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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 232 - The Lord offers to receive the Sexton. Mighty cure by fire for his accusers. End of Stefansdom scene

1. At this point I step over to the Sexton, who at once recognizes He, and say to him: “My dear brother Johann, it is enough! These were told everything through your mouth, but they remained the way they always were. Hence come unto Me in My Kingdom! Let these however seek their heaven and God as they will, they shall hardly ever come unto Me! But for a while let them enjoy what they intended for you, that they may see how well they meant it with their brethren!

2. Here I show Myself to these hardhearted persons in accordance with their concept of the Lord of Heaven and Earth, saying in a deliberately severe tone: “Do you recognize Me now?!”

3. Shaking, they all say: “Yes, we recognize you, terrible Judge! Show us, Your servants, grace and mercy!”

4. But I say to them with strict mien: “Have you never read: “Be merciful, that you may find mercy? Did you feed the hungry, slake the thirsty, clothe the naked, release the prisoners and comfort the fainthearted? No, you never did so! You were always decisively against me, treading My doctrine with your feet! Since you are so hard and incorrigible, let it be done to you as you did to this my true brother, from your limitless hard-heartedness!”

5. Here the church floor opens, flames shoot forth from the wide cleft and spirit servants appear to at once herd the hard parsons towards the flaming cleft. These start a pitiable howling, begging Johann the Sexton for mercy and intercession.

6. But the Sexton says: “Did you not always demand that all people should believe, under threat of everlasting damnation, with yourselves being the only ones who possess the keys to the heavenly Kingdom as well as to hell! Unlock heaven for yourselves now and lock the portal to hell, which Christ the Lord from eternity has opened before you, that it may receive you into its gentle, typically Roman Catholic bosom! Did you not just a few minutes ago condemn me to hell forever, yet would now make me your intercessor before God? May the Lord do unto you in accordance with His most holy will and love and righteousness. I certainly would not envy you something better, but don’t expect better things from me than from the Lord; God alone is good. Hence turn to Him, as He alone can help you.

7. Now the parsons who had been herded near the flaming cleft howl: “Dear Johann, there is no more mercy in God for those who have been condemned thus by Him; how can we turn to Him?” Says Johann: “You fools, if you expect no mercy from God, whence should I take same, since the little I have is out of Him?” Wail the parsons: “No, the other side of the grave no more mercy can be poured out by God over a soul! God’s love lasts only unto the grave, after which only strictest justice takes the place of love!”

8. Says Johann: “You fools; has God the Lord two hearts, - a small one full of deepest love and a big one filled with fury and just, inexorable craving for punishment! How can God, the primeval Being of all beings pour out simultaneously from one and the same heart lastingly implacable wrath besides supreme gentleness and love? How can God love a spirit only while still a captive to sinful flesh, but afterwards everlastingly hate him on account of same defectiveness to which his flesh led him during the freedom-test of his nature!

9. I say unto you all: the Lord and only God Jesus Christ from eternity, Whom we behold here incarnate and factually, is temporally and even more so eternally the purest love and mercy! Only your Roman Catholic Trinity-God is of your disposition: with such – as in your cases, there is neither grace nor mercy. To my great fortune such God is domiciled nowhere other than in your evil and stony hearts!”

10. Hereupon the servant spirits again herd the parsons a little closer to the intensifying flames in the cleft, and I allow the recalcitrant and howling parsons to feel the mighty heat. They yell: Jesus, Mary and Joseph, dear holy ones and God’s martyrs, come to our aid: help us poor devils! Such dreadful infernal heat, and us having to burn in it forever? Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph: Oh Christ Jesus, have mercy on us! Oh mother of God, pray for us!”

11. Here I nod to the spirits to relax the pressure, whilst Peter step up to the parsons, saying: “Look at me, I am the actual incarnate Peter, the rock of faith whom the Lord of heaven and all worlds has chosen. You and your Pope call yourselves my followers: how could I have ever provided you with a judgement – seat, as I never received such from the Lord! Did not the Lord forbid judging, under threat of being judged ourselves, saying specifically: ’Judge not; lest ye be judged, once! If however the Lord Himself taught thus, how should He have made us judges over our brethren? If however we never carried out a judge’s function even in our dreams, how should we have been capable of transferring same to yourselves! If you would be my successors, how would you have inherited more from me than I could have bequeathed you?

12. If however the Lord himself said He did not come to judge the world but to bless all who would be blessed through faith in Him, from where did you obtain the right to judge your weak brethren, condemning them to hell everlastingly? Behold this you arrogated to yourselves through tyranny and un-limited money greed! Now the Lord is doing unto you what you unfaithfully did to your poor brethren. Because the measure which you mete out with, same shall have been applied to you.”

13. Shaking intensely, the previous celebrant says: “Oh holiest apostle Peter, rock of God! Will you please pray the Lord for us poor sinners that we may not get to hell but be cast into purgatory for a million years. We all now realise that we sinned abominably, and are profoundly repentant of our earthly blindness! Only now do we realise that we really have died physically. Had we realised this earlier, we certainly would have spent this entire time in strictest repentance and atonement. But we were ignorant and remained the old, stubborn sinners. Now you see our deepest remorse; hence show us a little more grace and mercy! We are ready to do whatever the Lord desires, if only He will spare us hell.”

14. Says Peter: “Your feeling of burning remorse had indeed to come, for this constantly intensifying fire of remorse goes well with your dogma of hell’s torments. It already shows up before hell’s portal and shall eternally not leave you. But such remorse out of fear has no worth before us. The only real remorse is one originating in the love of God, but not from fear of hell.

15. So it is also with atonement. Before us, only free repentance; stemming from living faith and true love of God and all men, has any worth. Atonement triggered by fear of hell is completely useless.”

16. These, Peter’s words of little comfort inspires the would – be occupants of hell with such fear that they sink to the ground, moaning words: Oh Je. . . sus. . . , ma. . . ary. . . and Joseph!”

17. While on the ground thus as if mortified, I allow the appearance of a flaming cleft to disappear, replacing it with a colossal tumbler of wine together with seven large loaves of choicest bread, together with a notice telling them to help themselves and not leave anyone out and to then abandon for all time this church whose terrestrial grandeur serves only to heighten the arrogance of the preachers functioning within it to unlimited degree. Once in the open, they shall be joined by someone who will indicate to them what to do in order to escape infernal punishment.

18. With this accomplished, we abandon these seemingly half-dead flock of pastors and move into the open, together with the Sexton Johann – now a brother glowing and suffused with My love and wisdom.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-232 Chapter