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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 231 - The Celebrant on Christian equality and ecclesiastical inequality. The grand litanist condemns the heretic

1. Taken aback, his eminence after a while says to his colleagues: “This damned Church servant: by my poor soul I would almost agree with him, were I not a Cardinal who must not let a Sexton lecture him!” Says the Sexton: “By God, dear eminence, we are no longer upon Earth, as I already said, but are one and all in the world of spirits, which your eminence could have easily gathered from all sorts of appearances, if you cared.”

2. Says his eminence: “How should I have noticed that? Had I already died then I should surely have felt it, something that has to take place before one gets to the spirit world. And once there, one would surely have to be a spirit and not a man of skin, hair and bones! This is not the case with us, so how could we be in the world of spirits? My dear wise man, I begin to realize you belong in a nut- house!”

3. Says the Sexton: “Not necessary; with yourselves I am already in a perfect nuthouse fraternity. Because not realizing yourselves to be in the spirit world long since, your eminences must be blind as bats!

4. Tell me: how many Cardinals were engaged at the Stephen’s Dome of Vienna at any one time? Here there are close on one hundred of you High Priests together! On what occasion were there ever that many Archbishops and Cardinals actually serving? Where is that a trace of that in the history of the Roman Church or Papacy! If however your eminences are sitting on top of each other like sleeping frogs or several centuries, then this could not be happening in the world but only in the world of pure spirits!

5. And as your so called madman I say: here we are all equal, notwithstanding that the world’s insanity upon dim Earth gives us wildly different status which, according to Jesus’ pure doctrine, should of course never have happened. For when His disciples foolishly asked Him who should be first among them, He emphatically told them: he who is least among you serving the others, is the greatest before Me; only one is your Lord! Ye all are equal brethren without exception! They shall know you are Mine when you love one another as equal brethren. Whoever among you loves his neighbour as a brother, not exalting himself above him excepting in more love is My disciple, and has the kingdom of God already within him!”

6. My eminences, these words of Christ clearly show that there should have been no differences of rank, especially in spiritual eminence, and even less about a Pope! They are all to be equal before Him, as He alone is Lord over all of infinity, materially and spiritually.

7. How did such immense differences in standing, second to none in the world, arise in the only true Church, when the Lord’s obvious command explicitly forbids same among His disciples? Behold your eminences, hell accomplished that! He who came from above served and sacrificed Himself for all, and that was the Deity Jesus the Lord of eternity Himself! He however who came from below as the crudest opponent of the rank to elevate himself that much more loftily and inaccessibly.

8. The power which the Popes arrogated to themselves is not from above but from below! For these are the foremost treading upon the most holy brothers commandments. For who would dare make himself equal to a Pope and say ‘dear brother’ to him? Does not every Catholic have to enounce the Pope’s name with the highest respect and reverence, like that of God Himself if He came to Rome, counting it as his highest grace to be granted an audience? What has this to do with Christ’s Commandments?

9. Your eminences will therefore realize that you were captives to the most anti-Christian insanity upon Earth, later becoming inhabitants of the spirit world with that insanity. This insanity, still clinging to you, is the main reason for deluding yourselves into thinking you have not died yet. But I say unto you put aside such delusion, which is in starkest contrast to Christ the Lord’s purposes.

10. You shall then also see that a plain Sexton can lecture an eminence no less than the latter a Sexton. And I would maintain that, in line with the holy Gospel, a Sexton has an even greater right to preach to a Cardinal because the Cardinal remains stupid for as long as the great honour that he bore in the world in an anti- Christian sense means anything to him. The Sexton however is well below the dignity of a Cardinal and hence much nearer to Christian demands than the haughty eminence.”

11. Says his eminence: “Whoever exacts himself shall be lowered, that too is written; does he – impertinent Sexton, understand that?” Says the Sexton: “Oh indeed, for I had long since assessed myself – there never having been a question of elevating myself. If however I praised Christ and His holy word to your unchristian eminence, then this is no self-exaltation. You still cling to your eminence title, knowing that Christ the Lord never introduced it! Before God, that is self-exultation and hence abomination: do you understand that?”

12. Says the grand litanist: “I beg you, dear brethren, who upon Earth already sit, together with myself upon the golden thrones of the Heavens, cease quarrelling with this heretic. You are conscious of your power; what will this Jew gain from deriding and blaspheming us? We shall condemn him in the Conclave, and he is everlastingly of the devil. Of what use the Protestant’s confrontation with us? Millions who fell on account of his doctrine constantly scream for vengeance against him, and he is stuck in lowermost hell, cursing the day he was brought into existence. Why is he in hell? Because we condemned him there during conclave everlastingly. In short what use our enemy’s confrontation with us? They are one and all condemned by us and shall not possibly ever gain the Kingdom of heaven!

13. Hence let us also condemn this accursed heretic and then let him see what will get him to God’s heavens. I now say from the midst of us: “Accursed heretic, be condemned for all time of times! You have pronounced Amen, and his lot is already in hell! Behold, that’s how we must act, and not quarrel in a worldly fashion, making unhesitating and immediate and fullest use of our God-given weapon! In the other world however they shall, in the company of devils, find out what the only true Church could have done for them if they had remained faithful to it. They shall stretch out their arms for our help, but we shall say to them: nothing doing; you would not listen to us in the world, and now we can’t hear you either! Depart from us forever, you accursed ones!” Then they shall say: “Only now do we realize how great you are with God and what miserable ones we are before you. Place us in the most dreadful purgatory, but spare us a most shocking hell!”

14. But we shall say: “in the world we gave you plenty of warning! We sent you Pastoral after Pastoral gave you plenty of small sacrificial indulgences and pointed you to the confessional and repentance in all earnest, but you laughed at us and did as you pleased. Here in the spirit world we have become almighty lords and could help you if we wanted to, but don’t, and so God doesn’t want it either. Hence depart from us into the eternal fire reserved for all devils and their heretic servants! The ground shall then open under their feet and the eternal abyss swallow them together with the devils, their names never to be remembered again. Behold thus we act and have already done so with this accursed heretic. Let him see how he escapes hell now!”

15. Says the Sexton: “But surely you are open to some negotiations? Have I not agreed to a hundred thousand years in purgatory instead of mighty hell! ? Hence give me purgatory in place of hell! What difference will a little more or less roasting in hell make for a fellow like me??” Yells the grand litanist; “oh ho! He feels the hell fire already licking his soul and he now seeks our redemption; nothing doing! Away with him to hell and all the devils!”

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