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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 128 - Thomas’ intercession for his former opponents in the ante-chamber. He is dressed with a cloak of honour and a hat of wisdom. His first assignment.

1. Thomas is amazed at being in the great hall already, together with all the other guests, and that before a well-set banquet-table, put together in form of a cross in accord with Max Olaf’s reckoning.

2. Being finished with his ‘wondering’, Thomas says: “Lord, dear Father, what a grandeur and nameless splendour adorns this dining hall! Oh God, here a hundred-fold of Earth’s population could be accommodated! These immeasurable rows of pillars in all directions, and this veritable sky-height! The solar shine decorations of the domed ceiling and triune galleries. The high windows of every colour of light and the floor of pure god make my senses quiver with reverence. Who could have built this? Oh, here I ask like a blind man – You as eternal Master are the sole builder of such miraculous works! Not even the most fiery spirit of a cherub, whose nature is created out of Your most lucid wisdom, can sufficiently love and praise You, let alone a worm of the dust like me! Oh glorious, glorious is the sight! Verily, this exceeds a million-fold the imagination of even an archangel!

3. “A wise man of antiquity was right when, gripped by Your goodness, he exclaimed: ‘Father, will You not cease to bless! When punishing a child, Your aim is restricted. But when afterwards You begin to bless the reformed child, then there is no end of blessing! Such never- suspected degree of Your goodness, love and merciful mildness, gentleness and condescension is too overwhelming for a weak spirit!’”

4. Say I: “Quite, quite, My most beloved Thomas! Just don’t make too much fuss about it! Is it something so great for Me if I allow such a house to come into being by the appropriate heart dimension of the one to whom it is now given as his own? Behold, this all corresponds to the heart of our perpetually unfortunate Robert when on Earth, and is not by far as yet the most exalted aspect that this house harbours. You shall get to see quite different things yet, whereupon you can give your imagination free reign. But now let us all be seated at the table!”

5. Thomas, casting a timid glance at the first hall, says: “Oh Lord, holy Father, just have a look through the door! This misery: a huge flock of miserable souls! Could these not also be helped? They are nearly all basically better than I, wherefore they also most appropriately threw me out as the worst one, something I have already thoroughly forgiven them. Will You not forgive them too, oh most supremely best Father, and allow them to participate in this meal?!”

6. Say I: “Well, My most beloved Thomas, if you are going to badger Me with such concerns of the heart, then you too will soon have to exclaim: ‘Father! Stop the blessings!’ – Behold, with this heart’s desire you have, yourself, with one stroke, wiped out all of your sins before Me. Hence you shall have to at once be dressed with a new, radiating cloak, and a hat shining like the sun! Robert, over there towards midday you see a robe of pure gold. Go over and fetch a cloak and hat! For this is the dress of all who combine wisdom with an equal amount of love!”

7. Robert hastens over and to the amazement of all guests brings a raiment shining more powerfully than that of Helena’s together with a round hat the likeness of a cardinal’s skull-cap with an intense shine.

8. On seeing the vestment and hat, Thomas says, quivering with joy: “But Father, Father! This is to adorn my sinful being?! Oh God, oh my Jesus! No, this is eternally excessive! Such radiance! And this I am to put on?”

9. Say I: “Yes, on account of your heart, well-pleasing to Me. But hurry, as we have many things to do.” – Thomas takes the cloak and hat, which are upon him at the moment of touch, fully cut out for his body, something to renew his astonishment.

10. Standing there newly dressed, I say to him: “Now brother, you are perfected and saturated with My grace, love and wisdom! The meal here is ready and there is no shortage of honourable guests. But, as you had previously desired, there are in the ante-chamber out there three thousand most miserable souls, led by a general well familiar to you. This man has a good and understanding heart, and his word commands respect with his unit. Go now to the ante-chamber with brother Dismas, whom the general had known well in the world, and try to win this upright man for Me in accord with his heart’s free will, together with his entire large flock. Should you carry out this first mission in the kingdom of true life well, you shall after the meal be set over big things. For I say unto you: there are all kinds of positions open to you in My kingdom of which you have no inkling yet. Hasten therefore, and you shall also have an exceedingly wise assistant in Dismas.”

11. Says Thomas: “Oh thou good, holy Father! How much care You take of the lost lamb, for the lost penny and for the prodigal son! Praise, honour and all love and adoration to You alone eternally!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-128 Chapter