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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 92 - Conflict among the six animals. Effect on the wolf-people and the king.

1. After pausing, Helena continues: “Hm, isn’t it strange; these strange beings multiply around the throne like the sand of the sea. The king’s chief servants can hardly work their way through these masses. I even notice they are being corrupted by the wolf-men to help them work on the king. It also is getting very dark around the throne so that it is hard to make anything out. This darkness appears to go forth only from these, yet their eyes nevertheless shine powerfully and their eyes light up the objects they look at.

2. “Now I see a peculiar being in the background resembling an ox. And another, resembling a lion, emerges behind the ox, wanting to swallow the latter. But another creature emerges behind the lion resembling a rhinoceros, heavily armor-plated and trying to crush the lion together with the powerful ox. The lion who had tried to swallow the ox now makes friends with it and is trying to remove the Rhino horn. – Watch, a fourth creature comes, and – ooh – this is a gigantic snake! This one encircles the three fighting ones, mightily squashing them together. Ox, lion and rhino strain with all their strength to shrug off the snake, but it seems in vain. In spite of their strength the snake tightens its rings, and from the roar I gather the three’s situation. But it is strange how much pleasure this combat brings the wolf-men!

3. “But another animal joins them – an immense eagle. This one swoops down upon this four-animal bundle, grabbing it with its super-mighty claws, spreading its huge wings, lifting the entire bundle aloft. The snake, nearly punctured by the mighty eagle’s claws, tries to free itself, but its rings are tightened too firmly by the claws for such effort The first three animals try to help the snake, but the mighty eagle continues for the heights with its prey. – Somewhat in the background I now see a kind of desert at a river, for which the eagle is heading with its load. Now he settles down on the desert, readying for its meal.

4. “But now I see an alligator rushing out of the river, heading for the bundle. The snake holds open its extended jaw and the alligator bites into its lower jaw. The eagle tries to resume its flight, prevented by the alligator. The eagle lets go of the entire prey, descending on the alligator’s back, chopping its beak into the latter’s eyes, without seeming to damage them, thereby the three first animals are loosened, running apart and far away.

5. “But now I see an ichneumon quickly toddling after the huge alligator that is still firmly holding unto the snake. Seeing his worst adversary, he immediately lets go of the snake which, with pain-convulsions sneaks into the earth – after which after the alligator plunges itself into the water. Only the eagle is left at the battleground, and that with a starving stomach. The ichneumon however pursues the crocodile to the water, staring into the waves.

6. “The eagle now espies the ichneumon, intending to catch it for a small meal, but it disappears into a crevice, leaving the mighty eagle to take off without a catch, just as the previous animals fled with only a few bruises. The snake appears to have suffered the most, and it is debatable whether the sand will heal it. Whether the ichneumon shall receive its reward for driving this hostile group apart, You, oh Lord, shall know best.

7. “But I also notice that the numerous wolf-men are now making long and embarrassed faces. Their shuffling indicate that they are not happy with the outcome of this beastly combat! This is fine, for these super-bestial people repel me more than the mere animals in their nature fights, for that is understandable, whereas these bestial people are utterly intolerable to me.

8. “The king upon his throne is also starting to twitch as if from a nervous condition. The even does not seem to make sense to him either; what can he do? If he still has any power then he will wager his utmost to maintain himself upon the throne. If not, then he is certain to leave rather than unite with his people through gentleness, love and patience! Whoever asserts himself nonetheless shall probably fare like the mighty eagle – noting a substantial emptiness in his stomach! For his soldiers use up his money whilst his subjects shall be able to settle their taxed only with their lives.

9. “Oh Lord, the entire manifestation is now fading away, and I must confess that yonder peculiar seven-headed hydra still makes no sense to me. If it is Your holiest will, then I pray that You give me some clarification!”

10. Say I: “Hearken, My most beloved one, since all our council guests witnessed the same manifestation, we shall ask Robert to address the issue. Why should we discuss everything ourselves. The others also have mouths!

11. “And so, dear Robert, let dear Helena in on what she professes not to have understood!”

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