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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 250 - Robert counsels Peter on love’s maturing. Examples from the Phoenix and the winepress

1. Watching this scene, the officer is astonished at Helena’s elocution. Turning to Robert, he says: “Well, you must have turned the heat up on your Helena, to have properly burned her former Lerchenfelder, proletarian speech out of her! For verily, she now speaks good and beautiful German.” Says Robert: “Friend, formerly she was able to do this already, speaking her dialect only when she is on about humbling someone for God’s sake. She is otherwise the gentlest being, and supremely educated by the Lord himself: beautiful as sunrise, endearing and gentle as a dove.”

2. Says the officer: “Indeed, it is like her; but another question! I love Jesus so mightily on account of His inexplicable love of us, His beings. This love urges me powerfully. What shall I do to satisfy my heart?” Says Robert: “Just let your heart burst with love, which will free your spirit, which at present is constricted in your heart; then you shall also be free in your entire being, which you have much need of if you really want to come near the Lord.

3. To comfort and satisfy before time would mean putting the spirit back to sleep. But a sleeping spirit has little taste for liberation. In the sphere of grace, love has to be given free reign. Whatever this brings forth can only be for the good, because love is holy power out of God. Let yourself be urged by the Lord’s love, and it shall set right your entire being!”

4. Says the officer: “Friend, it is easy for you to preach, having been put through the school already. But our ilk, finding oneself in the furnace of love, finds such casualness a disdainful pressure, not easy to bear. Arrange for my embracing of Jesus instead, and you help me more than the most beautiful sermon. Speak the most splendid words into a burning house and you shall not put out the fire. Pouring a bucketful of water over the cinders will better achieve your aim.”

5. Says Robert: “Friend, that’s the thing that I’m not trying to extinguish but fan your fire. Because, like a Phoenix you must first be completely consumed, to then arise from the ashes of your humility, before fully approaching God, without harm to your being

6. Did you never watch wine pressing on Earth? The grape comes under enormous pressure, which fully crushes it, removing the last drops of juice. That the grape has feelings, we free spirits at least don’t doubt, since everything must have life which would be none without feelings. May the grape feel ever so much pressure, this is nonetheless necessary for multiplying its enlivening spirit, because without this pressure operation the spirit would not be set free, to then so saturate the juice that whoever imbibes it perceives the vitalising spirit in their entire being.

7. If however you are a friend of wine and its vitalising strength, can you also be an enemy of wine-pressing? Without the pressure it does not work! Only when through pressure the spirit also is forced into the soul-like juice, does the soul itself become life, in its own possession of strength and power; do you understand this metaphor?”

8. Says the officer: “Yes, now I understand you, and shall act accordingly. I thank you brother for this wise and practical counsel.”

9. After this I command Helena and Matilda over to the women with whom the officer Peter had his problem and from among whom one wanted to present me with a silver cross relic. The two forthwith proceed to the Love-work delegated to them, reaping a good harvest.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-250 Chapter