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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 93 - Robert explains the manifestation. Self-love and arrogance as the root of evil. God’s unchangeable will.

1. Robert rises to My challenge, saying: “Oh Lord, You Love of all Love, Friend of the miserable, You wisest of the wise out of You! This thing is already clarified through its appearance, more or less. Since Helena could not yet acquire proficiency in the subject of correspondences, through which such thing becomes comprehensible to her, it is of course necessary to somewhat clarify it to her.

2. “And so look here, most beloved sister Helena, – all that you now saw, more or less represents arrogance in general terms, – the spirit of depravity you saw fighting in front of the window, and the intense combat, was interlaced with treason! Behold, this all is the work of arrogance, whose native place of birth is self-love. But just as pure love of God and neighbor is the foundation of all well-being, bliss, harmony and unity – just so self-love is the hate of everything approaching it and hence the basis for despising and persecution of everything wanting to oppose this evil attribute.

3. “This pure love shares everything it has, yet cannot eternally grow poor but only richer and mightier. For when it gives it receives back a thousandfold. Self-love however loses a thousandfold what it takes and steals. Because, having neither strength nor authority in itself, it has to take all kinds of self-impovering substances through other powers. Through these it certainly maintains itself in the world for a while in a make-believe glitter and certain pretence of greatness. But with its rising cost it finally impoverishes completely, then contorting, rearing and winding up like a hungry worm. But this serves it little, only speeding up its demise.

4. “Who therefore wages war? Behold, it is self-love as the mother of arrogance and bent for domination! And who confronts and defeats it? It is the power of pure love, which is righteousness and judgement proper out of God! Self-love indeed puts up every possible means for its own maintenance and revenge, against God’s righteousness. But this serves it nothing, as it thereby mightily weakens itself at each end and point, whilst pure love only waxes mightier with every blow of the same fight.

5. “The appearance of the inverted tiara emerging from a plant of the swamp clearly shows the foundation of all worldly splendour. And your seeing it resting inverted upon a tripod clearly shows up the relationship of all worldly power, glory, glitter and notoriety of rule as against the purely celestial. The tripod ring represents self-love whilst the feet signify falseness, cunning and deception. Within the tiara you saw blood and despicable creeping things, which was explained to you. Only the seven-headed hydra still intrigues you. But you only need to proceed along the lines of correspondences and you shall easily achieve the truest evidential recognition of this image’s meaning. Try, and we all shall assist you!

6. “Once you have unraveled that, the Lord shall do His part! Verily I say unto you – it shall depend on how you will seize this thing with your intense love. The Lord shall act according to how we and you understand and agree with you! Hence do a good job, for the fate of the world now depends on your discernment!”

7. Helena is astounded at Robert’s telling her that the well-being of the world now depended on her understanding of the seven-headed hydra. She therefore at once turns to Me, asking: “Oh Lord, You my heavenly sweetest love! Should that which the wise Robert explained to me be true?”

8. Say I: “Indeed! In one of the prophesies in the hands of the Indians, one of the oldest nations on Earth, it is written: ‘Behold, sinful mankind, it was a woman that plunged the world into perdition. And there shall once again be a woman through whom the world shall be given exceeding grace. And there shall be a woman at the end through whom the world shall be judged, but whether to life or death shall depend on the woman’s cognition!’ And behold, you are that very woman of whom this most ancient revelation speaks! Hence do your thing well, or the Earth shall fare badly!”

9. Says Helena: “Oh no, no, this cannot be, surely! Nor would this be bliss for me but great pain. Hence, oh Lord, release me from this insight, for which I shall not be able to vouch whether good or bad!”

10. Say I: “My most beloved Helena! You already know of My great love for you. But you also know that with Me, namely in the kingdom of life, light and eternal, unalterable truth there can be no haggling about what I have once pronounced. And hence you shall have to do what I have demanded of you. For behold, if I were to become slipshod in My pronouncements and determinations, what order and what appearance would the entire creation shortly assume?! If in My imagination I slackened My hold on everything created for only a moment, then everything would come apart at the seams and all formations and shapes would assume a cloud-like, fleeting and perishable caricature. But since I am unchangeable beyond all your comprehension, all created things and beings throughout all of infinity remain that for which they once were formed.

11. “For I have determined it for the present time and have chosen you. Hence you have to, out of your purest love for Me, do that which I demand of you. Only thereby shall you then also develop full independence within your life-sphere, and in future stand there as if going forth from out of yourself, independent of all outside influence.

12. “Because everything that I demand here before you is taking place not so much on account of the material world which in any case is under judgement, but on account of yourselves, that you may truly attain to freedom, enabling you to enjoy the greatest pleasure and peak delight and bliss! – All worldly doings indeed depend on here, in that the kernel and root of all becoming and existence is to be found here. But we nevertheless do not over here work for the world, but for heaven.

13. “And so, My dearest Helena, start now with what brother Robert told you.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-93 Chapter