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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 95 - The Lord explains the development of independent beings. Key to understanding Earth life.

1. Say I: “Now, my most beloved Helena, you have given Me excellent advice and it can all be put into effect. Verily, your sex can be proud of you!

2. “Just two pieces were a little too colourful – that you either remove nine tenths of the people from Earth or see it enlarged, and that your would do away with all rule upon Earth. Behold, this is somewhat tough and not even capable of carrying out along natural paths, but only through judgement, the latter being the actual death of every being it seizes!

3. “Behold, I am omnipotent, and whatever I think must happen at once, if I will it. Were I to desire a million people in front of Me, they would be here instantly. They would even speak and act wisely and look like the most beautiful Seraphim. They would even embrace you in all love and eagerly serve you – and yet they would be completely dead within themselves, because whatever they did or said I would be doing Myself. For there could be no life in them other than what I wanted for a judged duration. If I then no longer wanted these make-believe life-beings, they would at once be gone!

4. “If however I wanted to maintain such people and transpose them into a properly free-acting life, independent of My almight, then I would have to server My spirit acting within them by suitable means. I would then have to bind it within these people and then take it captive through an outer material cover, making them into veritable isolated units and giving them behavioural laws. I would then also have to give them opportunities and stimulants, urging them to voluntarily act through their own cognition and will, either in accord or contrary to the given commandment. The commandment would have to be purposeful, wise and kind. On account of its sanction, such person, in case of non-compliance, would have to be kept under even longer captivity – until forced into accepting and following same in deed. Only then would it be advisable to again remove such human’s outer bands, letting him, in a well-developed state like yourself, go over to the fullest freedom, whereupon he would out of himself have a perfect, no long judged, life.

5. “From this you can see that I must necessarily fully respect free action to the people on Earth under their freedom-gaining test – whether lawfully good or evil. Because if I seize them with My omnipotence, then they are at that moment dead, in that they are then no longer able to do anything out of themselves. If I then want to make them free again, I again have to completely sever Myself from them and subject them to natural captivity, having to give them another freedom test.

6. “If this takes place within the set order, they can like yourself go over to this world of spirits and its fully free life. If however it results contrary to that order, then captivity must continue also in the spirit world, until such people attain to such practicable insight that they then can approach Me, their Creator, without harm. Once they can love Me as Lord and Brother, then they are truly free through such love, like Myself, in that I then think, feel, judge and act within them as a perfect second self!

7. “In such everlasting state they can receive out of Me, without harm to their individual freedom, ever more cognition and powers and even become perfect in everything like Myself, which state alone leads to their perfect bliss.

8. “Behold, it is easy to say: ‘Lord, do this or that! Judge the evil nations, judge the kings and judge the tyrannical Pope! Destroy all those of arrogant and tyrannical heart! Work miracles! Let the entire evil human rabble perish through universal pestilence, for all of them are evil!’ – But it has to be considered that if, on account of lawless behaviour, I immediately judged and killed the people set down on Earth, then I would have laboured in vain.

9. “Although we have to mainly concern ourselves with the Earth’s people, acting as much as possible by the commandments under the set order – through which it is easiest of course to gain free life, we nevertheless have to apply ourselves with the greatest patience, regarding even the perverted deeds with the same calm as the good and righteous ones. For the primary condition for developing free men is that they would in complete isolation from Myself for once become conscious of themselves and start acting out of themselves! Whether for good or ill, lawfully or otherwise, has to be all the same for a newly developing human. We have to respect their own arrangements and discoveries and keep our maintaining influence hidden as much as possible. For were we to make an obvious appearance, we would destroy the new and tender human plant-school with one tread, and then have to take much longer to raise up the trodden and lead it to its great destiny than if we quietly and helpingly watched this initial human development on Earth. For after this first developmental period we still have countless ways t lead the undeveloped men to their right destiny.

10. “Only if counter-systemic transgressions take a rough turn, threatening the developing men’s destined, purposed absolute life-freedom to an undue extend, we naturally have to cause certain judgmental fear-deterrents to appear, such as wars, inflation, hunger and pestilence. But such punishing judgement must never affect more than at the most ten percent of mankind, or it would with higher percentage take on the aspect of a real, larger and deadly judgement!

11. “Behold, here I have given you My insight and opinion. How do you like it? Say unto me whether you find it good, real and completely righteous, or could there also be an alternative course?”

12. Says Helena: “Oh love of all love and goodness of all goodness, and wisdom of all wisdom! Oh God, oh Father, oh Jesus! How could someone find an objection here! Because the way You just presented the coming into being of mankind and its development to the highest, freest life-stage in a most vivid light has probably never yet been done before human eyes and ears!

13. “Only now do I clearly comprehend what a human is, how man has to be constituted and how he has to act and be guided and led to attain to his eternal destiny! And here I should be able to set up some alternative opinion? No, this surely would be ultimate stupidity! – No, my most beloved, wisest, gentlest, most patient and supra-celestially beautiful and exalted Lord Jesus! Now You would not get another opinion out of me even with Your omnipotence! A lousy cad he would dare to have some most stupid remark to make! Even if it were to be Peter or Paul I would have to sink back to my crudest temper and scratch out his eyes for a well-earned reward! But they are all silent now, seeing the great truth of Your words even more clearly than I!

14. “My Lord and my God, I am so deeply suffused with Your holy truth that I could almost say: not even You Yourself could sponsor Yourself an even seemingly alternative opinion! And this is my most adamant and irrevocable opinion, which I shall eternally live and maintain – loving You above all with all my strength!”

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