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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 91 - Reason for life’s dark side. Contrast essential for spiritual freedom.

1. Say I: “Well, My most beloved Helena, you cannot of course understand as yet, why there must be such beings too. But to reassure you somewhat I shall give you a few examples for clarification!

2. “Consider fire! What destructive power resides in this raging element when not kept in check during use! What destruction it wreaks! And there is no greater human benefactor than this fire, when used wisely.

3. “Consider water, how dreadfully it rages when let loose over valleys and fields! Should I however annihilate it because in its unbound state it wreaks such havoc, bringing terrestrial man death and destruction? Say unto Me, could the Earth itself, together with everything it carries, exist without water?

4. “Consider furthermore the natural weight of material bodies. What destruction an avalanche causes if dropping from the alps? And how a boulder grinds up everything it touches upon crashing. Would it not be better if I had given the Earth the weight of a feather? Then man could play with it like children with the ball. But who would then hold the Earth firmly together? And how could man, animal and plant maintain themselves upon the Earth without weight? From that you see how essential this evil attribute is to all bodies if they are to have an existence!

5. “But just as the aforementioned is necessary for nature to be what it is – just so there have to be contrasts within the spiritual, so that the spirit through these hostile contradictions becomes that for which I have Myself destined it – namely the most perfect, eternal life-freedom! Because without compulsion there is no freedom, and without freedom there is no compulsion. All freedom therefore must go forth from compulsion, – which is eternal order under judgement – just like compulsion out of My arch-primordial freedom!

6. “And hence you see here manifestations which in themselves are truly evil, but which for a certain period of time are as necessary for the winning and maintenance of spiritual freedom as are powerful lightning and hailstorm for the production and maintenance of life-air and the consequent destruction of all harmful and deadly vapours which, due to occasional overheating of the ground are driven from its entrails. I say unto you all this is essential, and one affects the other.

7. “It is up to us to wisely lead back to their necessary order the diverse elements when they begin to predominate too much in their special characteristics. Once we have done this with the greatest care, everything shall again enter upon its regulated path, yielding the best fruits.

8. “To extinguish a burning house is good work. One must likewise dam water and place proper foundations for weight, and replant the Earth after a powerful storm, whereupon everything re-enters its proper trails. But to solve everything with one stroke would mean the destruction of everything!

9. “Wherefore you watch more quietly what is still to come. And so continue to watch the manifestations!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-91 Chapter