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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 295 - The three doors in the northern wall. Endless distances of the Creation spaces. A glance at the solar middle equatorial belt, and the Moon. The angel’s governance in the cosmic regions

1. I continue: “Robert, open the first door, and we shall take a look outwards and see what the rays of our eyes will encounter.

2. Robert opens the first of the three doors and shies back in wonder. After a while he says: “oh Lord, oh friends, this truly is too much for the eye for a created spirit, so suddenly! I see the Earth’s moon to a T, upon the high firmament. It is in full phase and looks incredibly charming. And at a deep distance behind, I see immensely bright stars, and at once recognize the Pleiades, Orion and the ‘Greater Dog’. The Milky Way too is shining brightly, not like a shimmer but a wide belt of vivid constellations. Oh friends, to view this from here affords an indescribable fervour towards the way you, oh Lord, have so splendidly filled infinity with the sparkling works of your love, wisdom and might.

3. But the immense space between the celestial bodies is not empty. I note spirits flicker back and forth with great velocity, some of whom closely approached and greeted us. Ah, for the intense activity here; and that stirs me up – seeking action and pursuing it myself.”

4. They now all crowd unto a large balcony, one in front of each door, watching the entire star-studded sky and conversing with the spirits that float near the balcony, and ecstatic upon noting Me there.

5. Robert asks Me whether he too could float about so freely, if he climbed over the landing. Says I: “Try, perhaps it is possible!”

6. Robert, considering the depth below, quickly withdraws, saying: “Lord, this I may well leave alone, for there is an immense depth below us! How come; did we not step out unto the balcony at ground level, expecting to be level with same? Yet with this endless depth below us that amounts to countless fixed star intervals, there can be no talk of ground level. Upon what ground therefore was Your house built, oh Lord and Father? The wall stops under the balcony and one sees only the endless depth of the Creation; this I cannot work out at all!

7. This would indeed give rise to countless further questions; e. g. did we not, when arriving in this city from the Earth, enter Your holy house at ground level without noticing anything of a balcony. Now, at ground level in the same house, behold: the chamber, as large and splendid as the hall above us, has twelve doors through which one reaches the observation balconies, of which there was previously no trace whatsoever. And one furthermore notes that this house floats about freely in the ether like any cosmic body, notwithstanding that the previously visible city of immense spread shows no sign of another house. And did not three similar doors lead out the same wall to this intriguing free space; yet I see them no more, Lord and Father; whoever can understand this from its foundations must be a child of good parents, as they say!

8. Heaven here or there, this is outside my comprehension. Is this only spiritual imagination, or a kind of spiritual diorama, or spiritually optic illusions? This cannot possibly be reality; either heaven is true, in which case the scene must be an illusion, or the observations are true and heaven is an illusion. Oh Lord and Father, here I beg you for speedy clarification on behalf of us all!

9. Upon my entry into the spirit world I certainly encountered strange phenomena too, and mainly in my first house; but I was able to grasp them gradually, because they were heterogeneous to my innermost parts. But I am factually my innermost self, behind which nothing more can hide. Wherefrom this rare manifestation?”

10. Say I: “Patience, my dear friend! After a while all shall become clear, although you shall thereafter continue forever to understand endlessly many other things as little as this easy thing here. But let us enter the chamber and take a look through the second door!”

11. They all step back, and Emperor Rudolf asks me: “Lord and Father! As regards brother Robert’s fact-finding probes, I have not been bothered by such at all, thinking to myself: It is incomprehensible indeed, and things here appear self-contradictory to an amazing degree. But I will not let this detain me, for things will maintain my interest for as long as I don’t fully comprehend them, after which the interest wanes, because only intriguing things absorb our attention. Whilst the natural becomes ? when we understand its working. Only the incomprehensible maintains our constant curiosity.

12. Hence I am not itching to understand the reason for these wonders the way it bothers brother Robert. Yet I would like to know who those spirits are who carried on in free space in front of us, their friendly faces showing that they must be very happy in their way. But who they are and their function will only be known to you, oh Lord and Father.”

13. Say I: “These are angels of this highest heaven, attending to their office. Once you will have been armed with their wisdom, you shall from time to time partake in similar work. They are responsible for the maintenance of all worlds, and are its chief guides and leaders. Behold, such cheerful angel not seldom controls and entire solar region. But to assume such office he has to first learn much of course, and graduate in many a school. Our Cado, a very gifted spirit, had begun to serve and rule upon Earth already. He is doing a good job and knows how to maintain the diverse spirits’ respect, for which reason his field of operation is steadily increased.

14. In the beginning, only small scope is entrusted; If faithful and active, he is placed over bigger things. Cado too initially was only assigned a small watch over two countries, yet now he already wields his sceptre over half of Europe, and if continuing, shall soon have the entire Earth under his control. Once he has proven himself capable of utilising the power given him, he shall be placed in charge of the sun; then ultimately the planets and so forth, until he is lord over an entire solar region. Do you realise now who are these spirits floating before us?”

15. Says Emperor Rudolf: “Yes, Lord and Father, but I don’t think much of such honour, for such angel then never has any leisure to rest from his strain.” Say I: “Ah, let that not trouble you! Each such angel has millions under him to carry out his will, and he can come here as often as he pleases, to receive further instructions and re-vitalisation from me. At the just-concluded banquet you saw many who are now back at their place of action.

16. But now a glance through this second door: It is open, of we step outside! We stand upon the second balcony; what do you see?”

17. All are astonished beyond measure, for they see the amazing land of the central solar equator and are unable to cease marvelling at its glory. They also see humans, but the distance blurs their form,because they would still be ill-prepared for same.

18. Robert steps over to me again, saying: “Oh my holiest Father, brother Rudolf is basically not wrong. I too now realize that with such appearances, all questioning must cease. Here there is still more of the amazing than at the previous door. Here asking would not cease for all eternity, wherefore it is better to just joyfully take in heavenly things and patiently wait till it please you to shed a more brilliant light upon it. But. . . such humans! Although I can’t work out their forms too well, I realise they must be immensely beautiful.”

19. Say I: “Behold, that is the sun with its actual inhabitants. The slight darker ones are still within matter, whilst the lighter ones are spirits and also live in the sun. Later you shall get to know things properly, but now it would be premature. We have now seen what the second door locks away; hence let us move to the third door of this northerly wall!”

20. We step back into the chamber and then through the third, already opened door. Standing upon this door’s balcony, we see a world in its natural light close to the third lookout balcony. Only a small segment of it can be seen initially (as previously with the sun). Robert asks what world this actually is – whether perhaps a darker part of the solar world?”

21. Say I: “Not so – this is the Earth’s moon. Note its murky land and a small group of dwarfish people at some distance! They are the actual inhabitants of the moon-side always turned away from Earth. Their greatest joys are their little wives whom they customarily carry upon their shoulders, out of pure love and gentleness. Floating above them you see some cheerful spirits; these are the souls of departed lunar inhabitants. It is their pleasure to do their still mortal brother some good and to protect them against diverse dangers. In the main they watch that the very materialistic spirits that inhabit the near side of the moon don’t move to the vegetative, inhabitable other side, where they could do considerable harm to their dwelling which consist in subterranean caves.

22. Therewith you know enough about this small cosmic body. You shall get to know things thoroughly in the course of the errands assigned to you. Hence we shall not pay this small world more attention but move to the first door of the evening westerly wall and from there make further observations of the outer world.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-295 Chapter