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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 251 - Peter erupts with love towards the Father. The apparent Vienna abandoned

1. Meanwhile I call the officer over to Me, asking him: “Well, how do you feel now? Answers the officer: “Holy Father, Thou primordial arch-fountain of purest love, I feel celestially well, but am unable to bear the fullness of my love for You: Oh permit me also to embrace You, for a powerful urge draws me to You! Do to me as You will, oh Father, but do not refuse me. Thou love of all love to embrace You from the compulsion of my heart.

2. Here Peter falls unstoppably at My breast, weeping for intense love; I embrace him, saying “My Brother, you love Me mightily, but I love you much more still! Look how My love reciprocates and tell Me if it satisfies!”

3. Says the officer: “Oh Lord and Father, that’s how one must expect it from You! You are the eternal, purest love, far removed from all coercion. How could anything be expected from You other than; what is worked by purest love, within and out of You.

4. You are life’s sheet anchor for all who are driven upon stormy seas, flung from cliff to cliff. Thus You endeavour to lead the spoiler back to the right cognition and to make straight all that was crooked. You are constantly on the lookout for the lost sheep; day after day You take numberless lost sons and call dead Lazaruses from their graves to life.

5. Hence it is proper that every heart should love You above all, for You alone are good and supremely holy, whilst other beings are good only through their love for You. If a creature loves anything more than Yourself, Holy Father, then that already makes it evil, as all love has to be turned in Your direction. If I love a creature just for the creature’s sake, then my love is already sin. If however I love it only for Your sake then my love is virtue and gives the heart lasting bliss.

6. You alone are love and have created us out of and for love; hence all our love belongs to You, and he who loves You worships You correctly! You once said: ‘These people honour Me with their lips but their heart is far from Me.” Not for nothing did You bestow Your grace upon the sinner Magdalena, for her heart was turned towards You. And not for nothing did You call down the sinner Zacchaeus from the Mulberry tree, for he had climbed it out of love for You. You oh Father were always loved, and sinners who in their hearts called upon Your name were disappointed. Yet all those will wail and lament who have turned their hearts away from You, not wanting to turn back when they easily could!”

7. Say I: “Very well, My dear brother: you have found the right way. Unfortunately there are many living in this city to whom this path is strange, and shall remain so for a long time yet. I have now saved whatever was ripe; everything else is still unripe and must be left in the field.

8. Hence we shall detain ourselves in this place no more but move on to another city, whose name I shall only reveal to you when we have come near.”

9. Says the officer nostalgically: “Oh You dear Father, this city of Vienna counts several hundred thousand inhabitants, yet our crowd counts probably just over a thousand. When I think of those whose ashes cover the cemetery – what shall become of all those? Some of these may already be shone upon by the eternal light of life, but millions from this place probable not. Will these ever rise?”

10. Say I: “Do not let those trouble you; I have many servants to graze and lead these sheep. Hence it is not necessary for us to lead all these, but only those who during this earth-life primarily concerned themselves with My name – whether along wrong or right paths. If only there was faith, then we can set this straight and awaken loves. But where faith was lacking altogether or there was only deep superstition, there we cannot be leaders and visible awakeners. For this I have millions of servants entrusted with these tasks. There nevertheless is a difference between those whom I awaken and lead directly and those many that are guided and awakened by my angels and servants. Here the words apply: many are called but few are chosen.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-251 Chapter