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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 253 - Done for love is done well. Let you also be guided thereby

1. Says the officer: “Oh how splendidly sweet to depend on a Lord who is eternally inaccessible in His wisdom to all His beings, nevertheless gives love the freest reign, placing it where it can’t err! That is indeed endlessly great, exalted and holy!

2. There is of course evidence in Scripture that, on numerous occasions, you will accept compromise. Not to mention the Old Testament, where you gave Jacob the right of a first-born and made Joseph the benefactor of his brethren. And afterwards Moses, who had always been a son of love and who through prompting of his heart, came to you in the burning bush, leading to his being made an instrument of your love and mercy. But I am speaking mainly of the New Testament, where you yourself permitted such compromises with yourself through love so that often your apostles were offended. How often they would have liked you to chasten unpleasantries with fire and brimstone from heaven! But You rebuked them and healed where they expected You to inflict injury. Oh Lord, eternity would be too short to enumerate all the miraculous deeds of Your love! But what will one do? Nothing but love and love You, since You are Yourself love over love in everything.

3. Say I: “Good then, My brother and son! Done from love, things are done well! Hence let love alone be always your guide! Wherever it draws you, that will be the right place. My Kingdom is purely love, and where love reigns, there I am at home. Wherefore none shall enter upon My Kingdom without love, and even less come unto Me directly. The light of My eyes indeed penetrates infinity, and this is the eternally shining diamond of My wisdom. But love is only where I am personally resident physically, and well-distinguishable substantially.

4. The sun’s light also penetrates almost immeasurable space, but its warmth is enjoyed only by those cosmic bodies in its proximity; no warmth reaches beyond their planetary orbits. Cosmic bodies wanting to be warmed by the sun first have to possess warmth themselves. An ice block does not take up warmth unless it first melts to water, which is then capable of taking up warmth.

5. Whatever therefore has love shall also find love within itself and gain same for its own. But that which has no love cannot absorb any either. If a stone did not contain fire it could not be heated to glow.

6. Hence remain within love, since you have love within you and go and take Matilda Elijah unto yourself, so that your love for Me is eternally fortified! For if a magnet - as symbol of love-power, has no nutrition, it weakens. But if food is hung on it, it shall vex constantly stronger. Thus also Matilda Elijah is to serve you as fortifying food! Be it so!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-253 Chapter