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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 246 - Highest wisdom’s source. How to gather up love for God

1. The officer turns to his erstwhile Sergeant-Major, saying: “Hearken, my most worthy friend; you have been part of my company for several years and always attended to your service for my fullest satisfaction. Had death not caught up with us, you would have understandably become officer. In this world however, according to God’s order, there can be no thought of promotion until the Lord of all worldly and celestial positions helps us to same.

2. Due to His goodness and mercy we have not come before the great, sole ruler of infinity’s holy countenance. We have come to know Him from an aspect that the entire Earth would hardly ever know him, and we have found grace in him without meriting any.

3. But it seems that out of all of us, you came closest to Him, because when you spoke to Him in an exalted and most unprecedented manner, I noticed tears in God’s holiest eyes. And, friend, this is something that infinity would hardly ever grasp!

4. Tell me, friend, how you came by such immense wisdom? Did you already possess it upon Earth, or did this develop in stages in this world, through the influence of Jesus Christ, the Lord of eternity? I indeed found out from God’s own mouth that your great love for Him helped you to it; but to the main question:

5. How did you acquire a love so mighty that one would hardly look for such in the flaming breast of a Cherub? The Lord Himself referred me to you; hence give me a clue! I love Jesus the Lord – with all my strength, and really don’t know how I could love Him still more. Since you know all about it, tell me how the impossible could still become possible to me?”

6. Says the Sergeant-Major: “My commander – my friend! Your own watchword has been: “With God, all things are possible! Which should tell me that love towards God can be restricted no more than knowledge about God: How can you ask such question? Can you see more than light will permit? And can the light be stronger than the source producing it? If you have the material to light up a large room that is the only one you are using for your work, why waste material to light up other rooms which you are presently not using?

7. Gather material to light up just one room! Only after this is sufficiently bright for you to see everything in it as in daylight, you can open doors and windows, allowing enough light to penetrate of itself from the main to the side rooms. Where you don’t gather, there you already scatter on that account. You must therefore gather and save to achieve much wealth!

8. Love is the Heavens’ greatest treasure, and one must hanker after it. After obtaining it, one must not give it away to all the world, although love for neighbour is equal to love for God. But it must be done only for God’s sake and not directly from the heart’s flame, directed to one’s neighbour only through God, or this weakens love for God. Behold your beautiful Matilda; in your heart she receives three quarters of what the Lord alone have; do you see the reason for your love’s feebleness?”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-246 Chapter