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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 233 - More about ‘The Dome’ parsons. Wisdom spirits’ nature and their problematic conversion to love. A military patrol in the beyond

1. Finding ourselves in the open near ‘Stephen’s Place’ we are passed by a military troop.

2. Robert steps over to Me, saying: “Dear Father, this military is somewhat peculiar; are these from ancient or modern time? They can’t be from my own earth time, uniforms having been completely different, and since I am familiar with paintings and sketches from the distant past, they must be from contemporaneity, perhaps in line with current emperors’ style.

3. Say I: “So it is; this year many soldiers were liberated from their bodies through typhoid and cholera and many other diseases. Since they belonged to the military, they also remain faithful to same and appear here as soldiers, after casting off their bodies. They are not aware of having died, but remember being admitted as sick to hospital, and believe that they were put to sleep by good medicine, getting up rigorously again in the morning.

4. It also is opportune that they are ignorant of having died, for it would be their judgment. They must be made aware of it only gradually, initially through phenomena by which the world they live in becomes ever more alien to them. This gradually makes their emotions more restless, experiencing various unpleasantries and seeming dangers, seeking protection and help and trying to save themselves from apparent persecutions. Finding no shelter however, they surrender to their persecutors. Sometimes they get lost in limitless deserts to which they can hardly find an end. Or if reaching an end, they find it worse than the desert itself. In short, all these souls, still finding themselves in a natural state, have to be put through a kind of virtual death, before their spirit is liberated.

5. That’s what you noticed with these parsons; fear of the seeming flames at hell’s portals gave them virtual death. They shall awaken a little later and still find themselves in the church, but their experiences shall seem to them like a dreadful nightmare. They shall bump into the wine and bread and, exceedingly hungry and thirsty (which is normally the case, the freer and more wakeful the spirit within the soul) and they shall greedily reach out for them and consume them. The writing on the notice board shall show them how to avoid hell, which they fear with great trepidation; notwithstanding that some of them never believed in same in the course of their Earth lives, the impressions remained with them. They have now seen the open jaw and the terrifying flames, making their forbidding images come true and turning their doubts about hell into full faith in its existence. Wherefore they shall hurriedly seek open ground after reading the written instructions.

6. After leaving the church they shall no longer behold a city but just open fields. There they shall encounter certain travellers who shall guide them further in their destiny in my name. With these we shall concern ourselves no further. After some thirty further years they shall be more or less fit for the lower wisdom-heaven and hardly ever climb higher, because their organ of love is underdeveloped, having not been exercised. In contrast however, their organ of broad wisdom has spread too widely and thinly to be overcome by their feeble love. Hence the proper relationship between love and wisdom with them cannot be established, in order for them to ascend to a higher heaven.

7. It is however not necessarily completely impossible for spirits of the lowest wisdom heaven to transcend to a higher heaven, but it is difficult because wisdom always regards itself as spectator rather than as actual doer. The wiseman is happy to just expound his deep insights to others, whilst a true spirit of love always seeks to act out the good and true. But since watching, observing and reasoning are much easier than acting, the spirits of the lowest heaven are hard to bring to a higher heaven. They usually prefer inactive idleness to even the nicest and best action. Such spirits can be motivated towards action only through monotonous presentation of phenomena placed before their eyes, with occasional examples of inspiring mode of action. Once brought to action, the thing moves forward at its own pace, but slowly at the start.

8. And so My dear Robert it shall be with these parsons, although only as I just showed you. They shall have to swallow quite a few lumpy challenges before they gain the lowermost wisdom heaven.

9. But with this military troop it shall be much easier. They have now stopped in front us, as we have engaged their curiosity. They only carry out some kind of patrolling here and intend only to ask us what we are doing here. We shall immediately come out with the full truth about who we are, what we are on about, and then invite them to follow us to the kingdom of life. But, dear Robert, this brings you to your turn again you have to be the spokesman for us all; hence focus yourself.

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