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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 85 - The Lord’s critique of Helena’s suggestions. The Earth is not paradisiacal whilst being a testing-ground.

1. Say I: “My dearest Helena, from the viewpoint of your experiences and insights, you have presented the thing truly and well, and your desires can be described as more or less praiseworthy, and some things shall happen in accordance with your wishes. Yet you have overstepped the mark in general. I see only too precisely how several rulers, of whom some are already gone, were suitable for anything but ruling their nations. What is to be done?

2. “I shall tell you a parable which will enable you to judge whether I can bring into effect what you desire, and so hearken!

3. “A certain number of settlers have, after a lengthy journey, chosen a spot somewhere on Earth – a beautiful and fertile land in the middle of a large desert. Their first priority is to build themselves a practical dwelling. There is wood in abundance, as well as building stones. A quick plan and a start was made, and shortly a hut arises, well suited to protect the settlers from heat, cold, as well as wild beasts.

4. “But one of the group says: ‘Dear friends, the hut is indeed a good and purposeful one, and for a time shall protect us from heat, cold and wild animals. Should an unknown enemy, however, be found in this area, shall our hut withstand him? What if it were attacked overnight by some wild tribe, destroying it and killing us? Would such a hut then be our permanent protection?’ – They all think about it, saying: ‘You are right, for such cause our hut lacks sturdiness. Therefore let us dig a deep ditch, encircled by a two klafter (approximately four metres) high rampart. We shall put iron bars over the few windows, thus having much less to fear from external enemies. The entrance also shall be as solid as possible for resisting potential enemies.’ The suggestion is agreed upon and put into immediate effect.

5. “They are filled with gladness after all is finished. But one more fussy fellow remarks: “But, dear friends, life is everywhere the same on Earth, more or less. In Europe’s civilised countries, with proud kings maintaining strong armies, one actually needs only to bridle one’s tongue, and there is no further enemy to fear. Once one willingly submits to the laws, making them one’s own, one can move about everywhere freely under the protection of the powers that be. We all indeed have power and are exempt from any laws and can say what we like, thank God. But what’s the good of that? Indeed, we have no taxes to pay, but we must on the other hand work hard all day and diligently gather in the fruits that the region yields, and have to yet develop a taste for them. We also have to effectively cage ourselves in to secure ourselves against potential enemies – here in the land of the fullest freedom. Indeed, at night-time we have to barricade ourselves in t secure ourselves in more firmly than the worst Parisian revolutionary agitator! Decide for yourselves whether, with all our most absolute freedom, we are better off by even a hair’s breadth than the lowermost wage-earner under Europe’s tightest dictatorship? Here we are complete communists, but so do the howling wild beasts appear also to be driven by a most communistic spirit! We have no law besides that of our mutual friendship. But we have to on the other hand work unremittingly to satisfy our stomachs, whist our hands are as rough as the tree bark. We don’t of course have to maintain burdensome office-workers here, yet we are greater consumers ourselves. No do we have parsons here to heat up hell for us, but hell might have very little ahead of us! What are we therefore going to do to spice up our miserable existence and make it more tolerable?’

6. “The others shrug their shoulders, saying: ‘Who could have anticipated that? There is trouble everywhere. One trouble is disposed of and another emerges! Being here now, we can’t change things. Hence it means being active, and things might get better with time.’

7. “Behold, My dear Helena, from this parable you shall be able to judge what one has to do upon Earth, which has to continue as a thorny path for man’s spirit, in order to transform its ground into a paradise!

8. “If I relieve all rulers of their offices, putting their power into the hands of the people, then the people shall shortly rule by themselves – but over whom? Then everyone will want to rule and none obey. If the people want to rule, however, bringing out their own laws – who shall then, in an emergency and danger, be able to force them to adhere to their laws? Verily, I say to you:

9. “A democracy shall indeed be introduced eventually, but of an entirely different kind that the Earth’s people imagine. And it shall soon transpire whether they shall not soon enough cry as the Israelites once did in the desert, when they could no longer stew meat upon their hearths.

10. “But let all of you consider that the Earth cannot be a paradise, as it has to remain a proving-ground for the spirit residing within man’s heavy sinful flesh, without which no spirit can attain to the true everlasting life, whereupon you shall at once be able to judge more correctly.

11. “But the reason for the growing weakness of the kings and the blindness of the nations is other than you think. The sole guilty one we shall shortly get to know and subsequently bind, therewith free the people on Earth from his fetters, whereupon things shall improve, without our revenge!

12. “Verily I say unto you, My dear Helena, you shall in the end be satisfied with Me, as everything shall still come to its honourable conclusion. But for now we shall have to first allow all spirits upon Earth to become conscious of themselves and gain insight, which they are lacking above everything else!

13. “After which it will take only a moment before a new order shall take over on Earth!

14. “But you, My dear Max Olaf, now move up a little closer to Me and make your own views and desires known!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-85 Chapter