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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 302 - Correspondence between material and spiritual greatness. Parable of the artificial, gigantic, and a natural, tiny grain of wheat. Light of a new Creation of eternal love radiating through the third mid-day door

1. Say I: “For all of you new arrivals in My eternal kingdom, who have not yet looked sufficiently into their own chambers of life, everything appears gigantic. But once they have familiarised themselves with their innermost life, which is with My love in them, everything pertaining to judged matter shall seem small to them. Because the smallest spark of My love exceeds all this physicality to an immeasurable degree, both in actual size as well as nature. A short parable shall illustrate it.

2. Behold, a sculptor in the world closely observed a grain of wheat under the microscope and then sculpted it from special material on a large scale, from cell to cell, so that he ended up with a gigantic grain of wheat exceeding the original in size by several millions. He exhibited it and supplied commentary on its artificial structure. A wiseman came to look, and after praising the craftsman, he continued: “Friend, you also have a few grains of wheat next to your artificial one; which one do you think is the greater - or the tiny natural one in its smallness?” Says the craftsman: “Friend, if your eyes can estimate, then they shall give you the answer!” Where to the wiseman said! “Very well, hearken then: Every one of the tiny grains of wheat is endlessly bigger than your artificial one, because in each tiny grain resides God’s power – within the wheat germ, which is capable of creating countless grains from each grain which, taken together, exceed your artificial one endless fold in everything. Because everything that is not great in itself on account of lifelessness is endlessly small even if bigger than the Earth dimensionally. But whatever is smallest yet imbued with God’s power and life, is bigger than an entire infinity!”

3. What the wise man said unto the artisan I say unto you: material creation is indeed big, and he who looks at it in the right way shall find much enjoyment. Yet within each human heart resides endlessly greater things than everything you behold now, because the latter shall not get bigger than it is. But you all shall forever, in your hearts, grow in love, cognition and wisdom. You are already able to look out over this great cosmic man and assess and understand him, even whilst he himself is dead and cannot do so. On top of that you know that this big image is reflected from within yourselves. If however all of that is within and not external to you, what must be your own size if there is room for this in your heart? Hence do not marvel too much at such immensities! For you all must know that, before Me, there is nothing great other than the love in My little ones’ heart towards me, their Father!

4. If such creation were sufficiently large for Me then I would eternally not think of another one. But you see how the big image has its delineation, without which it would be no image. Outwardly of the image however you see nothing but endless, space, empty in relation to this colossal man, but which for ourselves is not empty but quite full.

5. Come now to the third mid-day door, and you shall behold this with your own eyes! The door is already open and you see a pleasant light radiating towards you on approaching. From this you can gather that this light is streaming towards you from a second creation of my love, and not My first one, whose flames go forth from My wrath, producing nothing but judgment upon judgment. Hence look at the commencement of the second, true endlessly splendid creation, and tell me what you see and feel!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-302 Chapter