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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 249 - The Lord about the Lord’s prayer. Competition at the Lord’s breast. Helena’s view about God and brotherly love

1. Say I to Matilda and the officer: “Right so, such prayer pleases Me, for here is presented what every human, spirit and the most perfect angel needs, come unto Me, Matilda, and fortify your life at My breast; for behold, from this breast has gone forth whatever fills infinite space. So come, My little daughter and drink full drafts of everlasting life full of love, wisdom and power!”

2. Do you see, My son Peter, how Matilda’s speech pleased Me the most, and how that got her the furthest; you however tried to be wise before your heart was capable of enduring the right wisdom, wherefore you now are far behind Matilda, although you had been ahead of her. But watch that your love for Me matches her mighty love, which shall then get you where Matilda is now.

3. You My fairest daughter do not however be troubled by My being the highest divine Being, for this is the reason I am simultaneously also the gentlest, humblest, friendliest, most loving and the best spirit and human. Just come, and fear not!”

4. Matilda shakes with sweet fear and burning love, yet cannot gather courage to lean on my breast, which she deems over holy! I therefore call Helena and ask her to show her how the chosen in heaven do it.

5. Helena at once leans at my breast with open arms, saying: “Oh Thou my sweetest Father, this I have already been missing unspeakably! Oh my dear, my only love! Oh how sweet it is to rest at this Your breast and to suck in life’s greatest powers!” She then falls at My breast again and, so-to-say sinks her teeth into it.

6. On seeing this, Matilda says: “But, my God and Father, does she not have the courage that even an archangel Michael probably lacks! ! What vehemence she applies, as if trying to climb into the holiest breast; is this not taking it too far! I would of course want to do the same, if I had the guts. No, truly, she takes it too far!”

7. Say I: “Well then Matilda, come and do likewise!” Now Matilda does not wait for a second call and also falls at My breast, saying softly to Helena, who spread herself almost over my entire breast: “But, dear, fairest sister, leave me some room – I too have been called here.”

8. Says Helena: “First come, first served! When one is called to something good then let nothing hold you back, and where courage is lacking one has to borrow it. Just move over and we shall both find enough room! For behold, at this breast there is room for many simultaneously!”

9. Says Matilda, who has leaned her head to the left side of my breast: “Now I’m fine; oh God, oh God, what sweet rest! Yes, he who would truly rest let him rest in God! Oh you holy breast! Ah, too narrow is my heart to grasp the fullness of this holy, too intense feeling! But who will ever grasp the depth of such grace and love?”

10. Says Helena: “Which is not necessary, as true love does not seek foundations. We would need eternities to plumb how holy and exalted this breast is, and the effort would be more foolish than the philosopher who wanted to dissect his bread to atoms before satisfying his hunger, whilst dying in the process. Whoever asks what love is, is certain not to truly love. True love speaks little but grabs its object like a polyp its victim, after which comes some more philosophy. Hence just enjoy what opportunity offers, or you shall be short changed with me.

11. Says Matilda: “Don’t be troubled, as I too know how to love, and see to it that you don’t end up the worse-off one. Upon Earth I was much troubled by love, both pure and impure, yet never found satisfaction. Now I feel satisfied and my heart is hankering no more. Once at the table I know how to eat, especially at this one, where countless myriads suck in their enlivening nectar!”

12. Says Helena: “Not so much poetry, my dear sister, for I am born a common on Earth and don’t understand such lofty expressions. Nor does the Lord like it too much. The plainer, the more agreeable to him, because there often is vanity at the bottom of such lofty language. Hence simplicity is what the Lord likes, fairest sister!”

13. Says Matilda: “Quite so only make me a little more room!” Says Helena: “Ay, dearest sister, still not room enough? I think you want to take full possession of this holiest breast? Well, I’ll shift a little for your sweet looks, but then disturb me no further in my bliss, dear, fairest sister!”

14. Says Matilda: “No, we both have enough room now; I owe you much gratitude for giving me courage and showing me the way. I had previously no concept of how to love a God worthily, wherefore I was astonished when the Lord and God invited me to his blissful breast. I had regarded such approach as eternally impossible, but now I see how all things are possible with God; hence all my love to Him forever!”

15. Says Helena; “And so nothing more for Peter? How will he swallow that? Or should all things be possible on that score too?” Says Matilda: “But, most beautiful sister, why must you always sneer; does it give you pleasure? I hope Peter would follow my example, for he is bound to realise that one needs to love God – the only true Father, more than any ever so perfect creature. Once one has found the true, arch-primordial foundation of love, and indeed the purest and truest love itself, then that is forever the end of love of creature: understand?”

16. Says Helena: “Oh, that I understand very well; but it is nonetheless not so fully the end. For love of neighbour is a precondition for the love of God. Because just as one could not love God if one hates one’s brother, just so one cannot truly love the brother if one has no proper or even a foolish love of God, as can be found with many bigoted zealots.

17. I was once stupid enough myself to believe that a Parson could be one’s heaven. Having later realised of what spirit the parsons are, my opinion changed. In the year 1848 I stood myself at the lines, well-armed and against all enemies of truth and freedom, finding my physical death there.

18. Hence, my dearest sister, it is right that you now love God the Lord our holiest Father so fiercely that you are drained of all love for creature. But you need to remain conscious of, not out of love forgetting the poor brothers and sisters who won’t have the fortune of enjoying the enlivening bliss at the source of love for a long time yet.”

19. Says Matilda: “You are right indeed and have gained much wisdom. I hope that I shall soon be this wise, but right now my heart is bursting with love for the Lord, and wisdom shall have to wait.”

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