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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 291 - Great celestial banquet in the Father’s house. David as music maker and composer

1. After this is done, entire processions are moving into the great dining hall from all sides, and thousands are assembled in the hall, whilst columns of further thousands keep moving in. Robert and My big company are wide-eyed, seeing no end to the new arrivals. Robert whispers to Me “By Your almighty will, the hall is already crammed with people and still not ending: how will these fit in? We set the big table as amply as can be, but what is that for such masses of people?”

2. Say I: “Fear not; you heard upon Earth how many peaceful sheep can fit into one pen. And so My house’s occupants too shall find ample room! Says Robert, taken a back: What. . . , all these occupants of just this one house? How many actually live here: it must be a million! Oh-still no end! What do I notice. . . the hall is steadily enlarging, or am I seeing things? Now the galleries too are filling! Only now can I see an end through the open door! Oh Lord, how many are there now in this great hall?”

3. Say I: “If you have to know, their number now is twelve times one hundred thousand! But these are by far not all who live in My house. On important occasions there are more than ten times that many, who have work to do in the various world and suns in all the heavens and their countless associations. But note well: these are exclusively occupants of My house, where I live Myself and where I look after My children.

4. You see however that this city in just its main part has an exceedingly great number of the most exquisite houses. Each house is separate and surrounded by a most beautiful garden, well-planted with all kinds of fruits trees and other growths which spread the most intense fragrance. Such houses are fully occupied and these are also My children and visit Me in My house whenever it please them. They give Me much joy and they all are filled with the purest love for Me and the brethren who live in My very own house.

5. Further on you see a great suburb towards the East that is without end. It likewise is filled with all kinds of buildings like the best found upon the cosmic bodies. There you will meet perfect spirits from all the worlds within infinity who too are exceedingly blissful after their kind and love and inner perfection. At the same time in every house of this great suburb there is a door and a bridge by which the blissful dwellers can see and reach the cosmic bodies upon which they had lived corporally in their flesh.

6. In the houses of the city proper this arrangement includes twelve doors inside the chamber, through which they can get to and return from all cosmic bodies of infinity the moments the occupants desire it. But these doors are fitted only at ground level, wherefore every chamber of an upper floor has a corresponding one at ground level. But the grandeur of such arrangement you shall get to know only later, commensurably with the development of your inward parts.

7. But note how, during this conversation, the one million two hundred thousand have gotten ready at the big table – whilst several smaller tables have also been set and occupied – and yet you see no scramble! ’

8. Says Robert: “Completely amazing; but the great table has also lengthened to what must be miles. Oh Lord, Thou best, most holy Father! The smaller table also have become hours long; and the hall is now long, high and wide enough to easily accommodate all of London) and Paris. Verily, this is now more like a whole world than a hall! ’

9. Say I: “Yes, My brother, here we banquet on a somewhat different scale to the Reinerkogel on Earth: what do you say?” Says Robert: “Oh Father, You are too good and gracious! One spark of this light upon Earth would make the sun look like a dim clod! But do the spirits upon the two high galleries also have tables and food and drink?”

10. Say I: “Quite so! As you will have seen from the outside, My house has three storeys. From each of these one can get to the gallery that runs the length of the storey, which is also this dining-hall’s gallery, which is three storeys, which is also this dining-hall’s gallery, which is three storeys high. But this isn’t the only hall in this house, and there are quite a few with their distinct functions, which you shall get to know gradually. But let us now see that we too find a good spot at the big table!”

11. Say Robert: “Lord, I would prefer some small children’s table, for I see no spot left over at the big table.” Say I: Quite so! Over here there is another empty, fairly large table; set this one, and those of us come here from Earth shall occupy it. From this table we shall get a good overview of all guests, and also be well noticed by them.”

12. Robert and his helper prepare same and I, the monarchs and a few others besides Robert, his helper Peter and their two wives sit down, eating and drinking from everything upon the table. After the meal, all the many guests rise and strike up a great hymn of praise for Me, which fascinates Robert.

13. Following the lovely hymn of tender words of love, a truly celestial concert begins to resound down from the galleries, staring with a glorious cantata accompanied by a host of the most finely tuned harps with purity and brightly gentle tone that no instrument upon Earth would equal, the most approximate to it possibly being the Aeolian harp, when its pure strings are set in motion by a pure and steady wind.

14. Robert is beside himself for bliss and the two wives are moved to tears, the overcome Helena Saying: “Oh God Oh God, the thoroughly gripping music would make you melt! Every delightful tone penetrates the heart. Robert, this sounds different to an ever-so beautiful opera, and infinitely better than Turkish music!”

15. Says Robert, smiling: “Come on, with such glorious symphony, how one can think of a terrestrial, let alone a Turkish one!” Says Helen: “That is so; my way of really underscoring something most splendid is to jokingly compare it to the latter; I trust there is no harm in that!” Says Robert: “Quite so, but let’s be quiet, for with such music, one cannot be sufficiently heart and ear!”

16. Emperor Joseph asks Me on the side: “Oh Lord, Father, whose composition is this cantata?” Says I: “Do you not see the conductor on that podium? Says Joseph: “Indeed, dear Father, but I don’t know his name, or who he was on Earth.” Say I: “It is David, the erstwhile Israeli king, who is a chief musician over here and at the same time the most highly select creator of compositions that always bring Me great joy.

17. Says Joseph: “Well, that’s what I call a composition! In aggregate, it sounds like a most superb choral and instrumental symphony. Every individual tone already sounds like a pianissimo sonata. – The nearest thing to it I ever heard on Earth are the harmonious tones of the so-called Mundtrommel (mouth-drum- the trans. ) with the finest ‘silver tongues’. These basically also produce only one fundamental tone, but within these all sorts of melodious, delicately modulated vibrations developing like spirits of love.

18. The main tones harmoniously make up the main cantata, yet every prominent tone is enlivened with the most glorious sonata.

19. But I want to ask You another thing: the whereabouts of all those music-masters before and during my time on Earth, who truly produced the most glorious music. E. g. a Handel, Bach, Gluck, Mozart, Haydn and several other lesser known names?” Say I: “If occasionally you come to the first or second heavens, where again you shall encounter the most stupendous magnificence’s, then you shall there encounter those spirits. But listen now for the next part of the concert.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-291 Chapter