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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 96 - The Lord speaks about children of God and children of the world. Parable of the orchard and the barren tree.

1. Say I: “Most beloved Helena, I am well pleased with all your words; and your praise leaves nothing further to be desired even within My own heart. Because only truth can serve as truth’s praise, just as no one can recognise and love Me as God who is not out of Me!

2. “For these are people who have gone forth out of Me directly, even whilst there are others created by Me indirectly. Those who have gone forth from Me directly are the actual children of God, in whose hearts in truth resides God’s pure love, and out of that the true recognition of God. The indirectly created are the children of the world, generated by Satan out of hell. The latter however also are called by Me to true recognition and the true, pure love. It was mainly on their account that I accomplished the great work of salvation. It is precisely on these people’s account that this is happening in the world and discussed at this council in My heavens. And I therefore maintain that something else also could have been touched upon in your praise that amounts to exceptional circumstances, making certain, not insignificant changes in My general style of creation and maintenance essential.

3. “I shall present you certain cases, enabling you to judge; and so hearken:

4. “The owner of an orchard has planted a great many big and small, select and middling fruit trees. They all had the same quality soil, and possibly superior soil was with the ordinary trees. All were husbanded with the same diligence, and it turned out that some ordinary trees grew more profusely than the choice ones. One such wildling stood out especially, on account of its copiousness, so that the gardener began to take special notice of it, nurturing it and lavishing his love upon it. Yet year passed after year, and whilst all the other trees bore fruit after their kind, this one remained dumb and brought forth nothing but leaves. Wherefore the gardener, as the master, eventually became indignant, saying to his servants: ‘You know how much care I lavished upon this wildling for many years, yet it has brought no fruit yet. Hence dig it up with its roots, chop it up and burn it! For this stale tree annoys me! Plant a willow in its place, as a sign that on this spot a barren tree has misused my love and patience for years!’ – The servants suggest: ‘Lord, leave it for another year. We shall remove one of the main branches, giving it new soil. If it still bears no fruit, then it shall be done according to your words. – The master of the garden praises the workers’ patience and lets them follow their suggestion. But after one, two and three years the tree still bears no fruit. It indeed starts flowering as if it should at last reward the gardener’s patience with its fruit. But behold, there still emerges no fruit.

5. “What do you think, beloved Helena, should happen to this dumb tree? Should My threat over it be carried out or not? For to be frank, the tree has become exceedingly obnoxious to the gardener.

6. “By this tree are meant those people who are the children of the world; who receive every care and service from Me but do not, besides leaves and deceptive blooms bring forth fruits of love, meekness and obedience, in that their heart and mind are buried in the world’s good life of the body. Tell Me therefore what should be done with such human trees which bring forth neither good nor bad fruit, acting as a kind of in-between parasite trees between the good and bad fruit trees, wanting only to enjoy but never do something worthwhile? Even if they would appear so, it is all deception, for their mind is like their love – randy hedonism.”

7. Says Helena: “Oh my Lord and my God Jesus! This is another ticklish question! This probably all depends on what You spoke to me about the creation, guiding development and spiritual shaping, order and ultimate destination of humans. But these people nevertheless differ from self-willed disobedience, but only from ignorance and lack of education. In other words, those people of most ungrateful and self-willed hearts who do not intend to willingly and actively hearken unto Your warnings, and only brazenly deride Your words in their actions – to whom woman’s flesh is tastier than Your holy Father-word. Who, beholding some young hooker with their lustful eyes would give them a hundred hearts if possible, rather than give You one. Even if they don’t complain too much about some of those warnings and punishments that You are wont to let come over everyone aplenty, I nevertheless think that such most stupid flesh-donkeys do not deserve better than a well-sharpened axe at the root of their pig lives!

8. “Oh, such fellows as yonder dramatist I got to know in large numbers upon Earth near Vienna! Oh Lord, such people are not capable of bringing forth even the worst type of fruit. There is nothing to reform upon them, because whatever has become fully muck cannot be turned into gold. Hence let them be chopped down and thrown into the fire. Perhaps fire can still make something useful out of them!”

9. Say I: “You are completely right, and it is so! For if I caused every possible education to come to someone’s way, having shown him all patience, leniency and gentleness, almost carrying them upon My hands – and they still sink all their senses into the filthiest swamp in spite of all warnings – then they are truly not worth of a better fate. – But behold, we have several examples of precisely such people over here. The dramatist over there is one of them; and in the chamber opposite, there stand several dozen – among them even some incestuous ones, together with one who raped two ten year old twin daughters one hundred times in one year, which finally cost the two very dear little ones their lives, and therewith their purposed spiritual education upon Earth. And behold, these evil he-goats nevertheless are over here in a free, unjudged state! I now ask you what should happen with such-like in the future?”

10. Says Helena: “Since they are here we could try and se whether no betterment can be achieved with them at all! If some reform is possible, then no means should be spared to convert them. But should every attempt with them suffer shipwreck upon their arrogant minds, then proceed with them as with yonder fig-tree that bore no fruit for You when once, tired and hungry, You stepped under its branches!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-96 Chapter