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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 248 - The right love towards God. Parable of the narrow door and the heavy burden. A celestial Lord’s Prayer

1. The officer hastens over to me, saying: “Holiest Father, you call me and I stand before you full of love, awaiting your holiest will from your mouth.”

2. Say I: “My dear Peter, you don’t always have to say holy and most holy! And you need to completely abandon the earthly payment of compliments, because here where all are equal and there is only one Lord, every compliment is foolish. The Sergeant-Major has explained life-conditions in my heavens to you correctly. Yet you constantly responded quietly with qualifications, and this is improper. If I Myself recommend a counsellor to you, then you only need to hearken and arrange your life accordingly. If however you continue to maintain alternatives as good and proper, which cannot be completely correct on account of my eternal order, then you shall never gain your enlightenment.

3. The Sergeant-Major among other things told you how the right love towards Me must be constituted to bear fruit, but you begged to differ; yet things nevertheless have to be as the Sergeant-Major plainly told you.

4. Behold how you love your fair Matilda so passionately that you can hardly help yourself. Yet, initially, you have to give up Matilda completely and belong only to Me, the same as Matilda on her part; otherwise you may never enter My Kingdom with her.

5. If you don’t receive Matilda out of My hands, she shall not be able to benefit your salvation and power out of Me, but contrariwise harm you and substantially weaken you.

6. Hence go and lead and hand her over to Me, only after which you shall be free for receiving the right love out of Me.”

7. Says the officer: “Lord and Father, it goes without saying that I shall promptly obey Your word. But I would nevertheless pray You to add a few words on why I should first hand Matilda over to You before she can ultimately become mine through Your hand. In this spirit Kingdom she cannot become my wife anyway, since according to your word they neither marry nor court one another here. You have indeed Yourself given her to me for ongoing development in your kingdom, as a gift from Your hand; and as a most celestially dear being I indeed love her, but without the slightest hint of sensual thoughts, and with a clear conscience.

8. Lord, forgive me poor sinner such question, but I can’t help desiring to have a reason before I act. I am indeed aware of the need to at once do Your will, since you always want the best for your children. Nonetheless there is this drive in me to seek the foundation and goal of everything I do. Hence a hint from You would be most desirable for me.”

9. Say I: “But not to Me, my dear friend and son, for had it been necessary I would have told you the reason already. I trust you regard Me as sufficiently wise to know what is essential and what isn’t. But I am not telling you this for the best of reasons; will you object to that too?

10. If carrying a load of a substantial size you come to a narrow gate that leads to achieving life purpose, what are you going to do with the bulky load on your shoulders for the purpose of achieving the lofty goal?”

11. Says the wide-eyed officer after a while: “If I can’t get the load through the narrow door I shall deposit it at the door, trying to press through without it; for life-purpose is more important than an ever so valuable burden.” – Say I; “Good My son! Go and do likewise, and you shall live!”

12. The officer immediately goes over to Matilda, saying: “Matilda, the Lord would see you! Come with me so I can hand you over to His holy hands. ’ Says Matilda: “I am but an unworthy handmaid of the Lord, but His holiest will be done!”

13. Officer Peter leads Matilda over to me, saying: “My Lord, My God and my Holy Father, here is the one You asked for: I hand her over to You with over joyous heart, for I know you will provide her with maximum life bliss; Your will alone is holy.”

14. Matilda however, filled with both fear and love towards Me, Says: “Holy Father who dwelleth in the heavens, Your name be progressively recognised and hallowed! Thy Kingdom of love, wisdom and everlasting life come to us all! Your will, the only holy one, be most strictly done by all free spirits, beings and men, both in the heavens and in the cosmic bodies! Give oh Father all children to eat the celestial bread with pure mouth! Forgive us also our weaknesses and sins as we forgive all who ever offended us! Do not lead us children, still beset with all sorts of weaknesses, into temptations beyond our strength, but if threatened by evil, then divert same and deliver us from everything. For Thine alone is all power and strength forever! To You alone all greatness, honour, praise and worship! To You alone all our love and praise forever: Amen.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-248 Chapter