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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 292 - Organ concerto with visual images. Secrets of tone and form. Fundamental law of all power-manifestations. Power and countervailing power

1. Joseph and the other erstwhile emperors, together with Robert and his helper and the two wives now hearken intently.

2. After a while, mighty organ chords split the air, and as these merge melodiously, the most magnificent forms can be seen in the air, somewhat reminiscent of camera pictures upon Earth, although the latter can render images of only pre-existing objects, whereas here new forms are constantly produced because new combinations constantly emerge from the tone. Previous tone-combinations of course also reproduce previous image, but these tone-images are exceedingly bright and constantly alternated in most lively colours and assume the most stirringly beautiful forms, enthralling not only the emotions as well as the ears in a most uplifting manner but also the eye and its related soul-intellect, which is so-to-speak the actual soul-eye.

3. Robert now asks Me: “How is this; we did not see such images with the first cantata; only now do they appear with the great and harmonious tones of the organs.” Say I: “Because in My eternal order things are so arranged that nothing can arise without prior, after and counter-effect. The guests’ thanksgiving hymn was an anticipatory effect. The great cantata from the galleries was the after effect, and the great organ purlieus is the counter-effect – because these are tones of a different kind, whilst this precluding performs the contrasting themes of the former Hymn as also the cantatas. These contrasts collide and at the point of contact become visible and connote what they are and say.

4. The rather imperfect music upon Earth has similar effects. In their emotions the listeners are spontaneously transferred to quite strange regions, believing themselves to be somewhere else. This is affected by the forms that are produced within the soul through diverse tone-combinations, transferring the soul spiritually to such regions. If the organ were to switch to different scales not preceded by ante or after-effects, then these images would soon cease and you would hear only splendid tones without attending forms.

5. Every tone indeed develops a certain form which however becomes a visible one, if it can as-it-were lean upon a preceding tone. It is approximately the same with the light images. If no object blocks their path, to hold them up, then they flee invisibly and unstoppably to infinity. My eye can of course see everything, but not so the created spirit’s eye, which could not exist if it had no supporting point in Me. Only the primary can behold the primary and a secondary only a secondary, with the secondary able to see the primary only if the primary has assumed the form of the secondary.

6. Wherefore you would never be able to see Me, a purely divine Being. But since my assuming the secondary, creatural, you can see Me to the extent that I became a perfect, lasting secondary Being out of Myself.

7. It shall also be so if you ever enter one of the two lower heavens; you shall remain invisible unless you take up the elements of these heavens. On the other hand, you shall be able to see everything there, since you are as indwellers of the highest heaven a primary being in relation to dwellers of a second and third heaven; say unto Me whether you all have well understood this?”

8. Says Robert: “Lord and Father, we now clearly recognize that it is so but not from its foundations as yet. For I cannot yet work out what to make of the necessity of some opposing object for making something primary visible. For surely a primary thing must be very sound, or nothing secondary could go forth from it. Now it can be asked why this primary thing depends on the secondary going forth from it for the former’s own manifestation as a combined object in order to become visible to a secondary one?”

9. Say I: “This is part of the eternal order within every primary, simplest basic force. In its fundamental substance every power is indissoluble in its kind. Hence such power is always in existence, whether manifesting or not. So long as a force cannot manifest itself, it is outwardly as if non-existent. If however it is to outwardly manifest, then it must be met with countervailing force, and the latter can only be an opposing force through which the primary force can be impeded in its quiet flow. Wherever such conflict by interference takes place, both forces become perceptible. The first power then unfailingly goes over into a secondary one, and a secondary one does so vice versa. Only in this way do the two powers become perceptible to each other, and consequently in their type of action.

10. A couple of illustrations should make this important point clearer for you. Behold the light radiating from a sun. Firmly hold onto your concept in its nature and its enduring. If however there were throughout infinity no sun-related eye that stands up to the sun as countervailing power to harness the light by which the sun creates something similar to itself within the eye, therewith going over into a secondary power, then would the sun not be as good as non-existent? But if an eye has developed within which the sun as-it-were finds itself again, then the sun as primordial power asserts itself as perceptible existence in relation to the eye. If the eye closes, then it is as if non-existent in relation to the sun, and the latter has seemingly lost its existence.

11. But I want to give you another example: think of a powerful giant; put him in an empty space where there is no object upon which the giant can test his strength. Present him with a fly as countervailing force, which however he cannot reach with his hands. In such case the fly stands there with a power equal to the giant and able to challenge the giant to a fight, if it has a point of support. If however the giant has such supporting point, then a million flies cannot trouble him. And thus every force has to have an opposing force without which it cannot manifest and make an appearance. A power has to test itself upon another power or it is as good as non-existent.

12. If upon Earth only one wind was blowing at any one time it would never result in rain. But if another wind encounters it, the air-condensation shall soon emerge which first manifests as fogs and ultimately as heavy rain-clouds. The clouds themselves don’t indicate the wind so long as the wind remains wind. But once the wind has created the clouds and clothes itself with them so-to-say, then the clouds make the wind visible of course, showing its direction by their movement. And, My friends and brothers, this thing should now be clear to you. ’

13. Says Robert: “Yes, Lord and Father, now we are fully in the clear about it, but it took some effort! But now the guests are leaving the hall; where are they headed, doing what?”

14. Say I: “They thankfully and blissfully return to their dwellings; there they shall find instructions for themselves upon notice boards. You shall all familiarize yourselves with this after a while. Let us however now go to the chambers on the ground level! There I shall show you the doors through which every spirit can get to the natural worlds along the shortest route. Over there, in this hall’s evening corner, there is a spiral staircase on which we shall get to the ground level chambers, which are not accessible from the outside. And so let us proceed with cheer: be it so!”

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