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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 81 - Peter’s harsh speech on Rome. Paul’s enlightened reply about grace.

1. Next one to get up is Peter, speaking on behalf of all apostles: “Oh Lord, my love and my life! In Rome, the old capital of the heathens, there reigns, for already close to a thousand years, a tyrant, slapped together from heathendom, Judaism and Your greatly trimmed down doctrine. He calls himself Pope, and God’s envoy on Earth. He calls his throne my chair and himself my successor! He pretends to possess all the power of Your holy Spirit, but when under pressure from his worldly or spiritual regimen through uprisings, never seeks help from his purported power of the holy spirit, but the greater rulers of the world. This pope is now in a great fix and openly calls for Mary – as his purported sole helper – for protection and early restoration of his kingdom. Since he also allows other help to come his way, against his make-believe protestations to, as-it-were, show the world that he has plenty of protection from the heavens, not requiring any other. But should the worldly rulers not want to miss out on helping him in spite of his protestations, then it is to be obvious that these helpers are secretly activated to help God’s Church on Earth by the mightiest celestial queen when they are in danger of being overcome by the portals of hell! – What do You, oh Lord, say to this community?

2. “Brother Paul sponsored same in truth and purity, and it maintained itself in a more or less pure form for several centuries. But this community has for nearly a thousand years now gone over to the dirtiest, of often wicked, heathendom, lusting after nothing but gold, silver, power, prestige and absolute dictatorial power over the nations of the Earth. To achieve these ambitions, it sends the most mischievous missionaries to every part of the world! – Say, oh Lord, will You not ever put bridles on such boundless excesses?

3. “Behold, the nations which permitted themselves to have the wool pulled over their eyes by this make-believe celestial daughter have at last boldly torn off her glittering mask. She is now doing everything to stitch up the tears as well as she can, trying to hide same. Lord, Your will be done. But I also believe that You have allowed this miserable creature to carry on long enough! It would therefore seem high time to fully cross her from the book of the living, transferring her name to the book of the dead!

4. “For if You let her revive herself, she shall not only not reform, but only set up her whoring more splendidly, so that those who believe in You shall be tempted by her massive womb to woo her with sensual fullness, and You shall then ultimately have no option but to do with her what You had to do with Sodom and Gomorrah.

5. “It is true indeed that this arch-whore brought forth a great many of the most beautiful children, hence enjoying Your great patience and leniency undiminished for more or less a thousand years; and I and all my brethren were overjoyed thereby.

6. “But she has now become barren on account of her great depravity, and shall bring us few good children. Wherefore I believe it to be time to at last give her the deserved reward. Your holy will alone nevertheless be done forever!”

7. Say I to Paul: “Brother Paul, you too tell us now, as teacher of the heathens, whether you agree with all these speeches and suggestions? Because your voice concerning the heathens is pivotal. It is up to you to judge the generations of the Earth, as I promised you!”

8. Paul bows and speaks: “Oh Lord, I have examined the heathens in many ways and preached them Your word, which they received avidly and joyfully, wherewith they have made themselves partakers of Your grace, notwithstanding that they were children of the father of lies and arrogance. Yet is was Abraham’s children who crucified the lofty messenger of God, not recognising Him! I ask, who is more praiseworthy – a heathen or a descendant of Abraham? What advantage do the Jews have over the heathens? Is it the people’s merit that God spoke only to those people, or is it God’s grace? Or does every Jew believe that God spoke to his fathers? Neither among Jews nor heathens do I find something I could call justice or merit. God our Lord and Father alone is true and just! All men however, be they Jews or heathens or contemporary Christians, are false and useless before God!

9. “If, however, the heathens’ injustice would nevertheless praise God’s justice, what do we then want to judge?! Can You, oh Lord, grow wrathful about it? Oh no, this is far from You! – For were You to become wrathful about it, You would need to be unrighteous, and this is eternally remote from You! For who would maintain the world if God’s ways were men’s ways?

10. “What merit of ours is it when we cry: ‘Lord, take note at last of the unrighteousness of Your creations!!’ – I say to you all – none whatsoever! For we know perfectly well that before God, all men are sinners, as it is written: ‘There is none righteous before God!’ – If we know this, how can we challenge God towards Judgement as if we were without sin?

11. “Tell me what merit can yonder beautiful woman at God’s side boast? What merit has justified her before God? Yet she sits at His side by grace alone! And what merit did I have who persecuted those who believed in Him? Behold, I was a doer of evil, and was unrighteousness personified. But God did not look at my sins, but called me as if I was righteous. And I followed the call of His voice and was at once justified through His grace! – Would you now want to accuse God of injustice because he showed me grace?

12. “Which one of you can say before God that he is of an understanding heart, and wise? I say unto you: ‘there is not one!’ And notwithstanding this we are trying to coerce Him into Judgement? Which of us can say that we never departed from God and did not become indigent in His eyes? I say unto you that from among us all there is not one better by a hair’s breadth than another, and yet we shout: ‘Oh Lord, turn Your eyes towards the great human malice upon Earth, to punish them!’

13. “Just think, were the Lord to rise and speak, as He once did to the Jews in the temple at Jerusalem, on the occasion when they brought the adulteress before Him – would we not all turn on our heels?! I say unto you that there is not one amongst us who could say: ‘Lord, I have always done only good and am not conscious of any sin!’ – A fool indeed could say so, like the Pharisee in the temple who praised God for allowing him to become so righteous! As we all know, the Lord dismissed his self-justification, accepting instead that of the sinning tax-collector!

