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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 299 - The first door in the south wall. Almighty light of a primary Central Sun Gigantic proportions. Inhabitants as solar ball throwers

1. Say I: “Indeed, so it is look over there, Robert, the first door of the southerly wall is already open; the far mightier light pouring through indicates we are dealing with a size of sun exceeding the previous one by a degree you cannot comprehend yet. This will also bring us to the end of material creation systems within my will and wisdom.”

2. All now enter this door timidly (excepting Paul, Peter and John, with whom this is now second nature). They at first all scream upon entering turning around again and arguing against the possibility of taking even one more glance, for this light seems to them a trillion fold that of the previous universal Central Sun.

3. Say I: “Indeed, I won’t dispute that, but we will fare the same with this primary, primordial Central sun as with the previous one. A firm will, courage and persistence will do it! Well, friend Robert, do you too lack courage?”

4. Says Robert: “Oh Lord, this will hardly be possible here the shine is too piercing, virtually propelling one backwards. But I shall try it, in Your most holy name. First I shall close my eyes and then open them but it is better to open them forthwith. Two minutes of combat and you shall have conquered even this mightiest of all material lights.

5. Says Robert: “Good, so be it; whatever You oh Lord Command must forever be the best and most practicable; start looking, you light-shy eyes! A powerful light-storm shall make you work.” With these words he turns around looking – at first with much blinking – into the light!

6. After a while he is ecstatic about his victory. Father, thanks to You, with all honour and love; even this mightiest light now obeys my tiny eyes. And so even the seemingly impossible is of a truth possible to you most holy Father! Oh humans upon the most meagre Earth, your eyes are blinded by your small Earth sun, whose light is weaker than a decilionth part of one spark of this light. What would you say with the tiniest spark from this light in your eyes, in your natural state? I tell you that one spark would suffice to turn the entire Earth into nothing.

7. Oh Lord and Father, such heat escalation is beyond all human reckoning! One cubic yard of this light form this sun harbours’ basically more light power than the entire Earth Sun’s light compressed into the same cubic yard! This surely is an incredible proportion – yet true! I have now been looking into this light for some time, yet the light does not diminish its effect, even while I am getting used to it. It surely is a mighty light; how big this sun must be and what portentous purpose in such enormous existence?!”

8. Say I: “This is a chief primordial Central Sun, around which seven million solar universes are orbiting. In size it also is exactly a million times greater than the seven million solar universes in aggregate. Its size is about two octillion Earth miles (1 German mile = approx. 7 kilometre) The light in its greatest electro-magnetic velocity of forty thousand (German) Earth miles per second would need many quadrillion of Earth years to travel from one pole of this sun to the other! ’

9. All are shocked at these statistics, with overawed Robert saying: “And such solar colossus also is created by You, Who speak of such sizes so condescendingly as if dealing with a handful of peas!”

10. Say I: “Well, My dear brother, not just this one but countless much bigger ones, among which this one is the smallest.” Says Robert: “I kiss Your hands, oh God! It is not possible for a created spirit to speculate about it!” Say I: “Is that so? Just ask one of My three brothers; these will tell you whether it is possible or not.”

11. Says Robert: “Indeed, yes, with You all things are possible; but neither Peter, nor Paul, nor the profoundly wise John will be able to deny that the size of this thing will make every spirit’s inward parts shudder. Many thousands of trillions of years for light to travel from one pole to another? Oh Lord, oh God, what overawing size! How far must such Sun be distant from Earth for it to be seen as a mere glittering point?” Say I: “Decillion miles (i. e. 1 German mile = 7 kilometre) suffices to reduce it to an apparent diameter of Venus; I leave you to calculate the rest!”

12. Say Robert and Peter: “Oh Lord, we shall leave well alone-working out head and heart aches like that! Let things be in accordance with Your holiest will, for such prodigious sizes swallow our thinking and comprehension.”

13. Continues Robert: “Now, oh Lord and Father, I begin to detect in this sun also vast numbers of huge human beings! They must be aglow through and through; yet I discover no trace of buildings. These dreadfully huge being rush about among those mightiest flames and yet appear to enjoy themselves in this surely searing work with evident cheer. Some take off to well above the sea of light, flinging phosphorescent balls into infinity, a strange pastime for such beings. They don’t seem to care about mathematical precision when throwing their celestial grenades, as if leaving it to chance. Hence such little grenade could easily take a trip in this direction. Verily, in spite of my spiritual state, I would rather not be the first to receive such visitor over my head. These balls would be of a size eliciting respect for the players. Wonder what size such fiery giants from the sun of all suns are, compared to our Earth?”

14. Say I: “Bound to be huge, My dear Robert, every one for these flung spheres is larger than the Earth’s sun, with rare exception.”

15. Says Robert: “Most obedient servants, these; so these little people on this cosmic body throw entire suns into infinitely, just like that?! Bravo! Getting better all the time! If therefore such person stood upon the Earth, which for his tender feet would be like a tiniest grain of sand, then he could just for fun collect the entire sun with its planets, moons and comets into his vest pocket. I mean, our ilk would hardly sing a toast to the health of one of these. Lord, thou dear Father, forgive me the humour, but one can’t help it when comparing such sizes with the Earth. Where do these glowing marbles fall after these little people fling them into infinity?”

16. Say I: “Most drop back upon this sun’s ground, some occasionally ending up deep in outer space, to then become a sun to a Central Sun.” Says Robert: “In that case one of them could sometimes come near the Earth, something not mentioned in history books.”

17. Say I: “My friend, you have firstly not yet read all such books upon Earth, and secondly, such events were not recorded accurately by contemporary inhabitants and were relegated to mythology. Yet some of these marbles were nevertheless seen from Earth as exceptional comets, and it shall not be long before such quest shall make a journey among the furthest of the sun’s planets and be seen even in broad daylight.

18. It is however not three thousand years since such solar comet travelled between Saturn and Uranus, its light putting the sun in the shade. Of course this phenomenon lasted for only a few days and could not be observed for longer due to the passing velocity of this cosmic body. But such things are not every-day occurrences. How and why such things happen, you will find out in future. But watch this sun for a while, and you shall discover things to intrigue you.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-299 Chapter