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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 84 - Helena’s view towards improving Earth-man’s lot.

1. Says Helena: “Oh Lord, most beautiful life-flower of my heart, – my life! Look into my heart that loves You above all, and Your all-seeing eye shall find therein everything that I have and how I see it! Oh You sweetest, best, wisest, mightiest and Oh – my most lovable and most beautiful Lord Jesus! Look, I am too much in love with You and cannot say a thing for all my love! But there are still many sitting and standing behind us, perhaps these could share their views? Because there is no way I can manage anything. Because look, I really am weak now for all my love for You! Just think, – me, a poor little Viennese – sitting here with You – the eternal Lord of heaven and Earth! This surely is not going to be much fun for a poor soul like me? Hence I beg You to rather let the others speak, perhaps I’ll think of something clever later!”

2. Say I: “Yes, you My most beloved Helena, I am quite aware of your loving Me mightily above everything, which is My greatest joy! But on account of these other guests I say unto you: he who comes first, grinds first! These shall indeed get their turn later – they shall not be left out. But you must speak first, because you were with Me and because you love Me so much! Besides, you had taken part in the fight in Vienna and lost your physical life – which was very unpleasant for you at the time. And you must speak on the matter that gripped you so much. So pluck up the right courage and speak as it comes, off the cuff! I shall know how the pick the best out of it.”

3. Says Helena: “Oh dear, oh dear! Oh my Lord Jesus! Once You desire something, it must happen even if heaven and Earth shall pass. But I’m going to catch You out anyway! I just remembered how the apostle Paul, whom You placed the words in his mouth, taught that no woman must speak at an official assembly, but only the men. How should I then dare to also speak in this exalted and exclusively male company? You only wanted to test me because You knew me to be a chatterbox. But Helena who loves You so exceedingly has become a little smarter and won’t be taken in by it. Oh my dear little trap, be nicely quiet and don’t say much, or Paul will dress you down today!”

4. Paul smiles at Helena’s humorous excuse.

5. But I say: “My dearest Helena, you think of course that I could not catch you here! But I have actually caught you already and you won’t get away, and shall even have to speak in accordance with Paul’s express commandment; and even more on account of My commandment, which is unavoidable and stands over the Pauline one. Behold, in one of Paul’s epistles to the Romans he commended a certain Phoebe who was in My service at the Cenchrean community, also Priscilla for similar reasons, greeting a certain Mary who likewise had much work to do in My name, as well as Tryphena and Tryphosa, and his beloved Persis, who had worked much in word and deed in My name.

6. “Behold now, My dear Helena, such women Paul did not gag in their communities, but only those who wanted a seat and voice in the community from haughtiness, wanting to speak without having My spirit or understanding it, as if they knew what those born-again out of My Spirit knew! But where a woman was filled with My Spirit, this being the same in man and woman, there she even has to speak as the Spirit will demand it of her.

7. “My apostles were the first and most supreme Christian community in the world, because it was founded by Me directly! After rising from the grave on the third day, who was it I sent to My brethren first to proclaim to them My rising? Behold, a woman of approximately your earthly moral standard! – Now, if this commandment of Paul is to come into effect with still worldly women everywhere, that is also with God-pleasing women, how then could a Magdalene have dared to be a messenger to My primary apostles?

8. “Besides that I had shown the Sadducees how in the kingdom of heaven all earthly differences cease, that is the earthly sexual rights. They all are like the angels of god, enjoying one and the same right, namely to be children of God.

9. “And so it is now with you, My most beloved Helena! Notwithstanding that your great modesty brings Me much joy, you shall still have to speak. And that because you have the same right to speak as Adam, who sits next to you. And so you can get started!”

10. Says Helena: “Eh, eh, eh! I can see that You cannot be caught! Hm, strange, yes, Your wisdom and ours are very two different types of wisdom! Oh dear, what a difference! No, before You there is no getting away with excuses! But with a sincere request – could same not make You relent a little from a once pronounced request?”

11. Say I: “Well, My most beloved Helena, much can be accomplished with Me through a right sort of request, but not everything! Behold, if someone liked his life so much on Earth, that he would like to live there forever, and he begged Me with all his strength, then I could not accede to such a request, as it would be against My order! And neither could I therefore relent here on account of your request. Hence just open your beautiful mouth and speak as it comes to your mind!”

12. Says Helena: “Well, in Your name, because You, my heart’s celestial darling, insist, I shall speak! But, mind You, nudge me a little if something too stupid should slip out, so that my embarrassment before all these great people of Earth would be minimal! And so I shall try to dish up my opinion:

13. “Upon Earth, a small number of people are too high up and possess too much. On account of that the largest part are too far down and have either nothing or far too little compared to those who have far too much! But the necessary consequences are these: the exalted ones who comprise the far smaller number look at the lower classes with contempt, constantly seeing the ghost of a potential united uprising of the lower, inferior, poor human beast classes, reaching for the immense excess of the great and rich. And to prevent this, the former class will shy away from no means. The spirit must be suppressed, how and wherever possible – through clerical deception, by total gagging of the press, through restriction of better books, even the Bible. Transgressors are punished to the point where they don’t know whether they are coming or going. Who should attain to spiritual awakening under such circumstances?!

