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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 303 - View through the third midday door. The great man of light – man of the new creation

1. All now hasten toward the third midday door, and again behold an endlessly great human, encircled with floods of the most gently and pleasantly radiating light. Only from the region of the heart does a mighty light gush forth, but not offending the eye, and calling forth feelings of bliss. Below the left foot however there is an inclining human form, head turned downwards, rather similar to the one seen through the second door, but here surrounded by a reddish shimmer.

2. Robert of course immediately asks what all this signifies, and I say: “Here you have the first and second Creation next to each other. The great light man represents the new Creation, a new Heaven and a new Earth. Here the Earth is no longer located in the smallest toe, as with the first material Creation, but at the centre of the heart in the new Creation. The mighty light from the region of the heart emanates from the New earth, which shall remain an eternal dwelling of My love and all My children.

3. On examining this exceedingly huge human full of brightest light more closely, you shall discover that he too is made up of countless, most glorious stars, the robe as well as the entire body. Every one of these stars is incalculably bigger than the human seen through the second door, with all his countless Shell Globes, for these stars are associations inhabited by the most blissful spirits, of whom every smallest is a thousand fold bigger and mightier than that first man, whose image you see here by spiritual comparison to this second celestial man, under the smallest toe like a tiny, writhing worm. Compared to the actual size of this second man he is hardly what an earthly grain of sand is to the entire Shell Globe man.

4. This second man however basically represents Me in My action upon well cultivated field.

5. But you see that the shape of this second man also necessarily has to have a demarcation, or you could not see a human in it; what else do you see with this shape, which is pure life in all its parts?”

6. Says Robert, quite overawed: “Lord and Father, I see light and more light as far as the eye can see!” Say I: “All that is My spirit, My might and My love! Here myriads of such huge men shall have plenty of room, as all My children must have space for accommodating their creations.

7. But now, My dear little children and brothers, in your first hour of stay in my house, we shall not immediately open the three doors towards the East, for you could not yet bear what these lock away. Once you are more familiar with My Father house set up you shall also be able to behold the contents of the doors towards the East.

8. But this much I can tell you: that the first contains the spirit kingdom in aggregate of the Earth and of all the other suns, earths and moons of every single Shell Globe. The second door in the foreground shows the first or lowermost wisdom Heaven of our Earth, and in the background the same heavens of the worlds of all of the Shell Globes. The third door in like manner contains the second or love wisdom Heaven, in the foreground that of Earth, and in the background that of all the Shell Globes. But for the third and uppermost, pure love Heaven, within which you all find yourselves and shall do so forever, there is no door here, since we are in it already. But in the lower Heavens there is a door to the third Heaven from every angelic spirit’s dwelling, which however is difficult, and sometimes impossible to open, which is often the case in the lowermost Heaven and especially in the one for the other worlds.

9. But for the present you know enough and almost everything that every angelic spirit of this highest of all Heavens needs to know. But the details of eternally multiplying interest in the individual has here only its inception and lasts forever, always drawing ever greater blessings after itself.

10. So let us move into the great hall again, from where you can join My brethren for a look around in the great city, enjoying yourselves to your heart’s delight.

11. You shall however find Me at home always.

12. At the same time the three brethren shall assign and show you your eternal living rooms and their set-up, and show especially you, brother Robert, a secret door through which you can get to your Association whenever it suits you. There organise and furnish everything in My name, and be a good leader and brother to your subordinates.

13. Enjoy fullest freedom from now on, and amuse yourselves to your hearts delight! For here reigns fullest freedom and there is no further law for the spirit, and hence no sin, eternally!

14. Be it so now as I have arranged it from eternity!”

15. After which words we all move up to the hall, where we are enthusiastically greeted by a large crowd of blessed brothers and sisters. Only here does the celestial company make a new beginning, and all gradually, blissfully and joyfully return to their eternal, glorious apartments, singing Me a hymn of much praise.

16. This then demonstrates in detailed fullness the guidance of a great spirit in the spirit world.

17. Well for him who takes honest note and acts accordingly! He shall have to also once take this path, if of an upright heart. If he has done so already upon Earth, then his path shall once be foreshortened.

18. Let all read these Revelations with their hearts and not the head, and they shall achieve great blessings in their lives therewith, and death shall depart from his loins. He however who reads it only with his intellect shall find his death therein, from which he shall hardly ever awaken again.

19. Therewith this portrayal of the world of spirits is at an end. Well for those not offended thereby! Amen. Amen. Amen

(And a note from the Scribe)

To you, oh Lord and Father, eternal thanks for these unprecedented Revelations of which we poor sinners are not worthy in the least, oh Lord; let all who receive them with faithful and joyful hearts be blessed.

Amen. Jakob Lorber

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-303 Chapter