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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 234 - A new function for Robert. The Lord’s comments on soldiery

1. Says Robert: “Oh Lord, this will not come off too well, as soldiering was never my passion. Always at the sight of any soldier, certain ire took hold of me; the same wrath I feel even right now, notwithstanding that through your grace I can now count myself as at least a half–mature spirit. Were I now to convert these soldiers, I would have to engage their sympathy, which however seems sheer impossible, as this type of person seem like machines that move like trained animals responding to commands. They do whatever they are commanded, without questioning whether right or wrong.

2. I am well aware of the soldier being forced to so act, but this does not make it excusable to me, it being shameful to use people like dogs, and equally reprehensible that men allow themselves to be used as dogs, and rapacious wolves. Unfortunately, millions it such road, and there has been no reform to date

3. You see how this makes it impossible for me to be a friend of soldiery. Hence, Lord, I beg you to transfer this task to someone more suitable, since my mind is revolted by it, especially in this city, where I had to make my acquaintance with soldiery in a most miserable and ignominious manner.

4. Say I: “Precisely because this class is still a thorn in your side I now hand you this business. My dear son, I say unto you that you could not properly enter upon My kingdom if you were not to remove this thorn from your eye. In My Kingdom there reigns only the purest love, which has to be free of every trace of irreconcilability. You must to the last farthing restore everything to the world before you can become fully an in dweller of My Kingdom.

5. Hence away with everything that smells of any trace of irreconcilability! In your mind, be able to every second spread your arms over millions. Your brotherly kiss must encompass all being within Creation, whether pleasant or unpleasant to you, and whether friend or foe! For if in My Kingdom there were dubious considerations, and then what would be the prospects for governing the worlds?

6. Upon Earth you saw how I let My sun shine over good and evil without distinction, and how I poured My rain over the fields of My worst detractors as well as My most ascent worshippers; how could I do this? Because I Myself am the purest love, and no vengefulness or even a trace of irreconcilability can ever take hold of Me. My innermost desire and will is to constantly make all being as free and happy as possible, even where necessary at the expense of my own happiness.

7. It certainly is not as pleasant for Me to live among imperfect beings and guide them with all patience and gentleness as it is to find Myself among My most perfect sons and brothers in My kingdom of purest love. Yet I nevertheless oblige, since My own love demands it of Me as My duty. Hence you too must always put up with much and always seek to emulate Me completely!

8. Behold, a soldier is indeed a fire that ravages and kills everything. If however a great nation lacked weapon bearers, what would become of security of property, life and the maintaining of law and order? That which if excessive could be life‘s greatest threat has also to maintain life, in the main! And so the soldier is by no means as bad as you think, and you must not regard him with hostility, remembering: a soldier also is my brother! It must not trouble you that he is a machine of the law, for there have to be such for allowing true and lasting freedom to arise.

9. Must I not cause every cosmic body to be a law machine, so that free beings can ripen to true life upon it unhindered? Think of a free- floating Earth full of unlimited free will; would it cope with its inhabitants if same became evidently troublesome? Hence friend, consider this, and you shall be able to more easily go about the commended business now unavoidable for your full perfection. For behold, it is the main reason for your having to betake yourself with Me one more time to Vienna. Get yourself under way, and you will see it come off better than you expect, for machines of the law are always easier to lead than those who bring them out.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-234 Chapter