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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 126 - The monk hears Jesus’ holy doctrine. The formerly blind recognises the Lord and His grace.

1. Now the monk is hearing the words: “Jesus, the crucified, alone is God, over all heavens and over everything filling infinite space. He alone is the primeval Creator of all things, angels, humans, animals, plants and all matter. He is the Father in respect of His arch-primeval Love Being; the eternal Son in respect of His wisdom, and the only holy Spirit in respect of His endless might, power and action.

2. “Turn to this Jesus in your heart, truly and faithfully, love Him Who so loved you that, out of love for you and all men, he took on human nature, allowing a most bitter death to come over Him to make everlasting life possible for you and all men!

3. “Through Him alone, blissful life equal to that of God was made possible for all, and given as an endless treasure to all creatures. It is necessary to only lovingly desire this great gift of the holy Father and to thankfully accept it – and man will then live blissfully forever in God’s company, like another god.

4. “God, who is the Father Jesus of us all, is the purest love that judges no one and desires to make everyone happy, excepting only that man needs to desire what God’s purest love desires. For God coerces no one, and least of all in this world of spirits. Hence all will receive in accordance with their own desires. You shall therefore receive what you desire!

5. “There is however no life or bliss other than that in God’s purest love. Whoever has taken up such, wanting that which this holy Love wants, lives in bliss everlastingly.”

6. Hearing such among the whisperings, the monk is not a little astonished, saying to himself: “Amazing! A completely new doctrine about God. Thus, no three separate Persons! This would be the greatest heresy upon Earth, differing sky-high from the Roman Catholic! – What surprises me is that the spirit who spoke to me so wisely from the air made no mention either of the most blissful Virgin Mary or the other dear saints, for the purpose of seeking their intercessory prayer. That stranger who probably also gave me the excellent bread and wine has now given this doctrine.

7. “I must confess that even the devil would gain beatitude if filled with this doctrine. That bread is sure not to have been baked in hell, nor such wine bottled there. Hence this is all from heaven – bread, wine and doctrine, and I intend to receive them! But if it is so, then rejoice, you cardinals and Pope! I intend to start spooking your brains a little. I shall pray Jesus until He lets me do so. Good, I shall corner the Roman Curia and kindle them a light to make them shudder! But say no more! Now it is time to earnestly turn to the Lord God Jesus, with everything else following from that.”

8. Say I to Robert: “Now touch his eyes!” – Robert does so. Now the monk is exceedingly astonished to see the flock of blissful ones together with Myself around him, not however recognising anyone yet. He resembles a sleep-intoxicated one as he looks from one to the other.

9. After a while the monk gains more consciousness, timidly asking Robert, the one standing nearest: “Oh my heavenly friend, be so good and tell me where I am? And if you don’t mind me burdening you with questions then tell me with whom I have the honour and grace of communicating?”

10. Says Robert: “You are upon celestial territory and ground, whilst this house standing before you with indescribable greatness, splendour and majesty is my celestial dwelling everlastingly. I myself however am the now blissful spirit of the unhappy Robert Blum, familiar to you upon Earth. And this most beautiful woman at my side is the woman betrothed to me everlastingly by God the Lord. Now you know, and so speak your most fervent desire.”

11. The monk, shaking his head a little, says: “You – Robert Blum? The chief heretic Robert Blum in heaven? – Ah, surely some things go on here! And these are supposed to be your grounds and your house? Can there be ground and dwellings in heaven as well? Does not heaven consist only of shiny clouds, upon which the celestial inhabitants float like the angels of heaven, seeing God face to face, constantly calling out 'holy, holy, holy is the Lord Zebaoth! Heaven and Earth are filled with His glory! Honour be to God, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit! Amen!’ – There is not the least trace of all this here. How could this be heaven? Perhaps a kind of New Catholic heaven, which God’s grace allows until Judgement Day in order to reward you temporarily for sundry good that you effected upon Earth. But thereafter this heaven will pass and then be transformed to hell. And this house is likely to be built upon loose sand rather than upon rock, to then come tumbling down into mere rubble.

12. “This makes no sense to me at all. If this is heaven, then tell me where God the Lord is with all His holy angels and the other saints?”

