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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 294 - Everlasting death – reason and nature.

1. Says Robert, having reached the spiral staircase: “Oh most loving and wise Father, words fail us to properly thank you with our love for such enlightenment. One can, in other words, find oneself even alive and happy in spite of a condition of eternal dearth, and that in some heaven, but with the primordial self no longer there. Oh, is not this grace upon grace on Your part! By the expression ‘eternal death’ we had understood hell and no less, with no exit forever. But should there still be a way out, all things being possible to You, then we regard such an exit quite a different one indeed. But now the thing takes on a still more different aspect; our thanks and love for such a portentous and glorious explanation!”

2. Say I: “It especially pleases Me that you receive this so well; yet the grace received by an unfortunate being with eternal death is not as great as you think. Because for some, a million earth years long hell with retained original character would be preferable to everlasting death. But if the first begotten also is sacrificed with hell of the third degree, then of course it is worse even than mere eternal death in itself.

3. I indeed see how you now comprehend what actual everlasting death in itself is, although you don’t yet understand the evil of that condition, and so I shall have to elaborate somewhat as we climb down this spiral staircase; hearken therefore:

4. He who finds himself in first or second degree hell on account of having warped his primordial self through perverted love can, nevertheless, after many bitter experiences, become again what he was in the beginning. His consciousness is left him and he retains his memory and he can attain to perfection.

5. But if man is neither cold nor hot on account of a luke warmness most repugnant to Me, bothering with neither with good nor bad, or it is all the same to him, making him capable of the most cold-blooded abominations or occasional good deeds, thus regarding God and devil, night and day, life or death, truth or lie all equal: such has fallen victim to eternal death already. Therewith he finds himself in lowermost hell, from which escape is unthinkable for the one and same original primordial identity.

6. The foundation of such condition is a most concentrated arrogance that has gone through all stages of selfishness and self-love, having crushed himself so-to-say into such density and therewith depriving himself of the spirit’s primordial life. And that constitutes the actual everlasting death, the evil of all evils, because it brings existence itself to an end.

7. Such soul is then fully corrupted. Its original totality has to be, through the power of fire, dissolved into its individual, primordial life sparks and then, blended with completely new ones and along extended paths through plant and animal life of another planet, within a totally different solar system, to finally be transformed into a most inferior human form, with despairingly little left over from the primordial soul nature. And that is the actually worst part, for such soul can never get to see Me because it then is and remains soul only, without My spirit.

8. The thing is like an unripe, rotten apple which also can go over into mildew and sponge. It can be turned into no apple, but a parasite at best, which in turn has little resemblance with the primordial tree and fruit. Say unto Me whether you have all fully understood this?”

9. They speak as with one voice: “Lord and Father, now everything is completely clear to us. Not much can of course be said such self-inflicted loss, in spite of Your great love and mercy becoming evident and that all things being possible to You. It is of course possible that, after unmentionable eons, a little opportunity may surface for these beings to get to know and love You in gradual stages, from their primordial condition, therewith moving forward in their cognition and love.

10. How often already, through the mouth of Your prophets and servants You had prophesied all sorts of judgments, as evil consequences of the children of the world’s evil actions. But when a few better ones turned to You in their hearts, you withdrew Your sharp rod. You again blessed the Earth and forged a path of reformation for the evil ones, which You had indicated through Your prophets Jonah and Jeremiah for example. You had always kept your words with prophecies for good, but with threatened punishments only when men had totally lost sight of You.

11. Say I: “Yes, you are right indeed! The reason for My not following up threatened judgments with punishments is because these rarely improve but often make people worse. And so, if a few righteous ones turn to Me, I gladly turn threats into blessings, for which reason I also make the threats of punishments and judgments conditional. If they find hearts that fulfil the conditions in a certain measure, then things look up again. I then bless many evil ones on account of the few good ones, in order not to give them opportunity for still greater evil, which is usually the case during wars. For wars always have been the best food for the insatiable spirit of usury, and the best school for cruel, infernal arrogance.

12. Of course it often is the case that the gentle reprimand of My angels glides unheard past the intransigent ears of worldly men, forcing Me to send the voice of devils among dead mankind. But if this voice from the heavens finds even limited hearing, then I let the devil voice go dumb. For a father surely always remains the gentlest judge and does not immediately weigh in with blows, even if he lifts the rod threateningly. It is better to threaten for decades and cast a blind eye, than to punish for one year, for the plants upon our Earth are of almost delicate nature and must be treated with much caution. The birthplace of the children of My heart is a different one to those of My other component parts. You must constantly keep in mind that this very small Earth is that very place of birth for the children of My heart!

13. But now we are fully on the floor of the ground level chamber, and can commence our observations. Note the four immense walls, in each of which you see three doors. Through these doors you can get to all the worlds and heavens, and their associations throughout infinity, but not to this highest and innermost heaven, in which you now find yourselves. Let’s move northward, where we shall shortly make a start.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-294 Chapter