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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 300 - Other activity by the fiery giants of the chief primordial Central Sun. Birth of a spectacle. Shell-Globe as vessel for the great cosmic totality

1. Robert continues to carefully watch for a while, then says: “May I watch ever so intensely, I cannot discover any grounds: one light wave follows another. The fiery giants appear to be swimming on this light-sea… rather than more upon solid ground. I am curious to find out when they obtain their glowing balls, and how same are mathematically so perfectly spherical, as if produced by a professional turner.

2. Ah, what’s happening at immense distance over there? Several giants are erecting an immense cone; although it has an immense opening, the giants are widening it. The material must be highly elastic. – The required limit appears to have been reached: wow, terrestrially it must have an enormous diameter; taking hundreds of the giants to encircle it, with gaps of further twenty giants in between. What’s this leading up to! Diverse light forms radiate from the giants’ mouths.”

3. Say I: “This is their language and they are indicating the imminent birth of a Central Sun which bears entire solar regions within it. Watch for its imminent emergence from the wide opening!”

4. Looking, Robert sees a mighty ball of light rise from the immense pipe, leaving the sun’s surface at high velocity. Astonished, he says: “Friends, this truly is nothing trivial! We have now with one immortal eye, witnessed the coming into being of a central sun that may not be among the smallest of its ilk, destined to serve as a universal Central Sun, around which, over eons, trillions of worlds shall orbit, drawing their light, warmth, life and food from it. Ah, manifestations of truly cosmic scale! But where shall this Sun be positioned, and in which region commence its orbiting??! Oh Lord, these are things at which even the greatest Archangels must shudder in awe! Here one actually observes how new creations arise under your auspices, as huge dwelling for billions of free beings, to inhabit same in future. Oh Lord, this is too big for us little spirits!

5. But, to put my mind at rest, I like to know how this is to be disentangled: these beings constantly fling out small planetary suns. But a Sun like this Universal Central Sun, just driven out of that cylinder, itself with time gives birth to Central Suns of lower magnitude, and these, in still more distant epochs, solar regions under their control, and these, in turn, ultimately millions of planetary suns. How do these systematically begotten ones differ from those now being flung out?”

6. Say I: “Behold, every such microcosm of suns and universes that orbit in most extensive circles around a primordial Central Sun is isolated from the next such totality of constellations at a great distance by an outer shell impenetrable to any material beings. This shell consists of a diamond like, transparent material with a mirror smooth inner surface. All light radiating from the countless suns, and not reflected by any planes or suns, is then caught and reflected by this shell (sphere). But as such shell with time dulls upon its interior, mirror-smooth surface, reducing its ability to perform its service; light-balls are flung from this very primordial Central Sun with adequate force to eventually arrive at the said shell-surface, where they are then employed for cleaning the shell. These cleaners there are chosen, mighty spirits in vast numbers. For behold, whatever happens within infinity does so through my spirits and great angels. My children however are the greatest and mightiest of them all.”

7. Says Robert: “Lord, in that case I cannot be a child of yours; for right now I feel so dreadfully small as to be unable to imagine anything smaller. I must not even think about all these immense sizes, lest I turn to nothing. Add to that the shell containing probably decillion time’s decillions of suns and worlds, in relation to which this Sun bears no comparison by size, being on top of that inhabited by hosts of mighty spirits! Oh Lord, oh Father, that leaves my comprehension dead.

8. In my narrow-minded outlook I imagined infinity no bigger than such Shell Globe. Yet you said there are countless further ones within infinite space. Oh Lord, that goes beyond all fables. This fare my thoughts shall take eternity to digest. Here one can but say: “Lord God Zebaoth: These and the works of thy hands are superlative; wherefore you are all in all, and everything is in and out of you, thou best eternal holy Father! We, your little ones, are great only in your love, which is our life. In ourselves however we are pure Zero to you.”

9. Say I: “Very well, nice of you to feel like that now, my dear friend Robert. Nonetheless, you still have to move through the second door of this southern wall, together with the entire company, whereupon you shall see still greater things; and so let’s be on our way, as the door already stands open again, waiting for us to enter! ’

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-300 Chapter