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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 235 - Robert addresses the troop and tries to clear them up about the spirit kingdom.

1. Robert thanks Me indeed but somewhat lacks courage to engage the soldiers in talk, waiting for them to create opportunity. Having heard My words, which pleased them, the soldiers see his hesitation. They wait for him to speak, both parties staring each other down but not prepared to take the initiative.

2. After a while, beautiful Helena steps up, saying: “But Robert, how can you hesitate carrying out the Lord’s will for even one second! Had the Lord given me such task I would have been done with by now. You bring up a plethora of excuses, knowing the Lord will have no bargaining, his word always going forth from his lovingly wise order, and must be fulfilled, without which fulfilment there can be no thought of bliss. Hearing the word from God’s mouth, how can you hesitate? Make a move so that the honourable troop sees that you are alive! Think back of the valorous Cado who would put even Satan’s brazen defiance to shame. At the time you already witnessed the service of a guardian spirit, whereas now you tremble before this troop of barely a hundred men! It does not grace the great name Robert Blum!”

3. On hearing the name Blum, the troops move up, asking harshly: “What Blum is this: surely not the great traitor whom the princely Windishgraez had shot?”

4. Enraged by that assertion, Robert steps up in front of the formation with booming voice: “That same Blum stands here indeed, but not the mortal but eternally immortal! Robert Blum never was a traitor and the Lord Himself as well as all of greater Germany gives me that testimonial. Yet the general who had me shot here in Vienna in his arrogant zeal shortly thereafter himself turned a traitor, and only his ancient and lofty peerage stopped him from being jailed. Thousands here in Vienna can testify that towards the end when Vienna was all but lost, I dissuaded all from further rebellion against the predominant power, yet they denounce me a coward. So I again took hold of the sword, saying: ‘let those not fearing certain death join me!’ Do you call that treason?”

5. Responding to such tone, the officer goes up to him, saying: “Friend, rumour had it in 1848 that he was not shot but that the Prince secretly set him free and that another criminal by the name Blum was shot in his stead. He however was supposed to have been transported to America under a different name and via Berlin and Hamburg. His reappearance in this city gives substance to the myth; will he faithfully tell me whether his undoubted reappearance has anything to do with this tale!”

6. Says Robert: “Friend, this myth is no more than an old wives’ tale. I was shot in front of many spectators who knew me well; but what you see here is no longer earthly flesh and blood; it is Robert Blum’s eternally living spirit, chosen here by God to counsel you that you yourselves are now what I am - namely immortal spirits in the great Kingdom of eternity.

7. I too could not for a lengthy period after my physical life was snatched from me discern whether I had actually died or not. Deepest darkness surrounded me and I still shudder on recalling it. Only God’s mercy guided me up from night to holy light and life and only within such light could I work out that I had actually died.

8. The same Lord and God have been almost perpetually with me since then. Several thousands of spirits departed from Earth have during this time gained fullest freedom of eternal life, and many already inhabit the freest states of God’s heavens. A small number however has in God’s perpetual company, before fully entering upon the heavens, come here to bring salvation to all men of goodwill.

9. The company you see here are all saved souls from this city, in which quite a few, still driven by worldly madness, had already spent several hundred years in a most miserable condition; but through the power of God’s Word, they discerned their insanity, recognising the true light of life, afterwards by conviction following Him who alone is Lord of all life from eternity.

10. Do likewise, for there shall eternally be no blissfulness for you upon an Earth which you still deem yourselves to inhabit, and I would not tell you if it were not so. Lay down your weapons, for you shall have need of them no more, as the Lord’s name shall in future be your most powerful weapon. Brethren, give this some thought and follow me; I have told you the fullest truth.

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