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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 94 - Helena’s thoughts about the seven-headed monster, the animal combat, the wolf-men and the king.

1. Says Helena: “Well, if things stand that way, here as well as in all of infinity, then of course I have to move up to insight. But surely the being or non-being for Earth is not going to depend on my stupidity to that extend? Verily, my one and only darling, You are bound to be able to maintain infinity for a couple of seconds even without my insight about the despicable seven-header?”

2. Say I: “Yes, My beloved Helena, with Me, everything is weighed with precision scales. In quite a number of things, delay or stillstand is not tolerable. Indeed I can maintain the entire creation without your understanding, but as I have already remarked, this is not about an unshakeable maintenance of the universe but about the celestially perfect setting, free of all those who have recently arrived here from the world. This you must keep in mind, whereupon it shall be easy for you to attend to what I demand of you. Have you now understood this?”

3. Says Helena: “Yes, Lord, that clears it up for me! And thus I shall try, with Your help, to deal with the loathsome seven-header.

4. “The way I see it, this seven-headed monster signifies the actual spirit of the Anti-Christ and his rule within his own excrement. The worm represents the great shamelessness emanating from the bend for domination, acquisition, lying and deception. The seven heads are like the seven main vices, from which originate the seven main sins – arrogance, tyranny, jealousy, envy and deathly meanness, irreconcilable hate, treason and lastly murder! From these go forth lust, filthiness, gluttony, unchastity, fornication, lack of regard for neighbour and persecution of everything daring to breath freely, shamelessness and infamy, total unscrupulousness and finally complete disobedience and godlessness! These necessary results out of the first seven man vices are then those visible ten, same points perpetually visible above each head. There were also glowing crowns upon the points, through which the animal was evaporating away the blood when this threatened to fill the vessel. These glowings appear to indicate fullest tyranny, which is an abomination before You, oh Lord, and which now has even taken possession of the people’s hearts. But even more clearly, these crowns seem to indicate politics to me, as a multi-promise cover, hiding the death-bringing rapier-point. Should anyone touch the cloak, same is aglow with the tyrant’s rage hearth at the blind people, burning anyone trying to seize such.

5. “Wherefore I believe one needs to remove the crowns, the rapiers, the seven heads, the whole animal, its helpers and the tiara, and terrestrial mankind shall not then have to wade through blood to attain to real peace. Together with these eliminated things, the man-animal fights also could then be counted as things of the past.

6. “I am saturated with the notion that on Earth, two things have to take place, if its grounds are to have a peaceable appearance – either You, oh Lord, shall have to suddenly remove nine tenths of mankind through Your angels of death, giving the remaining tenth better leaders. Or, alternatively, You shall have to enlarge the Earth at least ninefold, and cause a mountain of pure gold to arise in every country. Because only through an immense, equal distribution of this metal from hell, shall its worth fall to that of the common limestone, with mankind’s worth rising proportionately. Hence either reduction in human numbers or immense increase of gold and silver – or things shall never improve upon Earth. Men’s desire for amassing, and their greed, has to rise beyond saturation point, or it shall never let go of its self-love, the source of arrogance and dictatorial tendencies!

7. “What is the use of the oxen’s (people’s) power, and the lion’s (dynastic) powerful paws? What for the crustacean’s (tyrannically despotic princely coercion) and immovable weight? What is the beneficial effect on mankind of the snake’s power (secret, all-encircling, inquisitorial politics)? What is the mighty, free eagle’s rapacity (social democracy)? What are the ulterior motives of the reactionary alligators lurking vengefulness? Ultimately, the poor and weak ichneumon (poverty of the masses) still drives everything apart, and that with empty stomachs. What in the end was the use of such a battle? If the ichneumon is good enough in the end, then let it be so at the beginning! Must the Earth bleed into poverty?

8. “Oh Lord, all-wise and most loving Creator! We created beings indeed here beg and consult before You, but vainly, the way I now perceive it! For no mater how we want it, You still do as You will and how Your lofty wisdom considers right and good. But this nevertheless is the best thing about it; for if You allowed our judgements of the natural things to operate, then thee overall creation would be instantly rid of its existence! But You, oh Lord, everywhere are the foundation, and Your holy order in aggregate is for You a fleeting thought, even if portentously profound for us creatures. Hence I think it superficial for me to prattle on.

9. “Those wolf-men emerging in the final manifestation represent that most dissembling sect which the whole world has unanimously condemned. And that this very sect and its related offshoots nearly always were the sponsors of all evil, seeking nothing less than sole domination over all the Earth, is too clear to require further comment.

10. “The king however, fully gripped by the right to rule, sitting upon the throne with a most imperious expression, appears to be a striking example of the mania to rule, the present evil time upon Earth where every one wants to rule but none to obey, unless it pays him handy dividends. Should this not be the case then the most submissive servant at once turns into a government hating socialist, a so-called red republican, who wants to make people happy exclusively through executing their regents, but mainly filling his own pocket. This tyrannical bent appears to be the exclusive cause which, like a two-edged sword, divides mankind to incandescent hate!

11. “I no longer see any true love among mankind. No one loves the other person as a brother in Yourself, oh Lord, but only as a tiresome prospect. If an A can derive some use out a B then he shall meet him amicably. If B does not oblige, the he at once becomes a thing of often loathsome indifference to A, and I would not advise B to seek potential help from A, should the latter have meanwhile acquired the wealth to help out the poverty-casualty B. Because B is a non-friend, since he did not support him even when the latter on the subject occasion was demonstrably not in a position to do so. But even if B has actually supported A, leading to A’s potential gain therefrom, yet if B then suffered embarrassing circumstances, seeking help from A, the advantage-gaining A would plead courteous excuses, seeking to avoid the tiresome B. Behold, Lord, I have learnt to know people from that side, and they really are mainly so.

12. “But how could they be made better? This question only Yourself and no created angel can answer in all eternity. Here we could consult until all suns have burned themselves out – yet it would not help blind mankind on Earth. Were You however in Your secret, mighty and most loving wisdom to say one word, then the entire Earth is healed, like the centurion’s servant of yore, for whom his master sought healing with Yourself! Oh, my sweetest, best, endearing Lord and God Jesus, show mercy and purify the Earth eternally of everything that is called devils and devilish! Your will be done!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-94 Chapter