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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 254 - Saying grace. About Emmanuel Swedenborg. The house of Habsburg blessed. Effect of spirits and angels upon mankind. Basic law of free will

1. The officer does as I advised him, but he brings Matilda Elijah over to Me again, saying: “Oh Father, here she is, the one, who like me, loves You above everything! You indeed gave her to me through Your holy word, and I could at once draw her unto my breast. But in my heart it seems that I should first pray You for Your blessings, and regard Matilda Elijah as fully mine only after I receive her from Your hand.

2. You have presented her to me, dear Father, as a meal for my heart. In this way You also present the people of Earth with food and drink. Those who come to You with thanks in their hearts and pray for Your blessing shall also be properly fortified by the meal. But those who think this unnecessary shall not be blessed, either physically or spiritually. Because one can never sufficiently love and thank You for the fullness of Your blessing. Wherefore, holy Father, bless us once more.”

3. Say I: “My son, what you have asked for is already done! Hence be of good cheer, for things are now in the right order with you. But there are still several in our company who, although not completely straightened out, have nevertheless love in their hearts, and that is commendable. It will not take long before they too are fully in the right order.

4. You were helped much by reading the wise man’s Emanuel Swedenborg’s books, because you immediately applied the knowledge. But those here have had neither My word nor what I revealed to Swedenborg about My word, and hence stand here as complete beginners, but, as said, we shall yet set them straight along the way.

5. We could indeed still detain ourselves in their city for a while, visiting also the ruling house and bless it for all times, but no one has asked us for such. And so let it be blessed by our mere presence in the city, wherewith it is then still better off than other governing houses of the entire world. Although this ruling house shall have to pass a test yet, it shall afterwards be elevated for the blessing of Europe! Therewith we have finished here and shall set upon our predetermined journey to the South.”

6. Here the emperors Joseph, Leopold and Franz step over to Me, praying Me fervently for the special blessing of the houses of Austria and all the people of this state, and I do so in accordance with the wise request of these three for regents, saying:

7. You greyed house, remain! Let your logo be love, gentleness and patience! Become and remain of staunch and true faith and do not shy the light of the spirit, for this light shall elevate you over all princes of Europe! Let yourselves be confounded and enslaved by Rome no more. For I seat and bless you as regents, and only I Myself and no one else on Earth is set over you! I shall know no dim, dictatorial Rome with the lasso around the princes’ necks. I will give regard only to a humble Rome, not one installed with three crowns, and one that keeps My Word. But a Rome that desires the extermination of all brethren who will have nothing to do with the burden of the three crowns upon its head and more enlightened thought than the princes’ of darkness in Rome, is an abomination upon the holy place of all life out of Me! My house, some things you have already accomplished; do everything you can, and your power shall grow like a cedar of Lebanon! My blessing and My power be with you forever, Amen.”

8. Here the three princes fall down before me, saying Amen and praising Me with all their strength.

9. Say I: “Arise, friends; let each of you do what you can. I know best how things stand right now, but they shall not remain like that for long. But you three I shall endue with the power to so influence with properness your house in the world in the order of freedom as to not restrict the free will of the respective governing regents.

10. This is achieved by acting upon everyman’s cognition, but never restrictively or overbearingly; because a support will is, like a restricted one, a judged will. It is hell that grabs men by their will, dragging them into judgment and death! On our part the greatest respect is maintained for fullest freedom of will. Hence you too, where empowered, must act upon man’s cognition and not will. Regardless of how a man has developed his cognition, his will is and shall always remain what it is; so it must be, as demanded by My eternal order.

11. If a man has gained the right cognition then this will in any case guide the will, like a good rider his horse, and his will shall then begin to more and more demand what his cognition regards as true, good and therewith practicable. Wherewith the will and cognition became ever more amicable with one another until fully at one, which results in man’s perfection. The will is the life of the soul, whilst cognition lies in the eternally free spirit. When spirit and soul unite, the necessary freedom for eternal life of spiritual rebirth has been achieved, and man then lives in my kingdom, which is truth and eternal life.

12. Three signs attest to it: the Word, the insight and the will, and these three must became one as I am one as Father, Son and holy Spirit. The Father us the eternal word, substantially. The Son is the reception of the word and hence eternal wisdom itself. The Spirit or will or power then proceeds from both and is likewise completely at one with Father and Son, and that all in the one Being which, in Myself, stands before you teaching you.

13. Wherefore you have to take this seriously and grasp my unchangeable order, or you would do more harm than good to a person still living in the world. Every will compelled externally, let alone internally, is useless. Rome, like the pagans, has availed itself, of all sorts of coercive measures to restrict men’s’ will, but what has it achieved thereby? Imminent disintegration and universal contempt. Regardless of what they are now undertaking, they shall not recover and rise again.

14. Hence we must meticulously observe such from our purely spiritual and innermost power-base; we must never internally coerce anyone, but on the contrary, set up bulwarks externally against hell: i. e. all kinds of evils for the sensual flesh, through war, hunger and pestilence; through aberrations in edible fruit. This indeed amounts to judgment, and its fruits are only bad; but choose always the lesser of two evils. An external judgment can be made good again, but an inner one only with great difficulty, and often not at all, on account of the true freedom of My heavens.

15. Hence, keeping My words well in mind, take herewith the power to awaken the good spirits of your house, using it in accordance with the instructions given! Be it so!”

16. The three thank Me for the doctrine and power, and promise before all present to always use grace wisely.

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