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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 82 - Blum and Jellinek voice their opinions. The Lord’s response.

1. Says Robert: “Oh Lord, regarding me personally, I now have no further account to settle with the Earth, the carrier of blind and basically evil humans. If I were to trouble You with a request however, this would be: ‘Lord, forgive them, for none of them what they do! But send peace, humility and love into their hearts! In this way the otherwise beautiful Earth shall again be a loving mother, lovingly kissing them and giving them all the fullness of life through Your grace and mercy!’ Behold Lord, this is all I would ask of You for the Earth.

2. “But I do not go into detail with this request, since I must assume that to You, oh Lord, my requests and wished must be as unripe as I am an unripe intercessor and clamourer before You. But in my heart I think thus: ‘he who wants to do more than he is capable of is a rogue, but he who buries his pound is not worthy of even casting out! If however someone from the depth of his heart finds something good and desirable with all his senses, trying to provide same for all his brethren, then I regard such action as good and proper. For the good wish and its consequent action cannot possibly originate other than from true love of neighbour, which You, oh Lord, made into the first commandment for mankind!

3. “It is of course possible that my notion of good for fellow man could be the very opposite for him. If for example I see a sick man and I have a good medicine for him which always gave the best results in similar sicknesses – what will I do if the sufferer pleads for help? My love towards my suffering brother dictates that I help him. I give him the medicine and behold, he deteriorates. Should I have withheld the medicine because it brought forth a bad result? Not so! This must not deter me from doing everything that my cognition and conscience recognises as good! The result does not lie within my but Your power, oh Lord! Wherefore I cannot be accountable on his behalf. In this way I desired, in accordance with my former knowledge and conscience, in Vienna to do only good for my oppressed Viennese. But the result of my efforts unfortunately took a different turn. I nevertheless maintain that I did not err thereby, for I desired only what I recognised as good!

4. “And thus I believe there to be many who certainly desire only what they regard as good. Should they therefore be executed? But give them a proper light, oh Lord, and soften their hearts, and they shall be saved from all evil!

5. “There are indeed a great many stubborn people who have been, as-it-were, brainwashed by their ideologies, which alone they recognise, hardening their position to where they would rather see the Earth perish than drop even one of their stubborn ideas. But You, oh Lord, still have a great abundance of fire that can easily melt the most stubborn rocks like wax! One such spark sunk into obstinate hearts shall soon make them gentler and more pliable!

6. “This is my view and also my fervent desire! But to what extent it is so in Your eyes I have no means of knowing. Wherefore let everything else be left to You alone!”

7. Say I: “My dear friend and brother, you too have hit the nail on the head. Fullest truth flowed from your mouth. Whence you too shall in future be a sturdy weapon for Me! Good, true and noble was your suggestion and I must assure you in advance that I shall act mightily in accordance with it, and already have always done so. But let Jellinek nevertheless contribute a few words, and we shall see to what extend he agrees with you. And so, dear brother Jellinek, you too open your mouth!”

8. Says Jellinek: “Oh Lord, brother Robert Blum spoke as if completely from my soul, as also the great Paul before him, whose speech was a sea of truth and fire. What should I be able to add? Hence I only say: ‘Lord, Your holy will alone be done – and then the most glorious order shall be kissing poor Earth! But that which the great fathers of the Earth have spoken earlier, in some respect went far beyond my horizon, as-it-were! They probably meant well, and that in an entirely different fashion to myself and Robert Blum. Yet it seems strange to me that they constantly demand from You the fulfilment of certain promises, hence portraying You as hesitant? But, as I said, I don’t comprehend it. – I am by the way greatly overjoyed that as a distant descendant I at last get to know those personally whose existence I had so often doubted! There really is something holy written in their faces. – Therewith the end of my comments!”

9. Say I: “Hearken, My dear brother Jellinek, all of you over here in the kingdom of bliss can certainly say with ease: ‘Lord, Your will be done!’ But things upon Earth look quite differently form over here, in the kingdom of freest life! In people’s bodies dwell the same sort of free spirit and immortal souls as you yourselves are here in reality. These would at last like to develop more freely and hence desire a proper freedom, rather than enslavement under the iron sceptres of kings. Hence they are rising up everywhere to break the power of regents. But the kings likewise gather together everything that is slavishly subject to them into a great martial coalition. They have sworn death to every opponent and are also slaughtering people without grace or mercy by the many thousands. Those seeking liberty are now crying to Me for revenge against their merciless kings, whilst the kings cry to Me for help against their indignant nations!

10. “What should I do? Neither party has much to say for itself by current standards. The kings are determined to rule at any price, whilst the liberty seekers also want now to do so. But nobody wants to obey and be a subject any longer?!

11. “The big question arises as to what I should actually do? If I help the kings then they shall spread the old darkness over their nations, where it is not easy for any spirit to develop freely, whilst hate against the spirit-crushers will increase. If I help the people however, they will take powerful revenge on all former rulers, and My doctrine, often made dubious through Rome, and from which so many abominations have gone forth, they shall in the end ban, giving the nations a purely worldly one!

12. “You see now, dear friends, that the way things are upon Earth, I cannot at present help either the one side or the other. What can be done? If I let things go on, the mortal foes shall not cope with one another, for the mutual rage is too great. But if I am to help, then it can be seriously be asked – whom? Whether I act or not, both alternative ways are wrong! Hence what can be done?

13. “For you, My dearest brother Jellinek, it si easy to say: ‘Lord, Your will be done!’ But how, under such circumstances, is quite another question! – Robert thins of course that I can put sparks of celestial gentleness into the hearts of princes, and they would become gentler and wiser. That is indeed true and correct. But shall the exceedingly embittered nations trust them? Not so, for a child burnt shall not trust fire again. And anything is easier to find than lost trust!

14. “You think of course that one can place such sparks into the nations’ hearts too, and everything shall be then be in order. This would of course be an easy procedure. But were I to do this, kings and nations would cease being free men! They would thereby be judged and made into noble humanoid animals with no further talk of free spiritual action. To maintain humans as such, it would mean the instant end of real humanity. They would become animals and judged slaves of our eternally unconquerable power! You see that it cannot therefore be done that way!

15. “Hence we shall have to think of entirely different means! Tell Me, My dear Becher, what appears advisable to you in order to bring the Earth’s oppressed people proper help?”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-82 Chapter