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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 301 - View from the second mid-day door viewing the material Creation in its entirety. The great Cosmic Man as The Prodigal; his nature and destiny. God creates perpetually

1. All move to the second midday door. Arrived, they say: “Ah, this is good looking – no mighty light-battle for our eyes! The last two suns became impossible! One could ask what we are actually seeing here: a sharply glittering background – like the Milky Way from Earth upon a fine, bright summer night. We are curious to know what lies behind this, if it pleases you to tell us, our dearest Father.” Say I: “That’s why we are here! Keep moving well unto the balcony or you will miss the overall picture.”

2. All move to the edge of the big balcony. Robert looks at the shiny totality, saying: “Absolutely intriguing; this is a complete human form: the knees somewhat bent, arms dangling, Absalom’s long hair hanging from the head, and the whole person grief stricken, bent forward and looking into the bottomless depth, loins barely covered by the cloth. In short, it exudes melancholy. The enormity of size could give the impression that this exterior form is Your omnipotent spirit, oh Lord! Yet the mourning figure tells me that is impossible; and it should also make life discernible, there being no trace of this like unto a phosphorous image of Your omnipotence upon the limitless firmament, by your design, oh Lord! This will all have its important reason, known to none but yourself! Lord, please explain this image to us!”

3. Say I: “I would do so, but you still pay too much attention to material sizes, and vex feverish at an explanation, and I would regret making you sick here in My kingdom. Hence ask yourselves whether you are capable of bearing the greatest immensity about the material kingdom, and are willing to risk it, whereupon I shall at once give you all some hints about this image.

4. Says Robert: “Lord and Father, full of deepest love! There can be no further harm; I have now been initiated into these sizes, and my mind is sufficiently talked around, Now I can bear a few dozen more of such shell globes, within which decillions times decillions of suns orbit for all I care.

5. Say I: “Well then, look more closely and tell Me what you see!” Says Robert: “I now see the entire immense form, which appears to fill nearly all the depth of infinite space, and how it is all made up of the tiniest, shining grains of sand strewn thickly together. The number of these shimmering points is obviously unlimited, or at least a sum that no created spirit can imagine. The entire form now takes on a more memorable aspect, when the glitter gives it that majesty! But it is asked again, what does all this signify?”

6. Say I: “Well then, hearken you all to the great secret! This human in its overall shape is the first created spirit, whom Scripture calls “Lucifer” (the light bearer). He is still in possession of his primordial power. He is captive and under judgment in all his parts. Only one way is open to him - that to My Father heart; for every other path is judged and as good as dead, not being able to move foot or hand by a hair’s breadth.

7. What however seems to you like shimmering grains of sand all are Shell Globes, each of which contain decillions times decillions of suns, and on top of that a million times more planets, moons and comets. The distances separating such Shell Globes is, on average, a million such Shell Globe diameters. Their seeming mutual proximity is due to their immense distance, whilst your ability to see their arraignment as a human form is even more due to the distance, akin to looking at the stellar sky from Earth: to the eye it seems like a curved surface thickly strewn with stellar constellations, whereas two close stars could in fact be separated many trillions of miles behind each other.

8. But the reason for this spirit being split up into solid globes is his judgment. And his life, thereby isolated into almost countless separate sections is therefore to be regarded not as one whole, but a most fragmented one. For there is life only in the globes, and outside of them only the life of My eternally unbending divine will. Every Globe stands, firmly and cannot alter its relationship to its neighbour by even a hair’s breadth.

9. At the lowermost point in the small left toe you see a somewhat reddishly shimmering point. That is the very globe within which, in a natural sense, is found your Earth and the solar works that we have viewed until now.

10. Within this same globe and that within the point Earth, the aggregate life of this greatest primordially created spirit is now banned. If he wants to humble himself and return to Me, then his primordial life shall be released again, and this big human shall then be as it were flushed with a completely free life. If however this primordial spirit of My Creation persists in his haughty stubbornness, then let this current system persist forever, or at least until all matter in aggregate will have been dissolved into a new, endlessly multiplied soul and spirit life.

11. This latter system shall nevertheless persist even if the primordially-created spirit were to reform. He can from now on return only as a plain, humbled spirit, and then had to voluntarily let go of his primordial totality forever, in lieu of which he would of course receive an endlessly greater but much plainer one, like every other spirit.

12. But the shell and pod-work, which in any case consists only in My eternally unbending, unchanging will, shall then be vacated of all present soul and spirit life and then be left as solid foundation and as eternal memorial of our great works, and serve as an anchor behind which shall line up purely spiritual creations. Robert and the rest of you, say unto me whether you have now fully comprehended this?”

13. Robert and all the others hardly dare to breathe for reverence; only Robert says after prolonged amazement: “Oh Lord, Oh God, oh most holy Father, I now feel like fully devastated nothingness. Oh Thou good Father, give us first a chance to recover, before possibly taking us to another door! For we all were too devastated by what we have just seen and heard to see and understand more. Oh God, how great and exalted art Thou! No, no created spirit can bear this! Oh God, oh God, oh Lord, oh Father!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-301 Chapter