14. “On the other hand, everything that kills the spirit is permitted, such as toleration of whoring of every kind, even if there is occasionally a pretence of official action taken against it. Furthermore, dirty tricks and high living are encouraged for the undisciplined masses, as these are spiritually deleterious. Smutty comedies likewise are uncensured, with unhindered carrying’s on, as long as political overtones or other awakening sparks are avoided. Such comedies can be launched, as they contribute decisively to spiritual crushing.

15. “Should a spirit in spite of all these gentle means of stupefaction still want to rise up and perhaps occasionally show himself to be of divine origin, more drastic means are applied, making every spirit pay a heavy price for his divine descent upon Earth. Becher and his friends here are living witnesses to how the great of the Earth know how to honour any spirit’s open revolt. They say: ‘oh, this is another celestial humanitarian, hence let’s expedite him in to the heavenly kingdom with rope or powder!’ Whoever dares to tell them the truth will immediately be labelled as scum of the Earth, placing a large gold reward on his head, and when caught, such a free spirit would have been better off never to have been born.

16. “Behold, Lord, that’s how things are at present, with poor mankind on Earth! Is it surprising that for once it rises up, taking revenge on those who were their tormentors and vampires for centuries. I openly state, since speak I must, that poor mankind has now a full right to such an uprising, and that it is the highest of time that they tear these doings out of the hands of the great, who have not a spark of love for the people, and ban it from the Earth’s surface forever! Let the great climb down and share their excess with their poor brethren! And let their spacious castles become poor-houses, and they themselves become humans! Let the poor however be given schools and teachers, enlightened in accord with Your spirit, oh Lord, or it shall never get better upon Earth, but worse by the day. For the great are constantly getting harder and more tyrannical, and the hate of the poor shall grow like an avalanche. And if You, oh Lord, do not implement something decisive upon Earth then mankind is done for, at least terrestrially, in the countries that I know of, which surely cannot be Your will!

17. “Or can You, oh Lord, be pleased when people now tear one another to pieces by the thousands, like the wildest rapacious beasts? And that only because the great will not part with their wealth and dictatorial glitter by a hair’s breadth, even for the price of a million human lives. The fear that their heads shall also be afterwards required is however a fundamentally wrong notion. Because I am convinced that if they met the poor people amicably, the latter would pamper them for it! But when they make only vague concessions to the nations after the latter, out of sheer desperation, rise up wildly in great masses with brutal threats, then sticking to these coerced, extracted concessions only until their combined military powers enable them to toss them overboard, it makes it understandable how they now had to lose all trust. Proper trust between peoples and their rulers is no now longer capable of being restored, there remains in my opinion no other course but to free then nations of their customary rulers, replacing them with divinely inspired leaders who, as perfect humans, show regard for their brethren’s human worth and do everything to truly enliven the spirit in everyman’s breast. This must take place, in the absence of which You oh Lord will have the same problem with the people of the Earth as You had with ourselves who, in spite of all Your grace, still stand there like bulls before a new gate! You will surely have to, in the end, get tired of blind and stupid beings arriving here every minute who know as much as the world’s cattle about You!

18. “Hence show Your kindness to the Earth the way You showed it to us, not allowing Your followers there to be crucified by those who would without thought crucify You today, as they once did, if You again came to the Earth as man, railing against the Pharisees the way You once did. Arise for once, oh Lord, working the Earth over and manuring it with the fullness of Your grace in all actuality, or it shall shortly become the most atrocious abomination! Behold Lord, my sweetest Jesus, You are Yourself now saying that I am Your most beloved Helena. Since I have been made worthy of this most lofty name, do me this favour as my heart’s only beloved one!

19. “Like all the foregoing speakers, I would eternally never prescribe You something but only voice my opinion on something decisive having to soon take place. You alone are endlessly wise and the one able to see what needs to happen! This wisdom I shall not possess in all eternity, and cannot give You any real advice. But in human terms things stand thus, and my human insight can see only this expressed salvation. Countless ways are known to Yourself however, hence do what is appropriate!

20. “If however I spoke nonsense then I am not to blame, for You should have pulled at my sleeve. Since You smiled at me several times however, I believe that it may not have been all that nonsensical? This would, by the way, not surprise me, because with the type of spiritual education I received on Earth, one verily cannot turn into a Catherine of Sienna! For my presence here hardly enables me to recognise You in a small way!

21. “I have now done your will and am finished with my petition. All sacrifice is due to You, oh Lord. Whatever I mucked up, oh Lord, You will be able to straighten out. Only this I beg of You, that You would not like me less because of this, my chatter! Herewith I lay down all my love, life and existence at Your feet, eternally – Amen.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-84 Chapter