14. “Since we all know what counts before the Lord, should we ask Him to act in accordance with our ideas, as if we were wiser than He? What have we that we did not receive from Him? Why do we boast as if we had not received it from Him, shouting His ears full and saying: ‘behold, behold, oh Lord!’ as if He were deaf and blind and feeble-minded and weak-willed! Say unto me, friends, which paths did we set out upon that He had not sketched out for us first with His finger?

15. “Since we derive everything from Him however, being and having been whatever we are through and in Him, how can we say: ‘Lord, make come to pass at last what You promised and exterminate the evil-doers on Earth!’ I mean, there we would be most impertinent!

16. “Behold, men’s mouths have always been an open grave! Their tongues always spoke lies, their feet always hastened to shed blood! And their paths always were beset with accidents, tribulations, heavy-heartedness and distress of every variety. But no mortal has yet recognised the true path of peace in its depths, for the fear of God had still been to them like a dream!

17. “We know that whatever the law says, it does so to those subject to it and not to those who are either above it or who never heard about the law, so that the world’s mouth should at last be stopped off and it would come to see that we all are and remain eternal debtors to God! Grasp this for once: no flesh can ever be justified through the law before God, even if kept to the last dot over the i ! For recognition of sin only comes through the law! But he who recognises sin comes from sin, and sin is in him.

18. “We however have received a new revelation, through which, as through the prophets and their commandments, it is shown us that mankind can attain to that true righteousness which alone is valid before God, without the addition of the law. Why do we then nevertheless cry ‘Lord, judge them and pay them their well-earned wages, and blot out their names from the book of life!’ You indeed always say: ‘Your will alone be done’, but that does not excuse your hearts! – Verily, I would rather see death than say to the Lord: ‘Lord, do this or that’. Was it us who gave the Lord His sense, or was it not us who received all our senses from Him? Yet we nevertheless talk as if He needed our advice! This may do for infants that are still babbling, but as dwellers of heaven – I, Paul, - think, we ought to know what we are and Who the Lord is!

19. “He who wants to judge sin must himself be without sin, for one sinner cannot possibly judge another. Since all men are sinners before God and unrighteousness their portion, – by what should they then judge?

20. “We have indeed some righteousness that is valid before God. But this does not derive from our recognition or non-recognition of sin, nor from the law and its works, but from faith in Him and out of pure love for Him! – And this righteousness is called ‘grace’ and ‘divine mercy’!

21. “Before God, there are no human differences, for they are sinners one and all, one way or another, and lack the proper favour they should have with God! When they are received by God in accordance with their faith, then they become righteous without their doing and purely through His grace, which goes forth out of His very own work of salvation. Just as we did not help God create the world and all the heavens, just as little can we assist Him in the much greater work of salvation! Since we can however have no commendable part in this second, greatest Creation and the making of all things new, since we are ourselves the redeemed ones, how should we now have a part in the exclusive domain of God’s judgement seat, being the pardoned ones, redeemed?

22. “Do you however know the actual Judgement Seat of God? Behold, this is Christ, in Whom dwelleth eternally the fullness of the Godhead bodily! This Judgement Seat of God however became a seat of grace through His own works, enabling Him to be lenient and merciful with whoever He will!

23. “Where does that leave our honour however? Through which works of law shall it become ours? Is there a law without sin or sin without law?

24. “We are nevertheless imbued with an honour and a righteousness! But not through the law or its works but purely out of His grace, of which we became partakers through faith in Him and the work of salvation! This righteousness nevertheless does not give us the right to sit with Him in judgement, as we are before Him the same sinners we always were, notwithstanding that we sit here as eminently pardoned.

25. “Since we became righteous before God purely out of faith and not through fulfilment of the law – should faith abolish law? Far from it! For faith sets up the law and makes it alive. But the law does not set up faith but kills it, if same has not first been enlivened through it!

26. “The life of faith however is love, and the living law is the order of love! When faith therefore is righteous then everything else is so. If faith is false however, then love also is false, and its order as good as none!

27. “But who can be blessed for receiving a false faith out of false doctrine? I say unto you – whoever believes in accord with how he was taught, to him such faith is without falsity, and he shall find grace! But let the teacher of false doctrine beware! For he is a doer of evil and a tamperer with divine order! Yet not we but only the Lord can judge him!

28. “When the greatest and purest of all spirits wrestled with Satan over Moses’ body, something you, brother Moses, know about, the mighty spirit nevertheless did not judge Satan, but said to him: ‘The Lord shall judge you’. If however not even a Michael presumed to pass judgement over Satan, how should we judge over our brethren or urge the Lord to do so! Oh, this be far from us!

29. “I say however, the Lord has acted a long time hence and has not waited for our advice! Hence regard also this present advice as vain! But if the Lord were to say to you: ‘do so or so’, then let you be all action in accordance with the Lord’s word! For the Lord’s word already is the completed deed in your hearts.

30. “But I thank You, oh Lord, for placing this word upon my tongue! Would that it bore the best fruit upon Earth, as in all the heavens! To You all honour and praise eternally! Amen!”

31. Say I: “Paul, you are like My right arm and My right eye. It is you I have chosen as My weapon, and this you shall also remain eternally. You spoke rightly in everything, and things are so!

32. “But we shall nevertheless also ask these newcomers’ opinions. And thereafter we shall formulate the right decisions.

33. “And so let you, Robert Blum, speak now! I say: ‘what shall we do with the Earth after it has soaked up so much unrighteous blood? What atonement do we ask of it and the mighty? Who executed you?”

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