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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 293 - Warning the children of the Earth. Differences between celestial and terrestrial life. Parable of the fallen tree fruit and the potter. Everlasting death

1. Says Robert and all the others: “Oh dear, holy Father, one cannot express how delighted we are! Your Yourself lead us and show us the endless wonderworks of Your almighty love! You explain Your work with Your holiest mouth so clearly that we are amazed at how we can understand things that shall remain insoluble mysteries for millions for eternities.

2. Oh for the incredible stupidity of man upon Earth! Taking no notice of the gold of the heavens and life, they tread same with their feet. Instead they wage war for the filth of the roads and tear themselves apart for filth. Come over here, you poor sinners and blind devils; learn condescension and humility from Him whose softest breath of youth can blow you and your sinful Earth to nothing.

3. But you say: what can we do; nothing changes when we beg and pray! We see and hear nothing. Our pleading is consumed by the air and we vainly stare into infinity and comfortlessly and wisdomlessly marvel) at God’s unfathomable works the way calves stare at a new stable door. Wherefore we simply concern ourselves for the body’s welfare and let others worry about whatever they will; man has to have things to eat and drink, together with coat and house; these are necessities, everything else being dispensable.

4. Dispensable indeed for you Earth worms, who all resemble the rich young man in the Gospel, who asked the Lord to explain the kingdom of God. But when the Lord said: sell everything and give to the poor children of the world and then follow Me, his heart broke and he at once returned to his sweet Earth treasures. He let go of God and cared only for his Earthly goods, becoming harder than before, the Lord remarking afterward how hard it is for a rich man to inherit the kingdom of God.

5. Get yourselves over here therefore, you spirits of the Earth; over here in your hearts; here you shall find a fullness of treasures and riches that eternity cannot consume. Over here, you proud ones – in the proper humbleness of your hearts! Here at home is the eternal and steadily increasing honour of all honours. What are all your dignities to the word of Him Who with His might and wisdom has filled infinity with miraculous works without number or measure!

6. Take note of the difference between our perfect eternal life in the constant presence of the almighty Father and Creator of all heavens and worlds on the one hand, and your perishable life that lasts from morning to evening. How do you cling to a life that deserves to be called death? Is not Earth life a constant dying from cradle to grave, whilst this true celestial life is a constant enlivening in God the holy Father. And this true life is ever so near unto you; every moment you could seize it forever. But blind you are, and your love of Earth blurs your hearts vision, wherefore you deem the kingdom of eternal life far away, although it sits on your nose so-to-say. We too are near to you, but you think it is far; how blind you are!

7. The Lord’s servants upon Earth know us, see us and can speak with us whenever they will. The eye and ear of their heart is open because not blinded by the burden of the rich youth in the Gospel, yet you others shed tears when watching the barren world so gladly, when the Lord is calling you. Let the Lord give us a thousand such worlds if we were minded to accept them. But who strains after painted gold if he can call a thousandfold lumps of gold he won?

8. At the side of the almighty Father descend to the depth of the Creation with us, and with the eyes of the heart behold the boldest bridge work from one world to another, from one heaven to another and from one heart to another! And you shall, although still wrapped in mortal flesh, with us feel joy and bliss and through this enliven your soul. Oh Lord, why may we enjoy such bliss when millions of brothers are still blind and deaf?”

9. Say I: “Friend and brother, every true life harbours the propensity of being anything other than blissful. But a life that is led by death the way a law enforcer leads a sinner to criminal proceedings, can perceive only real pleasure only in a fully degenerate state. Were you to regenerate such however, then it would shudder on recognizing where it’s escort is leading it. Wherefore it is on the one hand better that the people of the Earth are blind and deaf, enabling them to at least seemingly enjoy the span-long life, sauntering from death to death.

10. I say unto you all: for many millions their make-believe life is followed by no further one. Because just as there is life eternal, there also is eternal death. Upon Earth there are trees upon which glorious fruits ripen in quick time, and where no blossom has flowered in vain. But there are also trees that flower abundantly and even put out much fruit. But where such trees are poorly sapped and have to hold onto their flowerless fruit on their branches for lengthy periods till ripe, then three quarters fall off the tree for each one of sufficient nutrients before ripening. I say unto you: there are few healing herbs for re-animating such fallen off unripe fruit. Where some of this fruit falls off the tree before fully ripe, it can be gathered and stored, and it shall at least achieved minimum edibility. But for fruit dropping shortly after bloom due to inadequate nutrients, there is no cure.

11. But I am not saying that children who die shortly after physical birth cannot attain to everlasting life, for this parable is not dealing with terrestrial birth and ripening; here we are dealing with souls that had already bloomed beautifully in My grace-light upon Earth ,and had avidly sucked in their life-juice at the outset. But come testing times, they sealed off their feeding organs, not wanting to suck in the admittedly harsh testing salt of life, with consequent isolation from the branches feeding them and therewith death incapable of re-animation. Let us therefore leave such fruit to deafly and blindly enjoy their short life, for their fullest vanity shall take plenty of time yet. !”

12. Says Robert: “But as true as this thing is bound to be, it reminds me of a Chinese and Japanese rule that restricts parental offspring to six or seven. Any offspring over this number must be drowned or otherwise put to death.”

13. Say I: “My friend, this you are not capable of understanding yet! Behold, a potter forms his pot of clay upon the rotor, but due to certain circumstances, the pot becomes malformed in the middle of the operation. What does he do? He breaks up the clay upon the rotor, mixing it with fresh clay, returning it to the wheel and weaning out a less delicate form. Thus the material is saved but the specific original individuality is irretrievably lost. In short, the first self is completely destroyed, and that in a real sense, is the everlasting death, which both love nor recollection of primordial existence can re-animate; and consequently no development to everlasting perfection can be contemplated. And yet it is the maintenance of the primordial individuality that is of endless import, because no childhood of God can be attained without it, for a secondary birth shall eternally not turn into a primary one.

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