13. Says Robert: “Just turn around, and you shall see God the Lord Jesus distinctly, and behind Him primordial fathers of the Earth, starting with Adam!”

14. The monk looks around timidly and at once recognises Jesus in Myself, the Crucified, and afterwards the apostles, whom he recognises by the character-attributes of their robes. He immediately falls down before Me, saying: “Lord God Jesus! If it is You, then be merciful to me, a poor sinner, for I am a coarse and great sinner.”

15. And I say: “Thomas, get thee up, behold and live! I am the alpha and omega, the first and the last! Why do you still doubt Me and the truth of My heavens?”

16. Says the monk Thomas: “Oh Lord, You ask as if I could tell You anything You wouldn’t know. Look into my heart and You shall find there the primordial writing that Your almight right hand has engraved there. Only in these strokes an endless greatness and sublimity expresses itself, through which my heart could feel You. Hence it was always impossible to imagine You any other way. No trivial, domineering or selfish concept of You could therefore find room in my heart. Wherefore I could never quite accept the Deity in Jesus, the anointed, notwithstanding that I never really dismissed such possibility. Obviously Christ’s Deity would have had to make a more prominent appearance, as with the apostles, before I was to be coerced into a firm faith. But for wisest reasons this was probably never the case. Christ or His Spirit probably allowed the Roman Curia to make of Him whatever they liked.

17. “Familiar with Roman Catholic theology, which wakeful spirit could have even remotely suspected such doctrine to be of divine origin? I myself made several thousand proper ‘Christs’ out of hosts, to then eat them almost completely myself. What is an honest person to think of a doctrine over which every Chinese would have fits of laughter? How often, after a Mass, did I think when casting a glance at the sun, and at the myriad of stars in the evening: these are supposed to be made by the One Whom today you made into the highest Deity out of a round wafer from cornflour, during so-called consecration, afterwards eating Him live? Oh Lord, this was a trifle too much for the faith of a mortal! Whoever can believe truly is not to be congratulated, for such cannot be in possession of even the smallest spark of spirit within him! I did indeed carry out the so-called divine service as prescribed before the eyes of the blind world. But I did not possible believe in it, because ancient Scripture in my heart and in the entire Creation taught me otherwise.

18. “That the real Christ, tolerating such chicanery, came to be discredited by myself and by many others, You oh Lord will see more plainly than me. Now I again believe in Your sole Deity, since You are here again exactly as You were when once walking the Earth. But I shall not be believing in a Christ of the cornflour-host variety again!

19. “See, Lord, that’s how it is written in my heart. This is my life the way I see it in godly purity within me. And so I poor sinner have not told You omniscient One, with inadequate words, anything that You have not clearly discerned from eternity. And so Your holy will be done with me!”

20. Say I: “Good, My dear Thomas, everything you have said is right. But you do Me an injustice by reproaching Me for never giving the Roman Church a counter-sign for its abominations. Are not all the splitting away from the Roman woman such mighty signs? They bore little fruit however, because on account of My love I did not want to judge the dragon yet! Consider furthermore the wide spread of the pure word through the multi-lingual printing process! But it once again bore little fruit, due to My not wanting to judge the dragon out of love! Consider furthermore the more recent prophets awoken by Me in every period. These effected strong counter-measures but bore little fruit, because I again did not want to judge the beast – for My love’s sake! Consider yet again the thousand-fold humbling I let come over the Roman woman as counter-measures from every side, but these also bore little fruit, because I still did not want to judge the Dragon due to My love!

21. “But from now on things shall take an entirely different course with the woman of Rome. Her global power shall be greatly shaken and a tongue-lashing allowed all over her. Should such communication still leave her barren, then the Dragon shall be judged on account of My longsuffering being misused for so long.

22. “I trust this dismisses your accusation of negligence. And so join up fully with Me now and come in with us for an already prepared meal!”

23. Says Thomas: “Oh eternal Saviour of all sick souls and spirits, I am not worthy of a meal, which You Yourself prepared for Your most deserving servants! This would be too much mercy for me, who have always grossly sinned before You on Earth. I shall indeed come into the house, but shall never dare to partake of such a holy meal, as I could easily share Judas Iscariot’s fate, which would surely be something shocking!”

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