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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 83 - Becher’s radical recommendations. Instructions from the Lord. The nature of the Earth’s human race is conditioned by that of the entire Creation.

1. Says Becher, shrugging his shoulders: “Oh Lord, if, with these Earth upheavals, You already start running out of ideas, being omnipotent and omniscient, then how should one of our ilk be capable of finding a way to help the Earth’s nations? If inner coercive means are unsuitable, then let outer coercion be applied, such as hunger, pestilence and so on, together with some intriguing appearances upon the firmament, and man shall then come crawling to the cross! And if that cannot be applied either, on account of man’s free will, well then, let them wrestle, beat and kill one another until they have had enough! I believe that we are actually over-concerned for the wicked human riff-raff upon Earth. In my opinion, the entire terrestrial rabble should be exterminated and replaced by a better and more noble humanity. The humankind that now inhabits the Earth will not improve, unless it would, as mentioned, be exposed to the greatest natural misery! For all the kings together with their nations are now of the devil. Wherewith could the devils’ great malice be successfully tamed? I mean, the effort should be in vain, one way or another! Hence away with the rabble, and a different humanity take its place. This would be my humble opinion. But, as said, only an opinion!”

2. Say I: “My dear friend Becher! Behold, if the nations of the Earth could be helped that way, then it would be convenient! But this will not do under any circumstances, and even less in general terms. This can happen locally, but even then not too severely. But in general terms totally, the way you mean it, would be the greatest disaster not only for the Earth but the entire universe!

3. “The human race upon Earth is not what it is out of itself, but out of the Earth, and has the latter’s nature and attributes in everything! Wherefore the complete extermination of all living people on Earth would do little for the disorder! For then surely we would have to again let other humans come forth from the Earth’s matter which, after a short while, would again resemble the current ones, as the fruits of a tree from a previous year resemble those of the next or a later year.

4. “One would therefore have to remove the entire Earth from existence and put another one in its stead, which however would be a still greater blow against My order! If a tree yields bad fruit, then one can indeed remove the bark and some boughs and twigs, whereupon it shall come up with some very good fruit – but one must not destroy root and core. For then the entire tree would wither, eternally bringing forth neither good nor bad fruit. The Earth however is the kernel of the tree of life in aggregate, and like a main root of the entire Creation! Were we to carry out a work of destruction over it, then we would abandon not only the Earth but the entire visible Creation to ultimate dissolution, which should be too soon by several decillions of Earth years.

5. “Therefore I cannot use your advice at all, dear friend Becher! But we shall see whether Messenhauser meanwhile has thought out something practicable. – Now, friend Messenhauser, if you have found something within you, then let it be heard!”

6. Says Messenhauser: “Oh Lord, You have caused me much embarrassment! What should I be able to advise when the foremost spirits of the Earth have already raised their voices and more or less got nowhere! An even greater foolishness would surface there!

7. “Behold, oh Lord, it would be downright foolish to try counselling Your endless wisdom on how to straighten out the Earth’s great crookedness! I know only too well that You have more good remedies at Your most vivid disposal than there are stars within infinite space. May it please You to just apply the smallest one, and everything will be in the best of order overnight! Give the rulers a true light, oh Lord, and gentleness and patience to the subjects in carrying the cross, and perhaps a little California into the bargain, and everything shall stand there in the best order. And if Satan’s antlers have grown somewhat too high then let a couple of lightning bolts shorten them a cubit or tow. This shall in my opinion disburden some of the Earth’s mighty a little of their arrogance – such as Windischgräz – which shall be most salutary for him.

8. “There are still many people on Earth who mean well. Why should these be punished when You shorten the antlers of the haughty ones a little? I say: ‘good luck and blessings to all those of a good heart and will upon Earth!’ But on the other hand, a well-nourished humbling for those with whom mankind commences at the level of the Baron title. Indeed, I wish them no evil, this be far from me, but only that they recognise that those whom they regard only as cannon fodder, are also human!

9. “There have to be regents of course, for without regents and wise laws a human society could hardly maintain itself. But these rulers have to realise that they are there for the nations and not the nations for them. And they should also display and carry the sword of justice. But they should only use it when their people are under threat from without. But they should not be allowed to use it against their own people, because with them they shall achieve far more with the weapon of love than the sword of majesty.

10. “But these are only pious wishes on my part! You are the Lord however, Whose secret counsels are unfathomable and Whose Ways are mysterious. You are bound to find the right means, of that I am more than sure! Everything must be thoroughly shuffled up once, certainly. But a rending must take place because You want it so, for without a rip it will not get better for a long time yet on Earth – as I see it. Yet only according to Your will! Amen!”

11. Say I: “Hearken, your wishes are not so worthless. Something could be done about them. But there is a hitch with giving light to the rulers as well as patience and gentleness to the people, because, to that end all nations of the Earth already had the Gospel preached to them. The old Jacob’s well full of living water was given them! If they want light and cognition and fullest truth then they can draw all that from the well. If they don’t want this, then we can in no way force it upon them through any power. And even if we did so it would benefit them little and harm them much.

12. “It would be quite different if the kings and their people would ask Me for it. Then they could be given everything they pray for in My name! But behold, My ears hear little or nothing of this! I indeed hear an occasional crying: ‘Lord, protect our thrones, sceptres and crowns, and allow us to truly conquer all who rise up against us!’ Hardly anything of a prayer is heard from the mouth of the people at large, whilst isolated instances don’t count for entire nations.

13. “Every individual shall be given what he asks for. But the nations cannot be given what the few individuals ask!

14. “Hence, dear friend Messenhauser, we shall have to mount quite different strings to bring about a better harmony among the nations of the Earth! The strings are indeed already stretched, but as remarked by you, not sufficiently. But new tuners have been awoken and they will do their part! Verily, a strong sweeping shall have to ensue before all chaff is separated from the wheat!

15. “But we have not heard our Helena yet. She too shall have to let her opinion be heard! Hence, My most beloved Helena, what do you think has to happen, so that the Earth becomes tolerable again? Who knows whether you will not come up with the best advice? Hence speak your mind untroubled!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-83 Chapter