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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 127 - Thomas praising God. The Lord’s instructions on love’s simplicity.

1. Say I: “My dear Thomas, you are still very stupid! I did not ask Judas to dip his bread into the dish with Me, for I knew it would bring about his judgement, as he was unworthy to break the bread of life with Me! You however I have Myself called, because I find no unworthiness in you. And so you need have no qualms about what I demand of you. What is more, over here all judiciary assessments have ceased, because every deed has here its consequences in accord with the spirit in which it was carried our. Since every spirit is here his own judge in accordance with his deeds, you have no need of fearing any strange influence on any side. You will do whatever you desire, and you shall be judged by your doing according to your will, which is the actual motivating force of every deed.

2. “Hence have no further scruples in future! If you are hungry and thirsty then you shall surely want to have something to eat and drink. If however you still don’t want to eat or drink, then you should have to put up with the pain that hunger and thirst bring with it. Or would you want to take up a sharp scourge with which to punish yourself? This you will surely forgo.

3. “But whatever you would not do unto yourself, you would surely not want to do to your brethren. For the love in your heart would not let you hurt your brethren; because here in the kingdom of spirits, the system causes every deed effected upon someone else to react back upon the doer with equal severity.

4. “From this explanation you know how things stand over here. And thus I take it that you will want to do without second thoughts what I have commanded you for your very own best!

5. “Behold, I could if I so desired force you instantly to where I want you. As I do not force you towards your best through My power, only fortifying your heart, intellect and will by gentle instruction – how much less should I desire to force you into something bad. On My part, nothing is more respected than man’s fully free will. And so you can dare to do willingly what I as your God, Creator and Father full of the greatest love ask you to do!”

6. Says Thomas: “Oh most beloved Father! Now all hesitancy has left my heart. Whatever You desire shall be my heart’s most holy command. Oh how gentle and wise is Your holy Father’s will! Where is the heart that could resist it? How blessed now my entire being, for being allowed to follow You, and that You Yourself stand by my side, and with Your hand lead me into the kingdom of everlasting life. Oh you holy house of all houses that God enters! Who can think with sufficient praise about the great meal that God Himself has prepared for those whom His Father-heart has chosen as His children? You most blessed brothers and sisters, do you in truth actually fully feel and grasp the holy depth that is our Teacher and Leader – God Himself? – We are with God – with the great Creator of infinity – we are with the Father! Oh say it, do you fully grasp Who it is that leads us into His house?”

7. Say I, while entering the house: “Indeed, indeed My dear son Thomas! It greatly pleases Me that in your heart you kindle feelings which resemble the flaming thoughts of the cherubim and seraphim, when praising Me, and who are the carriers of My will in eternity. Yet notwithstanding the loftiness of such thoughts, whose depth and greatness few spirits can grasp, I am yet more pleased when My little children heartily call Me ‘Father’; pleased more than with the greatest angels of praise singing hymns of praise until they collapsing in the realisation that these flaming thoughts are not able to even touch the hem of My garment, even whilst My ordinary little children most blissfully play with My heart and My thoughts, perpetually enjoying the bread of true life at My table!

8. “Behold, those who sing to My might, praising the endlessly great God, are outside of Me and regard Me the way you often sang loftily to the star-studded sky, not knowing what the praised stars are and what is in them. But those who say: ‘Oh dear Father! Oh You divine Brother!’ – these are with Me and even in Me. They praise Me like children praise their only true Father, not looking at My greatness from a holy, shy distance, where a great abyss perpetually isolates them from Me. Even upon the stars they are with their Father, fully enjoying that holy reality which the great singers barely have an inkling of.

9. “Do you note this important distinction? It is because you do so that you are already much happier than heretofore. This is good and right, and pleases Me the most, as it is within My order. Soon you shall be at My side beholding the most astonishing works of grandeur, filled with wonder upon wonder. If you were to constantly ask: ‘who can sufficiently fathom what God is?’, then My little dear ones would laugh at you, saying: ‘Childishly weak brother Thomas! What are you carrying on about? Who could ever sufficiently feel and perceive what God is within Himself? How can the limited grasp the infinite? God is the Father of us all! We love Him above all! He guides us and we see Him! How dear and endlessly more than trying to fathom Him! What is more worthy of a human: to be sunk in thought, yet not notice a passing brother for all the deep thinking – or to hand the thought over to the holy Father and encounter the poor brother with amicability and with the eyes of servitude? Hence let us leave the great to the great, our pretty small selves remaining nicely within love, and we shall be happier than the super-happy great!’

10. “Behold, Thomas, that’s how all these brethren would speak to you. Hence we too shall remain together. For to see the entire sky does not require eyes of the same size – do you understand?

11. “You do so indeed! And so we shall at once get down to our meal, finding ourselves in the big hall with the tables already set.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-127 Chapter