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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 90 - Further unfolding of the period image. Why does God tolerate the world’s abominations?

1. Helena watches the vessel and soon sees a throne emerging from its centre upon which a ruler is seated, clad in gold and purple. On seeing it she takes fright, saying timidly: “Oh most beloved Saviour of all men! Just look here! A tiny ruler sits there upon the throne with a mien so arrogant that it would make one feverish!

2. “Now a large number of neatly dressed human beings emerge from the vessel, bowing right to the ground before this little ruler. This one scans then with strictest arrogance and true basilisk eyes to make them quake before his face. – Watch how those bowing lowest are beckoned to the throne by the tiny ruler and decorated with orders. Those who quake less however are spat in the face and instantly waved away from the throne. But now the tiny ruler also motions the decorated ones off. And upon withdrawing, and after a thousand-bowing withdrawal, turning their backs on the little ruler, he curses them and spits on their path. No, is not this a haughty churl of a king of flies!

3. “But do I see the room around the king’s throne constantly enlarge itself, it also seeming that a great many human miniatures of wretched ones are making an appearance. I also see the former curtsies’ heroes among them, but now with tyrannical faces. The wretched one have to bow down before the, whilst some have to patiently die down on the floor to make it easier for the curtesy-heroes to walk upon their heads. Some who cried out in pain were at once bound by henchmen and shoved into a dark hole. And look! Look! Some are being hanged forthwith! Ah, these surely are strange goings on!

4. “I notice a group of people who are almost completely crushed underfoot, bleeding from many wounds. These are moving towards the throne, wanting the king’s perusal of their petition for remedial actions against such oppressions. It is announced to the king, and he says to his servants: ‘By your life, do not let such commoners before the throne!’ And the servants say to the seekers of help: ‘The king is busy and none can be admitted. You are to go to his clerks and apply there, and these shall attend to their good offices! – The petitioners respond: ‘But these are the ones we want to complain about to the king; these have so outrageously trodden us underfoot!’ – A royal servant says: ‘Is that so? – Well, that changes things! Just return home quietly for now and leave the rest to us; we shall attend to it! But you have to give me your names and addresses, or we won’t know who and where to help! – the miserable ones hand in their writings and the servant collect them good-naturedly. After the miserable ones depart, convinced that they will be helped, an express messenger is despatched over to the office workers with instructions to at once further tread underfoot all who still have the strength to lodge complaints with the throne. And behold, what the king’s principal servant commanded is carried out at these people’s homes! – Ah, this is too shocking and outrageous! – Now the servant is reporting back to the king, who lauds him, decorating him with an order.

5. “Oh Lord! Real kings surely cannot be like that, these have to by tyrants whose hearts and minds have been taken over by Satan!”

6. Say I: “Yes, you are right, at first they are populists, and soon thereafter true devils. Just continue to watch! Once you have seen the lot I shall give you the signification!”

7. Helena continues: “Ah, what is this thing coming now?! I see a great many most peculiar wolves! On the outside they look like humans in long, black dresses. But inside the clothing, in place of a human there is a rapacious wolf who, notwithstanding the black clothing and a mask over the face for additional camouflage, wears sheep’s clothing over his bestial nature. How tenderly and gently these seeming humans treat all people! But soon they remove the masks from their wolf-jaws, baring their teeth after the necks of the people going before them! Ah, are these not dreadful beings! – And look! Such beings are thickly ranged before and behind the throne. The ones in front carry the most beautiful crowns and sceptres upon purple cushions, bowing down most deeply. And the spiritually blind king takes much joy with these throngers around the throne, among whom there are some showing him the most recently designed weapons of war.

8. “But behind the throne these beings furiously bare their teeth. And in place of the crowns, sceptres and weapons their hands carry heavy cuffs and chains and scourges made of glowing serpents!” – Oh king, get up from the throne, this seat of envy and hate and look at your clandestine enemies, who brazenly lie to your face in word and deed but behind your back are your worst enemies!

9. “Oh Lord, why has Your endless goodness and wisdom allowed also such dreadful beings to arise? Would it not be better if there were no being outside Yourself, rather than to have among the many good beings out of You those who could not possibly have come out of Yourself?”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-90 Chapter