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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 245 - Love as the foundation of all wisdom and power of expression. The art of poetry from intellect and feeling. The officer requests more love and the Lord’s response

1. Say I: “My friend, did you not ever notice how people, deeply in love, also make the most sentient poets? Hence love is almost always the only mother of true lyricism. A David burned with love for Me and fellow-man, and was hence also one of the greatest lyrical poets. His son Solomon also, when still loving, was also wise in the real sense of the word: But when he sank his proper love into women’s flesh, he soon became foolish and weak in word and deed.

2. Behold My John! This apostle had the mightiest love for me and hence also the brightest glow in presenting My word and in his words laid wisdom as in no other apostle, wherefore the most profound Revelation was given to him. You can go over the Earth’s history to find true lyricism with people who have their heart in the right place.

3. Purely intellectual people too produce much drama, but there is no more than a laborious search for a lost penny in their hearts’ night. They do indeed sometimes track the penny down, but when trying to pick it up they slip, because the ground on which they stand is loose.

4. Wherefore the so-called wisdom of the world is greatest foolishness before me. What man’s intellect sometimes does not achieve in a hundred years, the right love can yield in one second. Because I myself am the love within man! The more perfect his love, the more My image unfolds within him.

5. The intellect is only the wardrobe in which love keeps its treasures. What however can the soul find there if once, in better times, love had indeed placed it there, but where, within such unlit chamber, it lies scattered and rusted, so that even a soul’s greatest effort shall accomplish little or nothing? Go into a dark cellar and find a lost penny, and you shall fail, but if kindling a good light you shall easily find it with the right patience.

6. Behold, this Sergeant-Major always had the right love for God, Who he knew only the way He could be discerned from the Old Testament. Hence he loved the Deity above all without knowing it; how greatly his love therefore increased on making the Deity’s Personal acquaintance, as is now the case! And it is this love that fires him with such lyrical wisdom. If you desire the latter then you too must generate such love. You love me immensely indeed, but the Sergeant-Major loves Me more. Shortly it shall transpire how this is possible!

7. Says the officer: “Lord, I really don’t understand how it is possible to love You still more. For, by Your holiest name, I surely love you with all my strength, and it would therefore be sheer impossible to love you still more. Hence, Lord, widen my heart and magnify my love life-flame, and I too shall be like an Atlas in love towards You – the way he carries the entire heaven on his shoulders!”

8. Say I: “My dear friend, that which you ask of Me, is left to your discretion, for you alone shall henceforth be the creator and transformer of your nature and love. But the Sergeant-Major shall explain it to you.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-245 Chapter