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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 290 - Robert’s political zeal. Peter’s thoughts on people’s self-help, and the help of God. The Father knows when it is time

1. Says Robert: “Oh, you are quite right; men do well to submit themselves to the authorities in worldly things, and act peaceably in all worldly situations. But what are poor men to do when their regents, from fear of losing throne and glitter, start interfering in people’s spiritual spheres when they chain them and darken their souls and spirit’s perception turning the Lord’s pure doctrine upon Earth into idolatry, and therewith flog mankind into blindness? What are such enslaved people to do, if the dictatorial crown- bearers set up stakes, gallows or at least prisons for spirits awakened by God Himself?

2. Should people have no divine right to rid themselves of such murderers of the spirit either? If this action is contrary to heavenly order as well, then one has to conclude that to the Lord it makes no difference whether in the world one is a servant of ceremonials, a dim pagan or a genuine Christian. If that were so then I can’t see any point in the salvation history or the truths from the prophets or the pure doctrine of life-miracle from God’s mouth. For then mankind should have remained in its primordial night. Millions of people who call themselves Christians have not the foggiest notion of Christ the Lord’s teaching. The pope is their God and the regent his handyman. Both seek the obfuscation of mankind in order to stifle every spiritual spark in their subjects. Tell me, friend, should the few brighter ones also not have a whit of right to rise up and annihilate such spiritual tyrants?”

3. Says Peter: “Why not, if they have the capacity? But they should pay dearly for a failed attempt, and their subsequent enslavement shall be tenfold. I say unto you that, as always, people can do nothing for themselves. If they proceed nonetheless, then it will worsen but never better their condition. A quite different matter is if a more virtuous group of people implores the Lord for help and protection. Then the Lord Himself steps in, and it is the end of tyranny forever. Only omnipotence can beat all power that be; man’s impotence is naught without the Lord. The Lord by the way knows exactly how far He can let a tyranny go.

4. I say unto you: the Lord measures the time of everyone; and every tyranny is given an exact amount of time. Often things are just one drop short; when that falls, time is up. Hence trouble yourself no more about conditions upon Earth; the Lord knows best how to guide and merge them.

5. How often have I heard Earth people express the desire that the Lord would at last put an end to the papacy, but the Lord is still putting it off, and He well knows why. But you may be assured that He will not tarry much longer. Rome indeed thinks itself a Phoenix that burns itself to then arise from the ashes more gloriously than before. But this time the end comes with the ash. And quite a few others upon Earth shall fare likewise; do you understand that?”

6. Says Robert: “Yes, only now do I see it clearly. But no more of that, as the Lord is coming!”

7. Robert with the entire company comes to meet Me, saying: “Lord! Father! Things are ready, as You have commanded.”

8. Say I: “My dear brother, I already saw that; but had I not come Myself, you would have nicely kept the big crowd waiting and not come to tell Me in front of the crowd: Lord and Father come, all is ready!”

9. Says Robert: “Lord that I intended anyway, but brother Peter kept me from it! ’ Says I: “Ay ay, you need not be so condescending when given a small domestic challenge!”

10. Says Helena: “Behold, I even signalled to you with my eyes, but you put your finger over your mouth for me to be quiet when the principal brother of the Lord is speaking! You then discussed much, until the dear Father Himself chose to come without being called by you clever ones. Serves you two right if the Lord now chides you a little!”

11. Say I: “Now now, dearest daughter Helena, all is well. Robert rightly followed Peter. Brother Peter also is right, knowing what to do on such occasions. And you too are righteous, for intending to call Me in through your Robert. And I Myself have never been unrighteous, and so we have nothing further with which to blame one another, wherefore we shall now partake of the meal; go and summon the crowd! And you brother Peter go open all the doors that lead into this dining hall!”

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