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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 296 - The evening western wall. Glance through the first door a planetary central sun, mother of countless planetary suns. The nature of the spiritual Diorama

1. All now re-enter the chamber; the first door on the evening west wall is already wide open, without anyone having opened it by hand, giving rise to further questions from Robert as to the mechanism opening these doors.

2. But I say to him: “Friend, do you still have no concept of my omnipotent will?” Says Robert: “Forgive me, best Father, but with your friendliness and condescension it is easy to forget that you are omnipotent. But all is well again!”

3. We are entering the door; countless lands are spread out before the eyes of the new arrivals to the heavenly Jerusalem. Great rivers flow through the immeasurably wide lands, and their waters shine more than all the Earth’s sunlight condensed into one point. Gradually, as the eye can bear more of the blinding effect of the waters, splendidly cultivated gardens come into view, with most magnificent dwellings in their midst, where this light-world’s inhabitants live. Above the torrent of light, mighty shining human forms can be seen with indescribably beautiful shapes. Robert and others cap their hands, over their eyes, unable to bear the brilliant shine, asking me what this world might be.

4. I say: “This is a central sun, which maintains millions of planetary suns with their planets, along pre-determined tracks around itself. What however is all such power compared to the power of one of my least children! I say unto you: solar regions are like toys in my children’s hands! Now you know what you are seeing here, and so we shall again leave the balcony and go over to the second door of this evening westerly wall.”

5. Says Robert: “Lord and Father, perhaps you can also tell me how one sees a different big cosmic body when there are only a few steps between doors. How can such colossal worlds exist next to each other? Lord, I am testing my patience without success. I have to get some light on this, or get sick even over here, in the perfect Kingdom of life.”

6. Say I: “Well, you are not going to be sick, because here sickness is impossible, and also because I am going to give you a little light, and hence listen! You previously mentioned something about a spiritual Diorama. And this is actually such Diorama, which of course is rooted in different optical rules to those on Earth.

7. Behold, each of these doors is as it were a concave mirror. When the door opens you see what within eternal order is contained in your own heart, in microscopic yet most perfect form. Stepping in front of such concave mirror, you see the most magnified reflection from the pure surface of what, according to a certain order, is included in your own stockpile. But here the mirror is not a glass but a most pure, celestial air. It is so smoothed that, for the right purpose, it forms a brilliant wall from which is reflected whatever it can take up by way of its special construction.

8. Nothing similar exists upon Earth of course; Only the so-called ‘Fata Morgana’ could come under consideration, as also an aerial ‘mirage’, the former being immensely inferior to the latter however, as it takes up every object that presents itself to it; the reflection in My house however takes only what corresponds to it. Something more comparable would be the diverse light radiations through a prism, where each surface reflects only one colour per rotation. What however such prism does with formless colours, the mirror here effects with the forms that the angelic spirits standing in front of it radiated unto its surface from their hearts on account of its special nature.

9. If I desire that this or other mirror no longer be there, then you will through such door only see what in the natural sense surrounds my house, which stands freely on all sides in midst of this great city. Because ordinary looking over here rests on the same principles as seeing upon Earth, but in the purest potency of course.

10. But since such mirror definitely does not make up a solid wall, the system provides for every spirit’s capacity to get to the real cosmic body that he sees in the mirror, with the speed of light. This operates along the lines of a celestial-spiritual rapport. How this is achieved however, my dear friend, shall only become clear to you after a while. Well now, how are things with your sickness now? Do you still believe that feverish impatience shall seize you?”

11. Says Robert: “Oh Lord and Father, Thou love of all love! I have again advanced by a thousand earthly years of instruction worth of wisdom and comprehension. To You all our love and praise forever!” Say I: “Well then, if your heart is now lighter, then we shall at once go through the second door. Behold, it has already been standing open for a while again!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-296 Chapter