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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 298 - The third door reveals a major Central Sun. Solar systems; size and light intensities. Fire spirit action upon a Chief Central sun

1. They all enter the western wall’s third door, but at once shy back from the incomparably more intense light than the previous one.

2. Robert and others are saying: “Oh Lord, oh God, oh Father! Our previously well-adjusted eyes cannot now also tolerate this indescribably mightier light. The light of the previous sun was steady, although unbearable at first. But this light is like surging flames, stabbing the eye overpoweringly: What kind of light is this – perhaps another Central Sun?”

3. Say I: “Indeed, and that of a higher magnitude. To understand this you have to know this about the solar system: “The many planetary suns around which planets like your Earth orbit, together with their common central Sun make up one solar region. Such Central Sun sometimes exceeds the physical bulk of the suns orbiting it together with their planets a hundred, and sometimes a thousandfold and on occasion a million fold, for the regions vary in size. The bigger a solar region, the bigger has to be the Central sun in all its aspects relative to the total volume of its ancillary suns, in order to maintain them in their tracks in spite of the greater distances. The larger the number and distances of the ancillary suns, the larger the volume of such Central sun, in order to be master of all the planetary suns orbiting it.

4. Many such, now more closely described solar regions, together, in turn, share one common Central sun, and orbit it as solar regions through endlessly greater circles around such Central sun of higher magnitude, which has of course to be again proportionately much bigger than all its solar regions put together, of which many thousands orbit around a Central sun such as we saw through the second western door. All these solar regions, together with their Central suns, make up one solar universe.

5. Many such solar universes in turn have a Central Point or still greater magnitude Central Sun which again, by volume, is many times greater than all the solar universes orbiting it. And such Central universal sun is the one we now see.

6. But keeping pace with the escalating size of Central Suns is their light; you may look at the relationship this way: If for instance the diameter of a planetary Central Sun is of a billion miles (one German mile equals just over seven miles) 1then the diameter of a solar regions Central Sun is a million fold the diameter of a planetary Central Sun and hence a trillion terrestrial miles. And a universal Central Sun such as we are seeing now again grows in proportion to the number of solar universes it controls to a million fold and sometimes a billion fold in relation to size and light intensity. It can therefore have a diameter of a quadrillion and sometimes a quintillion terrestrial miles. And a universal Central Sun such as we are seeing now again grows in proportion to the number of solar universes it controls to a million fold and sometimes a billion fold in relation to size and light intensity. It can therefore have a diameter of a quadrillion and sometimes a quintillion terrestrial miles.

7. Suns of this magnitude already have their own fiery light and are not suitable for habitation by physical beings upon its immeasurably wide areas. But there are that many more fire-spirits living there at ease, upon these incalculably extensive seas of fire, having their dwelling and control 1 The Natural sun consists of seven concentric spheres regions there. Physical beings indeed also live there, but not upon the exterior surface but upon one of the interior spheres, all suns consisting of several concentric suns contained within the exterior sun the way the planet Saturn is contained within its rings.

8. But now make an attempt to also tolerate this sun’s light, for in future you must be capable of standing up to endlessly more intense lights to eventually enable you to also bear up to My own divine light. Just try it- it shall work out.

9. With this encouragement, they turn back and give it a try.

10. Robert, whose eyes are most sensitive, turns to the ever-present three apostles, saying: “Dear friends, how do you yourselves cope with it, looking so steadily into this light? I know that this mighty light cannot harm my eyes, yet I cannot look into such light intensity for even two seconds. It does not actually cause me pain, but the immensely piercing intensity prevents my eyes from staring straight into its majesty for even a second. Tell me how you do it, dear brethren; does such light not bother you?”

11. Says Paul: “My dear brother, I can but say; be of resolute will, and all is achieved! Such light power impacts us like yourselves, but on such occasion our will power enables us to take it up with every light power, excepting only the light-power within the Deity of the Lord Himself, which we cannot bear but for three moments. Hence you need to concern yourself more with bracing your will than your sight, whereupon no light shall trouble you. Try and you shall be convinced.”

12. Says Robert: “I’ll see how far I get.” He rises to the occasion, staring into the sunlight with incandescent face, saying after a while: ”Brethren, you are right, it was not my eye but my weak resolve.

13. Now I am looking into this mighty light, enjoying it; for I begin to detect an immense world of wonder through the purest ethereal flames, seeing extensive dwellings where probably the fire spirits mentioned by the Lord reside. Such building strangely enough consists of numerous symmetric and extremely high towers, interconnected with countless arcades. And now I also see a human-like being strolling along the arcades, their motion being exceptionally fast, resembling lightning. Are these spirits so busy, racing back and forth as if possessed?”

14. Says Paul: “Indeed, my friend, there is prodigiously much to do upon such sun, something you are not yet able to grasp of course, although, from the grandeur of the huge buildings, you can infer that much must be happening in this sun, the cause of the spirit’s bustle! Behold, upon this immense sun, combustion of the purest gas is taking place and this must constantly be present in abundance in sub-solar geometers. And so you see in front of us a massive gas-production works, of which there are trillions upon this sun. On Earth too certain spirits are preparing fuel gas within the volcanoes interior, which they then also light when reserves peak. The gas however consists of plainest nature spirits who need to undergo such purification before they can transcend into more substantial existence. Upon Earth nevertheless everything is rather crude compared to the refined procedures here. Now you know enough for the present: hence lets close ranks, for we are shortly turning southwards.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-298 Chapter