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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 88 - The greatest prize of pure divine love – bridal Deity

1. Says Helena, asking: “Oh Lord, You told me to give You a proper kiss, but the word ‘proper’ troubles me! For I know no other kiss than that spawned by love, and I have never yet given any other. If however a kiss from purest love should not be the right one, then I fail to understand what kind of kiss is the one You described?”

2. Say I: “Well well, My most beloved Helena, what kind of other kiss should there be besides the one dictated by pure and true love! But there are two kinds of proper kisses, the first one more out of reverence than from real love, whilst the second variety is administered purely out of love. And behold, it is this second variety, mouth kissing mouth and not just the brow, which is regarded by Me as a proper kiss. A kiss from deepest reverence you have already given Me upon My brow. I already noticed then that the kiss was more from love than reverence. Since your reverence has since gone over completely to love, you can no longer give Me a kiss on the brow, but exclusively a passionate kiss on the mouth, and that shall ten be a proper kiss! Do you understand that, My most beloved Helenie?”

3. Says Helena, with fully rosy-red face: “Oh indeed, that I understand well, but will this not look like going too far? But what does it matter. It is You, my God and my only Lord, Who desires it. But whatever You desire can’t be wrong, and love cannot be wrong either! If of course I consider that You are the eternal Creator of all things and beings and I only a feeble creature, then it is a most peculiar thing if I, the unholiest, kiss You, the supremely holiest, upon the mouth, through Whose ‘Let there be’ heaven and Earth came into being! But You Yourself want to allow blissfulness into my surging heart. And so let that for which my heart often secretly yearned, be fulfilled!”

4. Following these words she gives Me a kiss from the old school, whereupon I say to her: “Only now are you perfect and have carried out a great work of reconciliation for Me with the entire Earth! – You yourself however shall from now on be constantly at My side, that is, enjoy the greatest bliss of all bliss through all My love, namely the bliss of My highest and purest love-heaven, where dwell those angels who love Me as you do! But this too I say unto you, that there are not too many of them! Many love Me indeed, but only as what I am in reality – their God, Lord and father. You however, in line with Magdalena’s example, have truly probed still more deeply into Me, seizing and drawing My heart unto yours by which a perfect marriage of all heavens has taken place. Through this marriage you have become a very woman of God, and hence at one with Me. Wherefore you shall have equal part with every bliss coming My way. Are you satisfied therewith?!”

5. Says Helena, tremulous with zealous delight: “Oh, oh, oh! You my holiest Jesus! I – a poor sinner – oh God, oh God – Your wife?! No, surely, that is not possible! – But You, most eternal Truth, have now Yourself spoken it – and it well hence be so! What am I going to do with bliss of the deepest depth and the loftiest height? How shall I be able to bear it? Will I not get dizzy like a poor sinner looking down upon Earth from the highest star? Shall I ever be able to accommodate myself to such height? Oh my sweetest Jesus, what have You now made me into! Ah, I now seem to myself like the luckiest unlucky one, and a most blissful unhappy one! Like someone who is and is not!”

6. Say I: “My most beloved, be at peace! I say unto you, you shall find your way soon and most easily, because things are the simplest and lowliest at My most elevated height! There is no exaggerated splendour and no luxury throughout, but the most beautiful modesty and a constant and unmitigated cheerfulness! And behold, these are your things, and so you shall find your way for sure. But now look out the window towards morning and tell me everything you saw and discovered!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-88 Chapter