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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 230 - The Celebrant continues. More shocks for Rome’s eminence

1. Says a parson nearest the Cardinal: “You miserable fellow, you can thank the endless gentleness and patience of the only true Church’s’ silent prayer – for you lost sheep, even whilst you tried your best to deal it mortal blows. Just cease to disparage God’s festively adorned bride, or the Church will leave you out of its prayer for your soul-salvation, ending in the Earth opening under your feet to swallow you forever!”

2. Here the grand celebrant bursts out laughing, saying derisively: “Oh ho, gentle mummy; where cruelty and stupidity fail, the wolf is sown back into its lamb’s wool with gentle face: nothing like such gentleness and patience!

3. How gentle the Church during the notorious crusades! How gladly it took up the widows and orphans – (whose husbands it had caused to be killed by the Caraceans) into the cloisters, after first letting itself be presented with their goods and treasures. Oh for the godly gentleness – which the Church never lacked – for bare money. When I have lived upon Earth ( for your majesties will surely know by now that we no longer live carnally upon Earth- for quite some time -…

4. Interrupts one person: “That’s a lie; we all still live upon Earth, or we would have to either find ourselves in hell, or purgatory, or even in heaven!”

5. Says the Mass celebrant: “We definitely are in the spirit world, whether you all believe or not; hence I reiterate: when I lived upon Earth I still had much faith in the Church. After hearing of the holy Spanish Inquisition and how gently it proceeds towards its lost lambs, I picked up new concepts: what have hundreds of thousands done to be so dreadfully burned for the greater glory of God? In amazement I, enquired, and the crude answer was: because they read the Bible and therefore turned into accursed heretics! Oh Lord, I called within myself, is it possible that those people who sought your most holy word should find such reward from the Roman murderers? Lord, have you no lightning and sin flood with which to annihilate Spain and Roman forever?!

6. Soon and consistently God’s answer came from the high heavens. Although I did not live to hear it upon Earth, I did so much more vividly in this spirit world. Where over here is the proud and boisterous Rome and what of the Pope now? Excepting a few blind donkeys who still stick to the “God’s representative on Earth” they laugh him to scorn, hating and despising him everywhere.

7. Even in Italy itself they are now gradually deflating and cutting down to size one Archbishop after another, and rightly so! These despots don’t deserve better, for they have always been mankind’s worst enemies, yet that much greater friends of gold and silver.

8. Peter once said to one poor devil begging him for alms: ‘Gold and silver have I none, but what I have, of that I give thee. Would a pope say that to a poor? Such perfect successor of Peter can but say, “Gold and silver I do have too much excess, but this I will not give you, but instead my apostolic blessing which costs me nothing, whereafter go thy way in peace! Should you die of hunger along the way then, after three days in purgatory, your soul shall at once go to Paradise, where it shall fare well enough!”

9. Did not the great Paul like a lion militate against the ostentatious clothing and all titles that these people like to assume? When did Christ, Who said: ‘God is a Spirit, and therefore must be worshipped in spirit and in truth’ command the building of expensive temples and houses of prayer, allowing thousands of poor starve to death? Which apostle elevated the Latin tongue to a divine one, as if God, who is sure to understand all languages, was well-pleased only with the Latin one! Quote me the relevant Scriptures and I shall believe you! If unable to do so then you are a true anti-Christian!”

10. Says one very old, inwardly boiling Archbishop: “Did not Christ the Lord, before His rising, confer upon His Church, i. e. Peter and his followers, the exclusive authority to loosen or bind? He breathed upon His disciples, saying: ‘Receive ye the holy spirit! Those whose sins you remit shall be remitted, but those from whom you withhold remission shall be withheld’. On another occasion Jesus says to His apostles: ‘whatever you loosen or bind upon Earth shall be loosened or bound in heaven!’ Here, I say, lies enough proof that God has ordained the true Church to bring out new laws as is seen fit, and repeal others even if given by God Himself, when it sees that these are not beneficial to souls under certain circumstances.

11. Regarding the Church’s availing itself of the Latin tongue for Mass sacraments; this has a most wise, dual purpose. Firstly this developed tongue is the most worthy for honouring and praising God. And secondly, the Latin tongue was set up as a bulwark against the common rabbles’ profaning the especially holy secret powers of the Word of God. These are the two fundamental reasons! A third resides in the Churches’ power to determine the Latin tongue unalterable for general liturgy. This, I should say, ought to be sufficient Biblical support for our most wise Mr. Celebrant?”

12. Says the Church Servant: “These two texts were indeed Biblical, yet they proved anything rather than what your eminence intended to prove. Had Christ the Lord as your eminence would have it, desired to furnish the Church with such fullness of power, then He would not have had need of teaching His disciples and many others the great law of love, life and the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven for three full years. He would instead have furnished His disciples with just the power without the preceding doctrine, enabling them as his approved ones to do as they pleased, the Father in Heaven being well pleased with everything.

13. The Roman Church confirms that in this very Church, besides the Lord’s name and that of His disciples, no trace of his doctrine can be found; no humility, no gentleness, not a spark of patience and even less of love for neighbour, and not a syllable wasted on faith; firm faith indeed in the might of gold and silver. How much trouble indeed would it take to make a Pope believe that the Kingdom of God does not consist in the treasures of the world but only those of a pure, humble, Lord filled heart!

14. The only empowerment the Lord appears to have bestowed upon His disciples is that of God’s Holy Spirit within man. He who lives by God’s Word, through which all things and beings were made, shall also be imbued with God’s Spirit, for God’s Word is that Holy Spirit that passes into all human hearts which actively take up God’s Word. Possessing such divine Spirit, which turns my heart into a temple of God’s deepest wisdom, I can then say to a sinning brother who shows repentance and reform; your sin is forgiven you!. If he is stubborn however, not wanting to let go of falsity and malice, then the one filled with God’s spirit can also say friend, if you continue to persist, your sin cannot be forgiven. But to believe that one receives the Holy Spirit through certain sacraments, such as the useless baptism with water, slapping of the cheek or even ordination, such only creates an intolerable caste from which the Holy Spirit is more distant than heaven from Earth.

15. Saithe not the Lord: be not idle hearers but doers of my Word, and ye shall know the power of God’s spirit within you! But how is one to gain such faith if forbidden to read the Bible! He cannot become even a hearer, let alone a doer of God’s Word. If however he is unable to meet this, Christ’s demand, how shall he be imbued with God’s Spirit?

16. My dear Eminence, just think how badly yonder Bible quotations hence apply to the pagan-caste Church of Rome, and then say: I too was unfortunately a most brazen usurper of the holy spirit! Lord forgive me, for I was billed by all sorts of worldly and devilish temptation, not knowing what I did. Perhaps the Lord shall have mercy upon your poor humanity, even if not upon your cardinalian eminence. Because Christ never instituted eminence, nor did Peter and Paul!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-230 Chapter