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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 244 - The fiery sergeant-Major – a Messiah-friend in the spirit of David.

1. The officer now goes over to the warriors arraigned in formation, saying: “Attention, brethren, I have until now been your commander, and you obeyed me, as upright and righteous warriors should. Since you excelled in the virtue of obedience however, it had pleased God the Lord to leave you under my command even after physical death, in the world of spirits, up to the stage where through my training and exhortations you would be capable of a broader attitude.

2. All of us had still been captives to worldly obligations, although we knew that we found ourselves in the spirit world for a lengthy period. We still served the Emperor although we did not have further orders to do so, even rendering him good service, having been the first ones to detect the clandestine plots against him, to then influence the office bearer’s still living in the world so that they were able to expose and thwart hostile machinations against the established order. And so we exercised a good service on behalf of the earthly state up to the very point of time we now find ourselves in.

3. But henceforth an entirely different set of life circumstances shall apply to us. Worldly service has come to an end and a purely spiritual one in the name of God the Lord takes its place. We shall indeed still be fighting in God’s kingdom, but not with lethal but life-weapons and these are called: love towards God the Lord and love towards brothers and sisters who are still caught up in severe spiritual depravity. Hence lay down these weapons, for they are in any case no more than figments of our residual terrestrial imaginations, and their loss is of no more than figments of our residual terrestrial imaginations, and their loss is of no consequence.

4. But take a look over there – a well-formed Man conversing with a heavenly maiden who stands before Him exceedingly blissful; this Man is Jesus, the great Saviour of the world, who is simultaneously God in Person the highest Being Himself, the sole Creator of all spirits and material worlds! This eternal Lord of infinity is now, through myself, calling you over to Himself, to give you eternal life. Hence cast off these weapons and follow me to God, the almighty Father and Creator of infinity!”

5. In response to the officer’s vigorous and wise words all drop their weapons on the ground in front of them, coming over to me with the officer. Having assembled themselves in a semi-circle before me, I at once bless them. They praise Me with one voice and moving words of life – especially one Sergeant Major who is making a perfect spokesman for the occasion.

6. Upon Earth this Sergeant-Major of the Jewish faith was convinced that the Messiah was still to come and, according to the Jewish Kabala, now was the time of the Messiah’s (original) appearance in the world, to gather up His people, the Jews in the promised land, to again elevate them to the mightiest nation upon Earth. With this faith our Sergeant Major passed over to the spirit world, fervently awaiting the great Messiah. But when the officer had announced to his team their being called to My Kingdom, the Sergeant-Major at first was persuaded that I was the awaited great Messiah of the Jews, then however growing suspicious upon my also calling the others, who were not Jews.

7. Nonetheless, with the officer announcing My name before his troops, the Sergeant – Major was filled with an immense light, and he said to one comrade – also a Jew eagerly awaiting the Messiah: ‘Listen, it seems that we have missed him after all; surely all predictions clearly pointed to Jesus! Yet the idiocy; ‘no prophet shall arise out of Galilee’ has blinded millions. According to David, the Messiah is Jehovah Himself and does not therefore come to his people in the guise of a prophet and for this very reason can choose Galilee, preventing foolish mankind from taking the Lord of all prophets as Himself a prophet from that place where no prophet shall arise. In short, Jesus of Nazareth, born in Galilee was the awaited Messiah! We always missed Him, but not us two from now on! Once we stop in front of Him, let me speak! I shall confess our crude blindness and then articulate praise in the name of David.”

8. Where after the Sergeant-Major made the chief a spokesman for the other soldiers and has become one of my most zealous worshippers, so that all are astonished at his typically oriental oration.

9. Says the officer after a while: “Upon Earth as well as in this world I have been his superior, but now he is a Seraphim by wisdom and I am a donkey, notwithstanding all the theosophy I picked up on Earth! Note the glorious images; one would have to be a stone not to soften down to ether. Had he written his speech down I might have read it thousand times continuously; how splendid for instance the phrase:

10. “In the direction Thou eternal Father, where the numberless myriads of stars driven by holy awe, cover their pure faces with the dark veil of night, and where the bright falcon and the shiny swan keep eternal watch over God’s path and, unceasingly astonished, look into the measureless depths of Your works. In that direction also was my dim eye, grown tearful with holy longing, tarrying with falcon and swan along Jehovah the great promised Messiah’s path”.

11. This image I committed to memory, finding therein a shuddering wisdom and truth! Oh Lord, how did this Jew suddenly come by such wisdom and true celestial lyricism? Similarly about the old cedar of Lebanon, the battlements of Ararat; about the Euphrates and Ganges, about Judas’ scales, the flowers of the desert: Oh God, what depth of imagery! Oh Lord, just give me a small part of my former Sergeant Major’s wisdom!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-244 Chapter