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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 297 - Looking through the second door of the western wall. A Central sun of greater magnitude. Splendid cities and buildings products of instinct or wisdom?

1. Everybody now moves through this second door of the evening wall and sees a second central sun of greater magnitude, around which orbit entire solar regions over immense tracks like planets around their planetary suns.

2. Here all lift up their arms and scream: “Oh Lord, oh Lord, let’s get back, this is unbearable! The light must be exceeding the previous central sun’s light a trillion fold! We see neither limits nor any human form Oh God, Thou almighty Lord of infinity! What masses of light and power!”

3. Say I: “Just keep looking into it until your young eyes adjust to it, and you will then also discover human shapes!” Says Robert: “That’s all very well, if only one could bear it! Such light-intensity would dissolve the Earth to nothing instantly: are our eyes not already used to faintly intense light, yet here I cannot look for one second. If you don’t fit us with screens then we are not ever going to be able to look at such light power.”

4. Say I: “Ay ay, will you not always want to know better than I! Just look into the light a few seconds, and you shall judge otherwise. For behold, you must get used over here to look into the most intense light. Occasionally it happens that I Myself appear in the Deity’s light, compared to which all this light is darkest night; how could you then see me in that light if this feeble one troubles you? Hence look with courage and it shall work out!”

5. Robert begins to look into the great central sun with blinking eyes, saying after a while: “Father, I thank You for such grace; I already see shapes, although not yet permanent ones, for the light-intensity wipes them, away, but they keep steadily approaching! Oh, this must be an exceedingly wondrous world ! Verily, such world already amounts to a heaven, for life there must be splendid, once one is used to the light.

6. Ah, now I notice an immensely great city with the most superb buildings, with some resemblance with your holy city of all cities of infinity. Most intriguing; as far as the eye can see, gardens and the most splendid palaces of a peculiar style, immense arcades winding along in all directions with magnificent pillars, atop of which perch palaces of indescribable splendour. Oh, for the magnificence!”

7. Now the others also sustain their glances into the light of this second Central sun, noticing the same and more, noting also a magnificent plant world and a teeming and peculiar animal world and indescribably beautiful people strolling in the gardens. Their cheerful movements suggesting happiness and contentment.

8. Mathilda Elijah remarks, enthralled: “Oh God, what endless difference between such world and our Earth! Here everything is perfect heaven, and comparable hell upon Earth! Oh, what wise and good people these must be; there is bound to be no death upon this world, nor does there seem to be any ageing: Eternal spring radiates everywhere, and every shape disports the fullness of cheerful youth. Oh God, oh Father, what a world; even the animals look exceedingly friendly, traipsing together like lambs.

9. Oh Lord, it must be extremely pleasant for your children to become a ruler of such world; it must give even yourself pleasure to step out into its bright fields. No, I must not watch this too long, for I could weaken and walk unto such world, to get to know its most beautiful people!”

10. Says Peter: “Nothing will stop you from trying, but you may not fare that well. As a spirit from the highest heaven, these beings may not be capable of seeing you, for they are still more or less steeped in the elements of their material world. I have reason to believe that these people suffer no death – no transformation, they probably would, as you see them now, right from their creation begin an eternal life peculiar only to them. Their works indeed show them to possess plenty of wisdom, but I would not regard it as a rule. Because on Earth too, there are animals accomplishing all kinds of things that no craftsman could imitate; should one therefore ascribe some Solomonian wisdom to them? This could also be the case with these humans; they could well be instinctual rather than people of wisdom, in which case we would not find them of much appeal; what say you?

11. Says Elijah: “Indeed, you may not be wrong; yet going by the diversity of perfections, they seem to be of real wisdom, rather than well-schooled instinct: Such bold architecture, and these superb, landscaped gardens attest to these people, bathed in brilliant light, being imbued with more than mere instinct.” Says Peter: “Yes, from this aspect you may not be wrong, yet I adhere to my opinion.”

12. Say I: “In alternative ways you are both right; but I have opened the third door, and so let us leave this second one and go through the open one.”

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