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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 247 - Love for God and for women; all love should proceed from God’s love.

1. Says the officer: “Dear brother, I thank you for this splendid explanation; you are right, my love for the creature is still much stronger than my love for God the Lord, who surely is the primordial foundation of all love! But it is easier for women to love God than for us males, for they also have the endlessly most perfect man in God, something that goes well with their self-centred nature. Things are somewhat different with us men! We could never be as enamoured in a perfect male as in a female being, as it is grounded in nature.

2. Wherefore I believe there has to be a substantial difference between love for woman and love for God. One is bound to love God, the highest primordial being, completely differently to a woman. And so I believe that a modest love for a marvellous woman can easily exist side by side with the mighty love for God. Love for God must be of the greatest purity, whilst love for the woman can always contain some sensuality. Love for woman is centred mostly on the form, whereas love for God is a most purely interior contemplation of the endless perfections of the Deity, together with an exalted praise of Its purest love and goodness! I think it would be most offensive to God if one loved God with the same feelings as for a woman.

3. Hence I believe that the now saved Matilda cannot in the least diminish my love for the Lord but can on the contrary help me towards a still greater love for him.”

4. Says the Sergeant: “Faith can indeed also make blissful, but I on my part go solely for the bliss from pure love for God. Man has but one heart and can therefore have only one true love from which, once the main love has ripened, other side-loves can still come forth within the divine order. Wherefore I maintain that one has to first stand firmly in one’s love towards God, only after which everything else can still be – adopted in nicest harmony. If one’s love towards God is still swaying however and one hardly knows how one can love God more than a most beautifully formed woman:there friend, true wisdom of the spirit is still at some distance!

5. Behold, the heart has but one chamber for love, and this has to be for God as well as neighbour, and vice versa. If you truly love, then you cannot love God in any way other than a woman, and proper women no different to God, because man’s heart is capable of only one proper love. Whatever is besides that belongs to self-love and is not suitable for God’s Kingdom.

6. In what way did a John, a Jacob, a Peter or a Paul love God? How did Magdalena and a thousand others? Behold, these were totally in love with the Lord even more strongly than are you with your Matilda. And such infatuating love for the Lord created the foundation for the proper lovers of the Lord to promptly become His fervent friends, and masters of love and wisdom. Over there, behind the Lord, stand Peter, Paul and John; ask them whether I said even one wrong syllable!”

7. Says the officer: What’s that? Over here – Paul, Peter and John, who wrote the sublime book of Revelation, those first three earnest men behind the Lord?” Says the Sergeant-Major: “Indeed, just as they once lived.” Says the officer: “Well, in that case I have to go and pay them my respects, although I don’t really take that seriously, - but there justified they are in order and must not be withheld; honour where it is deserved!”

8. Says the Sergeant-Major: “Friend, over here, the way my heart tells me, there is only one compliment, which for everyone consists in love! Having love for God the Lord, you embrace with that Peter, Paul and John, together with all the heavens, earthly compliments mean nothing over here. Hence you need attend only to the Lord, other things taking care of themselves.”

9. Says the officer: “You are right indeed and must be, as you have been initiated into deepest wisdom; yet it may do no harm to start an amicable relationship with the Lord’s three foremost disciples. For must we not assume that these three spirits are, after God the Lord, the three foremost spirits of all infinity. Hence it may in my opinion be fitting to at least introduce ourselves and to greet them as the Lord’s most distinguished friends!”

10. Says the Sergeant-Major: Do as it seems fit to you; I have now told you what is desirable over here. But the Lord Himself is now giving you a sign: go over! Only from His mouth streams the deepest wisdom; grasp it in your heart and live accordingly.”

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