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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 87 - The celestial meal for the health of terrestrial man. Helena’s bridal gown and crown as an analogy.

1. Following my address, all the guests reverently rise, saying: “Oh holy, holy, holy are You, oh Lord, our only God, Lord and Father! Praised be Your most holy name forever!”

2. Helena, intensely moved, begins to sob, saying: “Oh my Jesus, You! How can I be worthy to sit here next to You? You are the living, eternal, almighty God and Creator of Heaven and Earth, and I a most lowly, dirty kitchen-maid full of obscenity and sin! No, no, this will not do! Oh Lord! Only now do I realise in the depth of my life that I am a disgusting sinner and unworthy to be sitting so close to You. Hence let me go to yonder dancers with whom surely I have more in common than with Your endless holiness!”

3. Say I: “Well, well, look at all you want now! Had you been objectionable to Me then I would have found you an appropriate spot long since. But since you are exceedingly pleasant to Me, I prefer you much closer to Me rather than elsewhere. Do you think that I should delude Myself about My ‘God the Lord’ status? There you would be greatly mistaken! For then I would surely not have had Myself crucified, nor ever have incarnated. But being wholeheartedly gentle and meek, sharing My humanity with you all, you can surely risk staying with Me. Kindly stay here therefore and eat and drink heartily! I say unto you that we shall get on very well.”

4. That all but does it for Helena. Growing indescribably beautiful through her fervent love for Me, even Adam at her side remarks: “Verily, a true Eve before the fall! After the fall however only two were living upon my heights – one Gamela and one priestess Purista; and these two, our youngest daughter here truly resembles. She has a splendid spirit indeed! – Helena, you will just have to bother a little with me too! For behold, I am by shape and soul somewhat of a father to you as well, and I love all my children and hence you too. You don’t have to shy away from me just because I am the primordial ancestor Father Adam! Spiritually however we are equal before the Lord, and hence need to be even less shy with each other. For man remains man, regardless of whether he walked in the flesh thousand years earlier or later! Do you see, that is how it is?”

5. Says Helena: “Ah, I am thrilled that Father Adam too has honoured me by saying a few words to me! I did not imagine the Lord Father Adam to be so good and gentle. But should Lord Father Adam find time then tell me something about the ancient times, for I am very fond of such stories.”

6. Says Adam: “Oh my child, not only tell you, but show you a thousand things!”

7. Say I: “Helena, you are forgetting to eat and drink! Behold, all are eating to the proper health of their suffering brethren upon the Earth, yet you have touched neither bread nor wine. Do you not care about our friends and brothers like the others?”

8. Says Helena: “Oh my most loving God and Saviour Jesus! He who loves You above all, the way I do, has neither hunger nor thirst. For You are Yourself the most fortifying bread of life and the strongest drink for quickening the soul and spirit! Behold, if I were to eat this bread and drink this wine eternally, but did not fully possess Your love, within which alone all strength of life is hidden, then I would be able to help neither myself nor anyone else. For neither this bread nor this wine, regardless of how spiritual, can help, but only You, my most beloved Jesus! And so I don’t think You will fault me for not eating and drinking yet? But I shall at once make up for it and eat and drink, but only out of my purest love for You. Do not be cross with me however!”

9. Say I: “Oh My most beloved Helena – I should be cross with you? How can you think that? Behold, I well know that you could not eat and drink out of purest love for Me. It was the reason for formulating my question, so you should speak as you did before this company. Since you have now spoken in accordance with My own sentiments, you shall also be attired in a light purple dress and a crown. For now you have become a dear bride for Me who is to be attired with the pure and true love eternally. Brother Robert, go back and open the golden robe, there you shall find the right dress for this My bride of the heart. Bring it, so I can put it on her Myself!”

10. Robert gladly hastens over to the robe, taking out a dress so intensely radiant as to make him stop short, because his eyes had not yet seen anything so celestially glorious before. On seeing this dress, the dancers give out a cry of astonishment, unable to get a sufficient look at the dress that shines like the most beautiful red sunrise.

11. Even the man of drama, drawn away from his company in a distant corner, is moved to ask Robert as to who this imperial dress is destined for. Robert says casually: “For yonder Larkfielder!” – To which the dramatist angrily responds: “Well, she sure knows how to turn the heads of even heaven’s wisest heroes! Well, we won’t hold it against her. It is bound to suit her well. But tell me, friend Blum, how can yonder wisest of the wise bother so much with this sword-tongued Larkfielder, even making her into a true celestial queen?”

12. Says Robert: “Friend, you have to ask Him that, He shall tell you! I am not sufficiently initiated into celestial secrets. He alone is Lord and can do as He will. He wills it thus, and it must also happen. Now you know enough, and I must go, for He is calling me with His eyes!”

13. Robert hastens to the big conference-table with the radiating dress. I give it to Helena, who hardly dared touch it for gratitude, love and reverence and also refuses to put it on, feeling too unworthy of such celestially beautiful clothing.

14. But I say unto her: “My most beloved Helena, you already know that refusals will not do with Me, for My will must be done even if the entire Creation should perish. And so, as Creator of endless glory of all heavens and worlds, I prefer a beautiful and well-adorned bride to an ugly one. For behold, with Me things must have balance. Whoever’s inward parts are completely purified, their outward person also must be in the most beautiful harmony with his inward parts. This dress now completely corresponds with your interior, hence you must put it on at once!”

15. Hearing this, Helena says: “Oh my most beloved Lord and God Jesus! You can see that my heart clings only to You and never to a dress. For if I have You, I don’t ask for all the heavens and their glory, which would only disgust me without You. But since You want it thus and it pleases You, I shall put the dress on at once, and my most warmly loving heart shall show You eternal gratitude. Your holy will be done! – Oh my most holy, most beloved Jesus! You alone are my heart, my life, my bliss and my all!”

16. Following these heart-felt words, she takes hold of the dress, but is dressed with it upon touching it, which again astounds her, as she says: “But how did this take place? Did I not hardly touch the dress and it already clings to my body as if by measure! And how well it fits! Oh my sweetest Jesus, You could all but drive one crazy with bliss! But how beautiful I look now. The previous gown was also beautiful for sure, but like nothing compared to this!

17. “But what shall I have to do now, my sweetest, most beloved, best and most beautiful Lord Jesus, to better show my appreciation? Oh I beg You to give me a task to do!”

18. Say I: “My dearest Helena, you have already accomplished your task. For something greater than loving Me above all measure not even the highest Archangel can accomplish. Hence just stay in that business most pleasing to Me and ask for no other. But this I can say unto you, My true heart’s love. He who loves Me as you do carries greater things within him than all the heavens can grasp! For then I am fully within his heart. Within Me grow and sprout already countless new heavens however, which too shall once step out into a new infinity!

19. “But no more about that for now! You, My dearest Helena, now give Me a proper kiss, after which we will continue our counsels, amidst diverse manifestations.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-87 Chapter