solomon by inheritance. Behold, this and other reasons always filled me with rage of the dictatorial Rudolf, who wanted to control even his distant descendants, preferably to the end of the world.

5. Now of course the thing takes on a different aspect, and I realise that even an average inherited empire is superior to the best elected monarchy, when the electors are jealous of the one put on the throne. It may have perhaps been the Lord’s will that elected monarchies be replaced by inherited ones.

6. Could there soon be an end to all inherited dynasties and their kingdoms? The Lord seems to have hinted something like that in one of His holy speeches; what do you think?”

7. Say Peter: “My friend, this does not concern us much over here. Men in their earthly political relationship and matters of state are free to set up what they will. But if they have righteous authorities, then they should obey and be consensual, and they shall be untroubled and have peace. All the state’s inhabitants should support and be ready to help the regent in times of trouble, and they shall be a happy people and rich in all things upon Earth. But a nation that blames the regent for all troubles, even if themselves responsible shall have little joy to talk of. Wherever people began to argue with their regents, they gave the enemy cause for derision.

8. Doing so they will have only themselves to blame for consequent bad times which, although not the judgment of God’s will, are nevertheless not forestalled by Him neither, but He lets people reap the fruits they have sown.

9. For people of the Earth are at fullest liberty, and the Earth itself also is entrusted into their hands. If they offend against same, then it shall also punish them as in the days of Noah. But if the people pray the Lord for a good regent and for quiet and peace and a state of order, then we ourselves too seize the regent by the reins, leading him and the people unto the only path of blessings. Wherefore people should never upset and even less hate their regents, as these also are humans. They should rather bless them and pray the Lord that He would guide and bless them as their rulers. Then there shall be blessings aplenty; what do you think?”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-289 Chapter