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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 252 - Parable of the strictly just king who is overcome by love.

1. Says the officer: “Oh Father, too much grace for us poor sinners! How shall we ever be able to thank You for so much grace? How do we go about becoming more worthy of such grace? Say I: “Friend and brother, a heart filled with love for Me is the greatest and most perfect service a man can please Me with; I say unto you: with Me everything ultimately depends on love!

2. There was once upon Earth a mighty king severely and relentlessly just in everything he did or allowed. His people obeyed him from fear and there was no talk of loving such severe ruler. One indeed praised his incorruptible fairness, but all stayed shy of and trembled when he ascended his judgment seat. And his employees were like him; they exercised severest justice but never any leniency.

3. But there lived in the city a plain man of an inventive bent who was into all sorts of science and came up with occasional useful discoveries. One of the King’s regulations however demanded that every artist or scholar was to submit his works for testing by the king in order to guard against public harm. But this individual was hardly aware of such regulations and hence, without the king’s knowledge, provided the people with several useful inventions, and they lavishly praised the crafts man.

4. Having received a hint, the king had the craftsman arrested and brought before his judgment seat. After announcement of the verdict, the large crowd present fell down before this king, begging to temper justice with mercy, this craftsman having contributed so much through his talents. But the unbending king prevailed.

5. Having achieved nothing, the people began to murmur loudly about the king’s hardness and the crowd threatened him.

6. Whereupon the condemned man rose, saying: “Great, most righteous king: before I am led away to my well-earned punishment I pray that you let me speak to the unruly people.”

7. The king acceded and the condemned spoke to the people: “Dear friends and brethren, murmur not often your most caring father! You err if you think him severe and too just on his own account; he is so severe in everything for your sakes. I have indeed rendered you much good, yet might have sold you poison for balm. Regardless of my not having deliberately transgressed the king’s beneficial law, it nevertheless was punishable negligence that I made so little enquiry about the law, and hence did not take note of the father’s love and care, and so the punishment is quite just. Hence praise and love the wisest king as a father concerned for your welfare, wherewith you shall pay him the highest tribute in your hearts!”

8. (turning to the king) But you, good, wise father of your peoples I thank with love-filled heart for this just punishment. Permit me, before entering prison, to taste of the well-earned rod upon my shoulders, that I touch the hem of your garment with my lips and wet it with the tears of my great love!”

9. Here the king rises opens his arms and says: “My son, in your mouth there moves no serpent’s tongue. Your eye and its gentle gaze are faithful testimony that you love me with all your strength; come into my arms! Love covers the many sins; my heart is overjoyed at finding one among my many children who recognised the loving father in me. Having encountered me with love, you shall find love with me! Instead of punishment you shall be attired with kingly garments and walk at my side!”

10. Behold, My dear brother, so is it also with Me. Every one of My words indeed remains unchangeable within. My order and wisdom. But he who comes to Me in love shall have everything forgiven. For if I am a diamond already by wisdom, in love I am softer than wax and am open to much negotiation.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-252 Chapter