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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 86 - Olaf’s wisdom. A celestial toast. The new light and love-bridge of God’s grace.

1. Max Olaf moves up, saying: “Oh Lord, where Your deepest and almighty wisdom speaks, there it becomes hard to express any particular desire where You have already foreseen and initiated all sorts of actions, through which the current terrestrial turmoil shall be unravelled in the shortest possible time! But this is my main wish as well, for I could hardly wish even the devil something worse let alone the people who are my brethren!

2. “Nor do I need to describe to You, oh Lord, what currently goes on upon Earth, for You, oh Lord, oversee not only all the abominable deeds but also all hearts and their good or bad impulses which had generated all those deeds. You are also able to see how such wicked thoughts and desires arise in people’s hearts, wherefore You shall eternally have no need of hearing a spirit saying what is to be done. But You can rather say to us: ‘Hearken, I shall now do this or that!’ And no one is likely to ask ‘why?’ For You alone are Lord and can do as You please!

3. “Hence You are permitting things to take place on Earth, the purpose of which none can tell. But only the blind can say: ‘Lord, have You become blind and deaf, since You are now letting us languish under all sorts of tribulations?’ I think however that rather than letting anyone languish, You uplift everyone who calls upon You and who trusts You. Those however, who would be sufficient upon themselves, trusting only their weapons – them it serves perfectly right if, with all their might they are soon humiliated before You, oh Lord, and before all the world. The little and humble ones however can rejoice, for You are their protection and refuge and shall not allow them to be shamed before the great of the world on account of their trust! But quite to the contrary the great shall shortly be greatly ashamed before the little ones, after You, oh Lord, remove their mask! For they are now playing an ignominious game with the poor nations!

4. “But I am only too confident that everything You do shall be well done! And I am also aware that no dastardliness escapes You! For those whom they call their ‘enemies’ You shall hit tomorrow. Then they vanish as though they had never been, and their positions with them! Wherefore Your most holy name be hallowed forever!

5. “But now I have a strange feeling!! Although I neither see or hear anything, it seems to me as if a mighty blow had hit the Earth. Oh Lord, what could this be?!”

6. Say I: “My dearest Max Olaf! Indeed I say unto you: today, today and today! – They want night-time, and they shall have it, swallowing up those who want it! They want death, this too shall overtake those who have chosen it as their henchman! Glitter, fame and honour they want, for that thousands have to let themselves be slaughtered! Let it be so indeed! They shall glitter frighteningly, their fame shall be terrifying and their honour shocking! – They want to rule! They shall do so indeed, but like pestilence and like the dragon in his cage and like the monster in its muddy depths below the seabed! They want the lie, because the truth is an abomination to them. Hence they shall not ascend to the bright light of truth! They also want a God, but only the way they can use Him! Hence they shall not ever get to see My face! They want life only for themselves, all others to live only if useful for the great! Wherefore they shall live in solitude forever! Whatever they seek they shall obtain! But shortly a great sorrow shall fall into their soul, like a millstone out of the clouds, and they shall seek to shrug off such sorrows. But their search shall be in vain, for none shall lift that stone from the grave of their soul! Oh, I know them and their lusts and their deeds! I have counted the Earth’s kings and found few of them righteous before Me! Hence theirs shall be Nebuchadnezzar’s fate! But the few righteous ones I shall bring miraculous help, that they may shine among all kings and peoples as the brightest stars among the minor glimmerings of the firmament.

7. “And today, today and today judgement shall begin! Today many are going to be hit. Many devils shall perish today, and Satan shall not circumvent the trap set him.

8. “And now, My Robert, go and fetch the wine – the best one – the wine of life, love and truth, that we may drink the health of the poor brethren on Earth and bless them! – Let it be so!”

9. Robert hastens to fetch the precious wine ordered.

10. I bless it as he sets it down upon the large conference-table, saying to Robert: “My dearest Robert, when I want wine, then bread is meant to go with it. Hence fetch us also a good bread, for this house is amply supplied with everything!

11. “But give our twenty-four ballerinas bread and wine, and tell them to again keep their feet in readiness, as they shall again be called upon to dance! If they would also like to enjoy noble and good fruit then open the cabinet next to the door leading to the second ante-chamber. Let them enjoy what they find therein!

12. “And bring an ample number of drinking vessels into which to pour the wine – a full measure for everyman. – Go and attend to My wish!”

13. Robert hastens to do so with cheer.

14. After everything is in the desired order, I Myself serve the wine and bread, saying: “Children, all of you take and eat and drink! Drink to the health of our children and brethren upon Earth, who bear up to much persecution and have now become faint and weary! They shall verily be helped! A thousandfold blessing from every drop to all those of a good heart and will! I say unto you all, that even today still, everything we think for them shall come true manyfold. Their hearts and the world’s deeds shall proclaim it to them! And a small number upon Earth shall have revealed to them word for word what is happening here, and how the poor Earth is being taken care of!

15. “But we want to remember also the blind and the deaf! Only the hard ones shall go through the fire – the master and destroyer of ruby and diamond. For they who will not be softened through the truth of the word shall be softened through the mighty fire! By the mighty blows of My wisdom’s great hammer they shall be like iron transformed into useful tools for our house (celestial church)! They shall indeed make much noise and rage about, taking counsel and spawn a few plans. But these shall be vain stirrings and shall always bring about results opposite to those they strove for! For I alone am the Lord and have the power to break crowns and sceptres, raising up the broken-hearted if they turn to Me. But let them beware if they don’t seek from Me the proper help!

16. “Kings who abide in Me I shall raise up, giving them the right wisdom and much power therefrom! Their people will then shout: ‘Blessed be our God-given great king and lord! What is ours is also yours! Your great wisdom and goodness be our true and living constitution! Your word be our will, and your will our law! Let every offender upon your anointed head beware!’

17. “But beware threefold those kings, dukes and princes who always break their word and faith towards their neighbours, having filled their hearts with lies and deception! I say unto you, they shall pass away like mites upon the leaf! For I intend now to sweep the Earth of all weeds!

18. “After which a bridge shall be built from here to there, to facilitate the Earth’s inhabitants’ easier crossing over to us here than up till now, upon the rather decayed ladder of My Jacob, upon which only angels could ascend and descend.

19. “The bridge however shall be broad and as smooth as the mirror of the calm sea. And there shall be placed no guards either and the start or middle or end to check on the miserable, weak or sick. One and all shall be free travellers, able at all times to obtain advice and help from over here – their true Fatherland!

20. “Over this bridge however we also shall again step upon the long deserted Earth, to there raise up our children ourselves, – to teach, guide and rule them and therewith re-establish the lost paradise!

21. “Now you are fully conversant with My will and decisions. Test them! Let everyone compare it with their foregoing speech, opinion and desire – and you shall find them truly embraced therein. None of you shall be able to say that they spoke in vain.

22. “Hence let you all eat and drink to the health of our children and brethren upon Earth! For now you know that, and how, we can help the children of the Earth in truth, and also shall now proceed to do so!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-86 Chapter